The Ultimate Guide to Mid Sleeper Beds

With the huge variety of children’s beds available, it comes as no surprise that parents can feel a little overwhelmed when they embark on the quest to find the perfect bed for their kids bedroom. Identifying the most important key features and benefits is a useful exercise as this will highlight the type of bed that your child ultimately needs. For instance, if space is limited this will focus your search on the best space saving bed; such as a Mid Sleeper Bed.

Mid sleeper beds are perfect if you’re looking for a space saving solution for your child’s bedroom. The appeal of these beds is that they’re multifunctional, providing comfort for a good night’s sleep, alongside providing excellent storage facilities; an absolute must for any child’s bedroom!

What is a Mid Sleeper Bed?

A Mid Sleeper Bed is the happy medium between a standard height single bed and a taller bunk or high sleeper bed, think of them as the content middle child. Sometimes referred to as a Cabin Bed (their more enclosed bed cousins) – which predominantly have built in storage options; a Mid Sleeper Bed is simply raised off the floor leaving space underneath the bed free for an assortment of possibilities (we’ll cover this a little further on). Accessed via a small ladder or steps, these raised beds are perfect for a kids bedroom.

Mathy by Bols Dominique Mid Sleeper Bed with Desk & Drawers

What Age is a Mid Sleeper Bed Suitable for?

Mid sleeper beds are suitable for younger children through to teenagers. Due to their design being raised from the floor, we would recommend that your child is already established at sleeping in a big bed before they sleep in a mid sleeper, therefore would not recommend a mid sleeper bed as your child’s first bed. Most manufacturer guidelines recommend that your child is 6 years or over, due to safety requirements.

Mid sleepers offer younger children a fun, yet safe alternative to a standard single bed and offer older children a bed that doubles as a place to study and sleep. The beauty of mid sleeper beds is that you have free rein to customise its style in whichever way suits your child.

Having the flexibility to style the final look in an age appropriate way means mid sleeper beds are super versatile for all ages, here are a few suggestions for styling a mid sleeper bed by age;

6 – 8 years

  • Encourage imaginative play by creating the space under their bed as a place for them to play. Adding curtains can easily turn their bed into a princess castle or pirate ship – or whatever their imaginations conjure up! The beauty of adding curtains also means that at the end of the day toys can be tidied up and easily hidden away!

9-12 years

  • Create an area for study and homework by adding a desk and storage in the space under their bed. Giving your children their own storage for pens, pencils, books and stationary hopefully means that you can keep the rest of the house reasonably clutter-free!


  • Your teen may have had their mid sleeper for some years by now, so it may be time to give it a new lease of life. Styling with fairy lights and a few comfy bean bags can offer a more grown up look and create a space to chill out with their friends.

At there are plentiful options of mid sleeper beds to suit all budgets, read on for a selection of our most frequently searched for mid sleeper beds and our top picks;

Maxxi Cabin Bed with Slide

Mid Sleeper Bed with Tent

Perfect for younger children, mid sleeper beds with a tent are a popular choice. Whether you’re looking to create a themed bedroom, or a more neutral bedroom, here are a few options to consider if your child loves imaginative play.

The Pino Mid Sleeper with Curtain comes in a choice of three frame colours; white, taupe and natural and 9 different options for the under bed curtains in varying designs from bold and bright to themed. This sturdy wooden mid sleeper would make a fun bed for a younger child.

For something more neutral the Oliver Furniture Wood Low Loft Bed has three curtain colours to choose from. Another feature of this bed is that with the addition of the available conversion kits, you can convert the bed into either a day bed or bunk bed, extending the life of the bed as your child grows or indeed your family grows!

The Lifetime Dino Kids Mid Sleeper is another more neutral option, designed in collaboration with Lorena Canals, the play curtain features a window, door and handy storage pockets for keeping toys tidy.

Lifetime Dino Kids Mid Sleeper

Mid Sleeper with Slide

Who said beds were just for sleeping in – and slides were just for play parks! The perfect combination for a young child, a mid sleeper bed with slide will certainly make bedtime more fun.

The Pino Mid Sleeper with Slide comes in at a great price and with the option to add curtains as well makes this mid sleeper a brilliant choice for younger kids.

With other entertaining features such as a chalk board and climbing ramp, the Maxxi Cabin Bed with Slide is a fabulous bed for kids who love to play. This is most definitely a bed that their mates will be envious of – so prepare yourself for a bombardment of play date requests!

Pino Kids Mid Sleeper with Slide in White

Mid Sleeper Bed with Desk

If you’re specifically looking for a bed with a desk head over to our Cabin Bed category for heaps more choice, below are a few top picks of our mid sleepers with desks.

For the ultimate in storage, study and organization the Trasman Girona Mid Sleeper Cabin Bed combines all these into one bed. The pull-out desk offers up a place to get that homework done, then it can be pushed away neatly under the bed when it’s not in use.

The Louis Mid Sleeper Bed has plenty of extra features – including a desk with shelves and compartments and a closed cupboard. A simple design at a great price point – the neutral colourway is a great choice for boys or girls!

For older children and teens who need a little more desk space, the Mathy By Bols Dominique Mid Sleeper with Desk & Drawers offers up a sizeable desk and handy storage drawers. Available in a choice of 26 colours, this bed is hand made in Belgium. If it’s stretching your budget, you can opt for 0% finance, for more information about the various finance options available at please read here.

Trasman Girona Mid Sleeper Cabin Bed

Adaptable Mid Sleepers

We understand that family dynamics change and thus sleeping arrangements may also change! Whether it’s the addition of another sibling or a house move, you may have to re-think your children’s beds. Beds that can be converted are a growing trend, we’re delighted to work with forward thinking designers who offer a range of beds that can be adapted as family needs change.

When you buy a mid sleeper bed from Oliver Furniture there are various conversion kits available that, when added, will enable you to change the bed from a mid sleeper to a bunk bed for example.

The Alfie Modular Mid Sleeper Bed features a chalkboard and bookcase, perfect for imaginative youngsters! The bed frame can also be converted to a single bed with separate bookcase, making this bed another great option if you’re looking for an adaptable bed.

Lifetime Kids are a brand who promote longevity (and forward thinking sustainability!) across all their bed designs by offering customers the ability to convert or adapt their beds. As there are so many options available, it’s best to speak to one of our expert bed advisors who can fully explain the features and benefits of buying a Lifetime mid sleeper bed.

Oliver Furniture Seaside Children's Luxury Low Loft Bed in White

Ultimate Mid Sleeper Beds

If you want to create a WOW factor in your child’s room here are our top picks for the ultimate mid sleeper beds.

The Barnie Mid Sleeper Bed is pretty cool with its enclosed design and feature doors. Its low profile makes it ideal for younger children and provides space underneath for a few toy boxes to encourage them to keep a tidy room!

If you want a spectacular bed that gives equally spectacular views the Lifetime Hideout Mid Sleeper with Steps will give your kiddie the perfect spot to peek out and survey their territory! Designed to look like a treehouse, this bed not only offers a fun place to sleep, it’s packed with clever storage in the steps and can be personalised with a name plate.

Barnie Mid Sleeper Barn Bed

Mid Sleeper Beds Dimensions

Overall dimensions of a mid sleeper bed will vary between designs therefore it is advisable to check the product detail page for the actual bed dimensions.

At our range of mid sleeper beds are either a standard UK single or a EU single, again the product detail page will specify this. The mattress size required for a EU single bed is 90 x 200cm, 10cm longer than a standard UK single bed which requires a 90 x 190cm mattress.

Are Mid Sleeper Beds Safe?

As with all children’s beds, safety is of paramount importance. When assembled correctly and according to the manufacturer installation guidelines, mid sleeper beds are structurally very safe.

All safety guidelines should be followed, such as discouraging jumping on the bed (keep this for the trampoline!) and other over zealous play that may cause accidents.

Manufacturers will specify the correct size mattress required, depending on the design of the bed some mid sleepers require a specific mattress depth to ensure that safety standards are maintained. Each product detail page will offer a suitable mattress option in accordance with the manufacturer guidelines or please check the manufacturer guidelines if you are sourcing a mattress from elsewhere.

Our range of mid sleeper beds covers everything from fun to functional (with our signature sprinkling of awesomeness too), so you’re certain to find one that your child will love. Bedtime will be a breeze when your little one has a fabulous mid sleeper to welcome them at the end of the day and you may even find yourself with a moment of peace during the day as they enjoy the playful or studious elements of their new bed too.

We take great pride in helping remove the angst and indecision surrounding this important purchase and presenting you with the best selection of mid sleeper beds that money can buy. If you’d like further assistance or have any questions about our fabulous range of mid sleeper beds please give our expert bed team a call on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us here it’ll be a dream to help you.


With more than 10 years’ experience in providing advice and support to parents looking for their perfect kids bed, mother of 2, Nathalie Davis is passionate about helping children develop. In her role as Director of Product Procurement at Cuckooland, Nathalie has helped thousands of parents improve their children’s sleep and sleeping habits through the beds and mattresses she sources and the articles she writes. In her spare time she teaches her Golden Retriever to be a responsible vegetarian and is often spotted sifting through clothes at her local Charity Shops.

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