The Best Storage Beds for Kids

Keeping the kids’ bedroom tidy is no small task. And when we’re done and super proud of how we’ve managed to keep our entire house looking nice and neat, our chaotic kids stampede up the stairs and attack the law and order with a savageness only ever seen on the African Plains.

But thanks to beds with hidden storage, it’s never been easier to stay clutter-free – even if your kids have heaps of gadgets and toys to put away. And for those bedrooms on the smaller side, beds with hidden storage are great for saving space.

Beds with built-in storage come in many different shapes and sizes. From handy pull-out drawers to hidden shelves, here’s a rundown of the best storage-friendly beds you can find…

Lifetime Beach House Cabin Bed

1. The Bunk Bed

It’s hard enough keeping kids’ bedrooms clean when you only have one set of toys and clothes to clear away. But if your kids share a room, you’ll know it can feel like a never-ending challenge.

When you need to make space for two sets of everything, bedroom space can be tight. That’s where the Lifetime Family Bunk Bed with Steps can help.

Not only are you saving space by stacking the beds vertically, but this gorgeous bed also features generous shelving and roomy storage inside each step. It means every inch of this bed is helping you free up the space you have available.

Lifetime Family Bunk Bed with Steps

2. The Cabin Bed

Cabin beds are designed with storage in mind. As they have a raised frame, there’s plenty of space for underbed storage and shelving.

The Louis Mid Sleeper Cabin Bed ticks every box. Not only does it feature a spacious cupboard underneath the bed, but it also has a pull-out desk! It’s the perfect spot to tackle homework or practise doodling skills, and it won’t take up a jot of extra floor space. As soon as your little one is finished, it’s easy to slide the desk away – so there’s plenty of room to play!

And if that wasn’t enough, the pull-out desk even has shelves to store all those stationery and school essentials.

Louis Mid Sleeper Cabin Bed

3. The Mid Sleeper

Mid sleeper beds are similar to cabin beds. The beds have a higher frame, which means there’s even more storage potential. And if you’re dealing with a smaller bedroom, that’s music to your ears…

Take a look at the Marlowe Mid Sleeper Bed. With an ample storage unit on the side, it’s every parents’ dream. And with a play den with a peek-a-boo play area, it’s every kids’ dream, too!

As there’s a roomy underbed play area, your little one can keep all their toys tucked away inside. It means the space doubles up as a fun play den and a handy way to store games and toys.

Louis Mid Sleeper Cabin Bed

4. The Trundle Bed

Trundle beds are perfect for saving space. While they may just look like a normal bed to the untrained eye, they boast a secret roomy drawer underneath the mattress.

You can pop a trundle drawer underneath the Vox Evolve Ottoman Day Bed (pictured below). And to go the extra mile, you can also upgrade to a pop-up trundle bed – so you can simply lift the mattress up to store away any bedding, toys, or books.

Ideal for smaller bedrooms, this bed can store heaps. And with its simple white and grey colour palette, it’s perfect for kids of any age.

Vox Evolve Ottoman Day Bed

5. The High Sleeper

Also known as a ‘Loft Bed’. If you’re short on space, you can’t go wrong with a high sleeper bed. As the bed is lifted, there’s heaps of space underneath for whatever you need – whether that’s a wardrobe, a workspace, or just space to keep all those bits and pieces. 

And with the Ava High Sleeper Bed, you’ll find all three. This high sleeper simply oozes efficiency. Complete with shelves, a closed cupboard and a pull-out desk, there’s heaps of space to store clothes and school essentials. 

Finished in white and natural – Ava is ready and waiting to have shelves filled and styled up in any colour scheme!

Ava High Sleeper Bed with Desk and Wardrobe

6. The Corner Bed

A corner bed can be great for hiding clutter. Inside the raised L-shape design, you’ll have space for sneaky storage compartments.

The Woood Connect Corner Single Bed is no exception. Featuring built-in storage down the side of the bed, your kids can keep their books and knick knacks close by. And thanks to the sliding door, it means they can easily keep any clutter safely out of sight.

Finished in a clean white or concrete grey, this super cool bed makes the transition to teen bedroom an easy task.

Woood Connect Corner Single Bed

7. The Raised Mattress Bed

A bed with a raised mattress is the ultimate space-saving solution. The logic is simple – as the mattress is raised up high, you’ll free up plenty of space for storage compartments. What’s not to love?

The Vox 4 You Bed (below) goes one step further. Not only is there heaps of space for roomy storage boxes below the bed, but you can lift the mattress up to find even more storage! Now that’s what I call efficient furniture…

Whether you’re storing away spare bedding, toys, or clothes, this bed frees up plenty of bedroom space.

Vox 4 You Bed with Storage Shelves in White

Ready to find a space-saving bed?

If you like the look of our space-saving beds, you’ll find plenty more in our total range of kids’ storage beds. And with the option to spread the cost on many of our beds, you can enjoy affordable monthly payments.

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