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Dinosaur Themed Kids Bedroom Ideas


There is a place like no other. Trees and plants grow to the size of sky scrapers and wild animals dart back and forth fanatically. This place is Cuckooland. Deep in the jungles of Cuckooland you will find a great surprise.

So listen carefully, find a good hiding place and don't make a sound (or any sudden movements), because if you’re lucky you may just see a dinosaur! Cuckooland is home to all dinosaurs great and small from the gentle Brontosaurus, to the quick as a flash Velociraptor and of course the scariest of all Dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. To take on the perils of Cuckooland’s Jurassic Dinosaur Themed Bedroom you must be brave, cunning, and have a love of adventure. For you are sure to toil with beasts as big as buildings, dense jungles of overgrown foliage (or clothes) and traverse a landscape as wild as nature itself. If this all sounds like your child’s greatest adventure then we have just the bedroom for you!

Using our trusty time machine we have ventured back and forth through time to bring you the greatest Jurassic Dinosaur Themed Bedroom accessories. Every explorer needs a safe place to sleep and we have you covered with the amazing Kids Tent bed by Mathy By Bols (click here to browse our full kids bed collection). However, if your little intrepid explorer prefers to sleep higher in the trees, we have Treehouse Beds (which are perfectly accompanied by Snurk bedding) which will keep them out of sight of those pesky dinosaurs. Our D’ya-thinki-e-saurus wallpaper will set the scene for an epic adventure and our Dino Bookends will keep those Dinosaur Books safe and make that dinosaur hunt super exciting.

Here at Cuckooland we’re all about exploring the limitless imagination of children. We believe that children learn best through creative play and safe exploration, and that is why our bedroom themes are as off the wall as we are! Our Jurassic Dinosaur Themed Kids Bedroom Ideas will transform your child’s bedroom into a place of fun, creativity and imagination. So delight your little explorer with a bedroom that's as wild and adventurous as they are.

How to bring a Jurassic Dinosaur Themed Kids Bedroom to life: 

Bringing a Jurassic Dinosaur Themed Kids Bedroom to life involves creating an immersive and exciting environment that captures the essence of the prehistoric world - for the first 12 years of Cuckoolands life we were based down in Dorset, which as most of you will know is the Jurassic coast, a magical place where any coastal walk turns into a fossil hunt and where you can expect the unexpected. Here are five ways to achieve Jurassic themed kids bedroom:

Dinosaur-Themed Bedding and Furniture:

Choose kids bedding sets that feature dinosaur prints, such as lush sheets, comforters, and pillowcases adorned with T-Rex, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops images.

Opt for furniture pieces that complement the theme, like a kids bed shaped like a dinosaur (tip, use cardboard and sculpt the head and teeth) or add dinosaur-themed decals. Consider using furniture with earthy tones to resemble a natural habitat.

Dinosaur Wall Murals and Decals:

Decorate the walls with large dinosaur murals or paint them on yourself with the help of your little Velociraptor to create a dramatic and captivating backdrop. This could include scenes of dinosaurs roaming lush landscapes, picking leaves from tall trees or a volcano erupting.

Dinosaur wall decals will be the more flexible and less permanent option but there is nothing more fun than splashing some paint on a wall. Decals, will always get the nod as they can be easily applied and removed, allowing you to update areas of the room as your child grows.

Interactive Elements and Decorations:

Incorporate interactive elements such as a dinosaur-themed play tent or a cave-like reading nook filled with dinosaur plush toys and books. Why not a cardboard boulder hollowed out with a nook. Or a make-believe firepit with an air pump creating flames from recycled plastic ribbons. 

Add 3D decorations like dinosaur footprints on the floor or walls, or even a replica of a dinosaur skeleton mounted on the wall.

Dinosaur Accessories and Lighting:

Enhance the theme with dinosaur accessories such as lamps, nightlights, and rugs. Look for lamps shaped like dinosaur eggs or nightlights that project dinosaur silhouettes onto the walls. Or a forbidden area where the predators roam free. 

Use earthy-toned rugs with dinosaur images and prints to tie the room together and provide a cozy play area.

Educational and Fun Decor:

Incorporate educational elements like a dinosaur-themed growth chart, posters of different dinosaur species, or a timeline of the Jurassic period. Bring it into the present with fossil hotspots from around Dorset. 

Create a mini excavation site with a sandbox filled with toy dinosaur bones that your child can dig up and assemble.

By combining these elements, you can create a Jurassic Dinosaur Themed Kids Bedroom that is both fun and educational, sparking your child’s imagination and curiosity about life on Earth eons ago and this awe inspiring prehistoric period. 

Require more assistance?

If you have a question about any of our dinosaur themed kids bedroom ideas, our friendly team is here to help! Drop us an email at customerservice@cuckooland.com or call +44 (0) 1305 231231 to have a natter with resident kids bedroom gurus.

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