The top 10 cots for 2022 babies

New year, newborn baby?

If 2022 will see the pitter patter of tiny feet, then you’ll soon be searching for the perfect cot for your bundle of joy. And with so many different brands and models to choose from, it can feel like an impossible choice!

When it comes to finding a cot for your baby, there is no right or wrong answer. It all depends on you, your nursery, and your baby’s needs. That’s why we’ve found the best cots for the new year and broken down everything you need to know…

1) Vox 4 You Baby Cot with Storage in White & Oak

Vox 4 You Baby Cot with Storage in White & Oak

Ideal for… nurseries with limited storage space

Struggling to find space to stash all those nappies? Can’t imagine where you’ll squeeze your baby’s never-ending collection of bibs?

If you’re short on nursery storage space, this cot by Vox has handy underbed storage. So you can keep all your nursery essentials safely stowed away – without needing to make more room for bulky storage!

And with its adjustable base, this nifty cot will keep your tot in check as they grow and develop. So as soon as they start to stand, you can adjust the base to prevent any quick escapes.

2) Oliver Furniture Wood Mini+ 4 in 1 Cot Bed in White & Oak

Oliver Furniture Wood Mini+ 4 in 1 Cot Bed in White & Oak

Ideal for… growing up with your child

For a cot that will go the distance, look no further than this 4 in 1 model by Oliver Furniture. This long-lasting cot can adapt around your baby from day one, right up until they reach the age of nine!

With an adjustable base, you can keep your baby safe as they grow into a toddler. Then once they’re ready for their first big bed, you can simply whip off the rails and you’ll have a ready-made toddler bed. Once they’ve outgrown their toddler bed, you can convert this clever cot into a junior or day bed.

And there’s no need to worry about buying a new cot if you welcome a new addition to the family. You can simply convert the bed back into a cot, rinse and repeat!

3) Obaby Stamford Space Saver Cot in White

Obaby Stamford Space Saver Cot in White

Ideal for… smaller nurseries

Is your baby’s nursery on the smaller side? Then you’ll be hoping to save as much space as possible with compact and efficient furniture.

And if that’s the case for you, this space-saving cot by Obaby is ideal. This compact model has all the features of a cot packaged up in a smaller size, helping you free up valuable floor space. So for those first 18 months, you can make more room for all those newborn essentials.

Plus, there’s even a handy pull-out drawer underneath the cot to stash away nappies and clothes. Helping you to get the most out of your nursery and save even more space!

4) Boori Oasis Oval Cot

Boori Oasis Oval Cot

Ideal for… helping your little one nod off

To give your baby an extra helping hand to sleep, the cot by Boori has lockable castors on its legs. That means you can wheel your baby back and forth, and soothe them to the land of nod.

And with open spindles, you can also pull this cot towards your bed and use it as a bedside sleeper. So when the little one isn’t able to settle, you keep a close and comforting eye on them.

Plus, you can convert this clever cot into a stylish daybed. So even when your little one can finally sleep through the night, toddlers can enjoy a comfy spot to sit and play!

5) Obaby Grace Mini Cot Bed in Taupe Grey

Obaby Grace Mini Cot Bed in Taupe Grey

Ideal for… nursery shopping on a budget

As you probably know by now, shopping for a newborn isn’t exactly kind on your finances. So if you’re nursery shopping on a tighter budget, this Obaby mini cot bed is one of our most affordable options.

But with its lower cost, you’d be mistaken for thinking you were getting less for your money. Well, fear not – with this cot, you’ll find an adjustable base, built-in teething rails, and the option to convert it into a toddler bed. It packs everything you need into one affordable and compact package.

6) Leander Luna Baby Cot Bed

Leander Luna Baby Cot Bed

Ideal for… creating a stylish nursery

If you’re constantly browsing nurseries on Pinterest, you probably want to turn that dreamy board into reality…

So if you want a cot that oozes style, Leander creates design-led cots that tick every box. With Scandi-style simplicity and beautiful design, you can make a statement in your little one’s nursery.

The Luna cot bed by Leander has quirky angled legs finished in a wonderful beech lacquer. And there’s more to this cot than meets the eye, too – with the option to convert it into a small sofa, you and your kids will enjoy this stylish piece for many years to come.

7) Gaia Baby Serena Complete Sleep Cot Bed + Co-Sleep

Gaia Baby Serena Complete Sleep Cot Bed + Co-Sleep

Ideal for… co-sleeping with your baby

Want to enjoy the benefits of sleeping alongside your baby? Then this co-sleeping cot by Gaia Baby is designed with you in mind.

Thanks to its adaptable design, you can enjoy this cot as a co-sleeper crib for the first six months. With a mesh side panel, it’s easy to keep an eye on your baby and comfort them when they stir. As it has straps and six height settings, you can safely secure the bedside crib to your bed – no matter how high or low your bed is.

Then, once your little one is ready to snooze solo, you can use it as a standalone crib, or convert it into a full-sized cot or toddler bed.

8) Boori Natty Cot Bed

Boori Natty Cot Bed

Ideal for… converting into a toddler bed

It’s never been easier to convert your baby’s cot into a toddler bed. With this cot bed by Boori, you can say goodbye to your baby’s cot – and say hello to a trendy new toddler bed in a matter of minutes!

All you need to do is whip off the rails, and remove the end panels to use as safety guards. So as your little one adjusts to their new sleeping quarters, they’ll have that bit of extra support to keep them on board.

9) Vox Simple Customisable Cot Bed with Storage Drawer

Vox Simple Customisable Cot Bed with Storage Drawer

Ideal for… adjusting around your baby’s height

When your baby grows, they can pull themselves up and try to escape… which means you need to push their mattress down to a lower setting.

That’s where this customisable cot bed by Vox can help. With a whopping nine different height settings, this cot will keep up with all your baby’s growth and movements. So during those first few months, you’ll save yourself from backache from bending down. And as soon as your baby starts pulling themselves up, you avoid any quick escapes by pushing the mattress down.

Then, once they’ve become more independent, you can remove the sidebars to allow your little one to get in and out of bed freely. And once they’re ready to move from cot to toddler bed, you simply remove the side panels!

10) Vox Retro Baby Cot Bed

Vox Retro Baby Cot Bed

Ideal for… a coordinating nursery

If you want to get your entire nursery totally sorted, this retro-style cot by Vox has a whole host of furniture to match. With coordinating dresser, wardrobe, desk and more, you can tick off all your nursery shopping in one.

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