Cuckooland’s Guide to Bedtime Stories: The Princess Collection

It’s time to fix those tiaras, grab the sparkliest dress you can find and gather all the royal teddy bear subjects up. That’s right, our latest bedtime story collection features none other than the fairest of us all – Princesses. Our princess themed bedroom collective has always been a popular choice and we can now advise our kingdom and court of the best Princess Bedtime Stories around!

Lifetime Princess Bed
Lifetime Princess Four Poster Bed

Our childhood years are precious, they account for such a short amount of our time and yet it’s those early years that really begin to shape us as people. Cuckooland believes in nurturing individuality in children through creative play, imaginative surroundings and one on one time with parents. Our entire catalog of children’s beds, bedroom furniture and toys are all designed to bring out the best in childhood imagination, shaping future generations of creatively minded adults.

This is the blog every little girl has been waiting for, the princess collection! Yes, get those tiaras at the ready, pick out the best princess dress and take a seat upon the grandest of thrones for our collection of inspiring princess stories fit for all princesses across the kingdom. The Princess Collection has been inspired by the magical Princess Four Poster Bed by Lifetime. This handcrafted, knot free, pinewood bed really is fit for a princess! Featuring four posts finished in white and covered in a magnificent canopy, it will have your little princess sleeping soundly. Each bed is handmade to perfection so you can be sure that your little royal will be slumbering peacefully.

The Bedtime Princess by Kate Lee and Rosalinda Kightley

Recommended Age 0-2 Years

Princess Tilly is having a hard time getting to sleep. With her slippery silk bedding, wriggly nightie ribbons and itchy bed socks, will poor princess Tilly ever get to sleep?! This wonderful story book by Kate Lee is a sensory lead book featuring real fabrics to touch and feel on every page. The interactive tale is made even more fun by the humorous rhymes which are sure to please even the most sleep averse princesses. The bright and colour illustrations are perfect for little ones and pleasing to parents wanting something a little different from the princess genre.

The Princess and the Pea by Jan Lewis

Recommended Age 3-5 Years

Every king and queen throughout the land knows the tale of The Princess and the Pea and will no doubt enjoy passing on this beloved tale to their little princesses. Aimed at smaller children, this classic story is retold with quirky rhymes and fun illustrations. To recap for those who have sat on the throne so long they cannot remember the story; A handsome prince is on the lookout for a real princess to marry, his mother, the queen, hatches a cunning plan to test all those who wish to be betrothed to the handsome prince… The Princess and the Pea is a wonderful introduction to classic fairytales which can be passed down through the generations.

Princess Bedtime Stories by Disney Enterprises Inc.

Recommended Age 5-8 Years

We simply couldn’t have a princess collection without featuring the most famous princesses on the planet, the Disney princesses! The Princess Bedtime Stories features 18 wonderful adventures with the most beautiful princesses in all the lands. Join Belle, Tiana, Jasmine and Aurora as they guide us through the magical bedtime adventures. This delightful book will have pride of place on any little girls shelf, it has over 250 stunning illustrations and gilded pages to make it fit for a royal. Your little princess will drift off into a world filled with her favourite Disney characters thanks to the Princess Bedtime Stories book.

A Little Princess (Children’s Classics) by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Recommended Age 9-11 Years

We finish our top princess stories with another classic which will delight generations to come. If you didn’t read the book, you will have seen the film; A Little Princess is the classic story of Motherless Sara Crewe, a little girl sent home from India to boarding school. Tragedy strikes poor Sara again when her father dies and his wealth disappears which leads to a rapid change of circumstance for Sara. This coming of age tale is great as it begins to introduce girls to the world of character growth. A Little Princess has legions of fans around the world and is seen as a pivotal book for introduction young reader into classic literature.

We do hope you have enjoyed our Princess collection and continue to share you favourite children’s story books and themes with us. At Cuckooland we make it our mission to bring you quirky and unique things which can be shared with all the family.

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