From Toddler to Teen: The Ultimate Guide to Kids Beds for Every Age

Mathy By Bols Kids Caravan Bed

As a parent, it sometimes feels like you blink and your precious little angel has grown another inch in height. Children seem to shoot up from tiny tots to disgruntled teens in no time at all! Of course, we know that’s not really the case, but children don’t stay little for long and with each new growth spurt comes a new set of needs, including where they sleep.

Kids spend a lot of time in slumberland, so it’s important to provide them with a safe and comfortable place to snuggle up and rest their heads at the end of a busy day. A cosy crib will help them drift off and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle another day looking upwards in amazement at the wow, weird and wonderful world around them.

Here at Cuckooland, we understand the need for a great bed at every age. After all, a bed isn’t just a bed is it? It’s a secret den, a home for teddy bears, a space to hang with friends and a place to read and do homework. That’s why we’ve carefully selected an assortment of brilliant kid’s beds for each stage of their development. From toddlers to teens, we have the perfect sleeping solution for your child.

Terrific Beds for Toddlers

Most children switch from a cot to a bed between the age of one and three. While it may bring a tear to your eye to see your baby growing up so fast, if your little one is showing signs that they’re ready to ditch their crib, make the transition seamless with a specially designed toddler bed.

Toddler beds sit low to the ground, making it much easier for tots to crawl into! Many also have side barriers to keep wriggly babes tucked up safely at night.

A toddler bed is designed to fit a 140cm x 70cm mattress

Our range of toddler beds features adorable designs to spark their imaginations. Why have a boring bed when you can go to sleep in a medieval castle or a pretty pink princess bed? Little adventurers will love climbing into our cool Race Car Toddler Bed or soaring high in our amazing Aeroplane Bed, even if they have just mastered walking! Combining fun features with a practical size, toddler beds are the perfect bridge between a cot and a child-sized bed.

Aeroplane Toddler Bed
Kids Teepee Cabin Bed

Epic Sleepers for Early Childhood

When your little one starts primary school they’ll begin to blossom and flourish right before your eyes, not just in terms of development but in size too! When you see the tell-tale sign of toes poking out of the bottom of the duvet, it’s probably time to switch their toddler bed for something bigger.

UK Standard Single Bed Measures 90cm x 190cm

European Standard Single Bed Measures 90cm x 200cm

While it’s a good idea to upgrade in terms of length, Cuckooland recommend choosing something that’s still relatively low for tykes between the ages of four and eight. Kid’s Single Beds and low cabin beds allow them to climb in with ease, and means they won’t hurt themselves if they misjudge their footing when jumping on the mattress!

Of course, graduating to a more grown up bed doesn’t mean they have to miss out on all the fun. We have some seriously amazing children’s beds here at Cuckooland, from our favourite Kids Teepee Cabin Bed that looks just like a real teepee tent, to our Cupboard Style Bed with folding doors where your rascals can hide from bedtime monsters (and mum and dad). Alternatively, our range of fun car-shaped beds are the stuff of dreams for kids, featuring a cool yellow Camper Van Bed and an ravishingly retro Mini Cooper Bed. With such fabulous places for young children to sleep, there’ll be no fuss at bedtime.

Cool Beds for Older Kids

As your little tyke turns into a busy school kid, they’ll develop new interests and hobbies that will keep you on your toes – to say the least! One minute they’re learning to play the violin and the next minute they’re footie mad! Luckily, around the age of six, seven or eight (depending on development) it’s usually safe for kids to sleep on something higher, such as a mid-sleeper or a raised bed. This offers much more space for storage and creates extra room for fun activities, so they can practice their latest dance moves or cover the floor with their favourite action figures.

Cuckooland stock a selection of magnificent mid-sleeper beds that are perfect for older children. The Kids Kimbo Cabin Bed has built-in shelves and drawers, including a handy pull-out desk where they can get creative with arts and crafts. Likewise, our Tree House Bed (complete with a cool rope ladder) features plenty of space underneath, which can be used as a snug study area or a place to ‘chillax’ when their friends come round.

High Treehouse Bed with Rope Ladder
Julien Kids Loft Bed & Desk

Teen-approved Bunks & Cabins

If you’ve got a teenager, you’ll know that shopping for your son or daughter is not as easy as it used to be. With a new sense of independence and personal style, they’ll have strong opinions on what they like and loathe, and they’ll want to be involved in everything you buy for them – including their bed. The key to choosing the ideal teenage bed is to combine design and functionality (while letting them have their say, of course!). Fortunately, our beds are practical enough to please parents and cool enough to prevent eye rolls from fussy teens!

Mid and high-sleeper beds are a superb sleeping solution for teens. These beds usually feature a useful desk space underneath, such as the Julien Kid’s Loft Bed and Desk, providing a perfect place for them to work on those all-important grades. Raised beds with built-in drawers and shelves also create ample storage space for books, CDs, clothes and all the other clutter that teens seem to accumulate.

If your teenager always has at least one friend tagging along at the weekend, a bunk bed makes sleepovers simple. The Children’s Luxury Bunk Bed will make a great addition to any young adult’s room. Finished in white, it has a modern, grown-up style that’s sure to meet their approval.

From us, its almost time to say goodnight- remember, whether your precious little bundle is outgrowing their crib or you have a sweet sixteen-year-old in need of a new bed, Cuckooland have solutions for every stage of their childhood that you and your youngster will adore. Simply add a funky duvet cover from our kids bedding range to create the perfect place for your little monkey to sleep soundly at night. And remember to visit our Kids Beds Range for inspiration.

Our professional kids bed team is always on standby to answer any questions you may have – simply call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 Mon-Fri 9-6pm or email and our super friendly team will reply immediately.


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