The Ultimate Guide to Nursery Bedding

If you’re a new parent, the world of nursery bedding might feel a little bit daunting – but it doesn’t need to be. From baby sleeping bags to nests, here’s a breakdown of where to start and what to look out for.

Cam Cam Copenhagen Sleeping Bag in Dandelion

Baby sleep bags

Baby sleep bags – or ‘baby sleeping bags’ – are an alternative to traditional nursery blankets and sheets. With openings for the arms and neck, sleep bags are basically gowns your baby wears to bed. They’re great for regulating temperature, so your baby won’t feel too hot or cold during the night.

With a sleep bag, your baby won’t be able to kick off or get tangled in any sheets – as you won’t need to use sheets at all! This means baby sleep bags are ideal for babies who tend to throw off their nursery sheets in the night.

Depending on the temperature, your baby can wear a sleepsuit, pyjamas, or even just a nappy underneath – however, they’re not designed to be a substitute for nightwear!

So, what makes a good baby sleep bag? It’s good to opt for a bag that’s made from breathable material – like organic cotton – to keep your baby cool and comfortable. Choosing a sleep bag with a zip is also handy for those nightly nappy changes.

The Cam Cam Copenhagen Sleep Bags tick every box and also come in gorgeous patterns – so your baby can look even more adorable while they snooze!

Cam Cam Copenhagen Sleeping Bag in Pressed Leaves Rose

Baby nests

A baby nest – or a baby sleeping pod – can be a cosy space for your newborn to snooze. While they’re great for those supervised daytime naps, they’re not a substitute for your baby’s main cot, crib, or moses basket.

Baby nests are super soft and supportive, making them a great spot to enjoy tummy time. As they’re so lightweight, you can pop one inside your baby’s cot, on the floor, or take it on a visit to the grandparents – just about anywhere! Plus, the cosy cocoon-like feel means babies feel safe and secure, helping them settle down in no time.

With a baby nest, your little one will need to wear a sleep bag for any naps – as you won’t have the space to tuck blankets or sheets in.

Cam Cam Copenhagen Baby Nest in Grey Wave

Baby sheets

If you don’t use a sleep bag, you’ll need to choose some baby-friendly sheets for the cot or moses basket. You can either choose fitted or flat sheets.

Fitted sheets wrap around the mattress, meaning they won’t come away if your baby wriggles or squirms during the night. Flat sheets are mainly used as a top sheet, along with a blanket. You can use a flat sheet for a bottom sheet, but they’re more likely to be untucked when your baby moves around – and that’s just creating more work for yourself!

It’s always good to choose high-quality cotton sheets to keep your baby cool all year round. Plus, hypoallergenic material will mean you can provide your baby with a comfortable night’s sleep, even if they have sensitive skin or allergies.

These fitted bamboo sheets from Panda London are ideal. As they’re made from absorbent bamboo material, they’ll naturally soak up any moisture or odours – so your little one can enjoy a dry and comfortable night’s sleep.

Panda London Bamboo Set of 2 Fitted Cot Bed Sheets

Baby blankets

For babies under one year old, duvets and quilts aren’t safe for bedtime – you’ll need to use baby-friendly blankets instead.

Baby blankets can come in different materials; usually cellular cotton, cellular acrylic, or fleece. Light cotton blankets are ideal for keeping your baby comfortable, especially ones with a cellular structure. A cellular blanket just means the material has lots of tiny holes in it, allowing air to pass through and regulate your baby’s temperature.

Organic Jersey Baby Blanket

When it comes to putting your little one down, make sure the sheets are firmly tucked in nice and tight (not above shoulder height).

While cotton blankets are for bedtime, there’s also plenty of wonderful padded blankets to keep your baby warm during outings in the pram. And you could also consider a fluffy sheepskin blanket for a luxuriously soft tummy time!

This Dandelion design blanket by Cam Cam Copenhagen is perfect for chilly trips outside in the pram – or it could be a lovely play mat for your little one.

Cam Cam Copenhagen Baby Blanket in Dandelion

Baby mattress protectors

Baby mattress protectors are a must. They can make your newborn’s sleeping quarters feel even cosier, and they’ll save your mattress from any accidents as your baby grows out of nappies.

The super-soft crib mattress protector from Little Green Sheep will prevent any stains or marks, and will also protect your little one from any dust mites. Made from organic cotton with a waterproof layer, this mattress protector is super comfortable – and will help your baby enjoy a dry night!

Organic Crib Mattress Protector 38 x 85 cm

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