Best Single Kids Beds by Age

When it comes to buying a single bed for your child, their age will typically impact the style that you finally settle on.

Selection criteria will differ greatly between little Tommy the tot and Tabby the teen – simply because they have different needs and requirements.

Whether you are setting out to buy your toddler their first new bed or revamping your teens room, this more formal guide than usual from yours truly, offers a few tips when it comes to selecting the best single childrens bed based on your child’s age.

Oliver Furniture Contemporary Wood Single Bed in Oak & White

Best Single Bed for Toddler

Although there is no specific age when a child should move into a single bed, most parents will begin making the transition at around 18 months – 2 years.

When it comes to buying a single bed for a toddler, there will be many considerations bouncing around in the decision pot; from colour and finish to safety and longevity. As this will be their very first bed, you may make a great effort, splashing out on the bed of their dreams, or perhaps you’re limiting your budget as you know you’ll be replacing their bed again in the not too distant future.

With so many options available (quite literally hundreds!) let’s focus on a few of the best options for toddlers; here are some of the key features that you may want to consider when buying a single bed for a toddler;

  • Single Beds with a Safely Rail / Bed Guard

Things that go bump in the night may become more than your toddler’s favourite bedtime story when they move into a big bed! A bed guard is an excellent way to keep your little one safe when they’re sleeping. As most toddlers will be moving into a single bed from a cot, where they had the safety and security of bars to stop them falling out, a bed guard provides an effective way to keep your toddler safe from any bumps in the night.

Some single beds have the option to add a bed guard, such as the Oliver Wood Single Bed or the Oeuf River Single Bed.

Others such as the Benlemi Poppi Single Bed and many of the single beds from Lifetime have a built in bed guard, keeping your toddler safe all night long.

  • Single Beds that are low to the ground

The height a single bed will vary between designs, what’s possibly more important to consider when you’re buying a single bed for a toddler will be the height from the floor to the mattress rail (be sure to include the depth of the mattress in your measurements as well).

Bed height is often a measurement that is overlooked – however it is important to consider the bed height, particularly when you’re buying a bed for a little person! A single bed that is low to the ground may prove to be more suitable for instance than a whopping great big divan that they need a step ladder to climb into – and an abseil to get out of!

The Kiddy Bed offers a low to the ground design and its cool pastel colour options make it a great single bed option for a toddler.

Montessori inspired bed designs are also a popular option for toddlers as they are actually set on the ground. For example the Kids Tipi Bed offers a fun teepee design as well as being ground based and the Discovery Bed from Mathy By Bols is available in several configurations, with the added benefit of having conversion kits that can be purchased so that the bed can be adapted as your child grows.

  • Single Beds that combine Sleep & Play

A single bed that combines both sleep and play is a super idea for a toddlers single bed. Imaginative play is still very much a part of a toddlers development and if you can encourage this by buying a bed that lets them explore their imagination and get a great night’s sleep – brilliant!

The Play, Learn, Sleep Bed is a perfect example of a single bed that offers more than just a place to sleep. With a slide, climbing ramp and chalk board as well as a cool under bed area that can be used as a den, this bed really offers up a fun combination of play and sleep. Or for the ultimate in cool kids beds check out the Lifetime Play Tower Kids Bed.

If, having looked at all the options, you feel your child is still a little too small for a full-size single bed, you can opt for a toddler bed which is slightly smaller and less overwhelming.

Benlemi Poppi Single Bed with Guard Rail

Best Single Bed for Bigger Kids

As children grow up from toddler to pre-school and then into school age, their needs also change. They usually become more independent, seeking to spend more time in their bedroom, enjoying their own space.

When it comes to buying a single bed for a bigger kid, what are the key considerations? Factors that could influence your decision such as whether they share with a sibling, whether they need more storage or if they like to have friends over for sleepovers may affect the style and type of bed you buy.

Let’s focus on a few of the key features that you may want to consider when buying a single bed for a bigger kid;

  • Single Beds with Storage

A bed with storage is the perfect combo – the more storage the better! As children grow up, they often like to organise their space; to have a place to keep their belongings. Single beds that have the benefit of a little storage are great space saving beds, whether it’s a couple of under bed drawers, or a cool built in bookcase around the headboard they can often help solve the common issue of not having enough storage space.

The Maine Bookcase Bed is a great example of a well designed storage bed, offering a neat shelving unit within the headboard and the option to also add a trundle bed which is perfect to use for sleepovers.

Other options of single beds with storage include the Julian Bowen Stella Bed and the Kids Sherwood Bed that both incorporate shelving and drawers as additional built in storage.

  • Single Beds with Trundles

Single beds with trundles are brilliant for kids who love having their friends to stay. Check out the popular Dennis Single Bed for a simple design in neutral colour options and the Oeuf Sparrow Single Bed if you’re looking for a modern beech finish.

Be sure to check the required mattress size for the trundle bed as this is often different to a standard single bed mattress. Each product detail page will detail the trundle mattress size and offer a suitable mattress to accompany the trundle.

  • Single House Beds

Single house beds are a fun bed for any child! Whilst it may feel like your maturing nipper is getting all grown up, they’re still young enough to enjoy a house bed! There are various designs to choose from to suit a variety of budgets; if you’re looking for a single bed to WOW the socks off your kid, a house bed should be a firm contender.

A great budget single house bed is the Hideaway House Bed, its neutral white colour and simple design makes it suitable for both girls and boys. With the option to add a trundle for extra storage or for sleepovers.

The ultimate house bed has to be the Mathy By Bols Treehouse Single Bed, available in a choice of 26 colours, this bed will earn you serious brownie points!

Mathy by Bols Treehouse Single Cabin Bed

Best Single Bed for Teens

As your children move into their teenage years, their needs change again. Their bedroom can become a place not only for sleep but for study, chilling and hanging out with their friends.

When it comes to buying a single bed for a teen, parents are often looking for a multi-functional bed, not every teen’s room has the floor space for a bed and a sofa or a bed and a desk – so if there is a bed that can offer the features of these together, problem solved!

Let’s focus on a few of the key features that you may want to consider when buying a single bed for a teen;

  • Single Beds with Desk

The dreaded “H” (for ‘Homework’) word becomes more and more demanding as children move through their school years. Being able to create a place for them that is quiet and away from the bustle of the rest of the house can support them with their studies.

People often think of Cabin Beds when they’re looking for a combination bed, however the clever design of the Denver 2 in 1 Desk & Day Bed incorporates a single bed that converts into a full size desk – genius!

  • Single Daybed

Sofa by day, bed by night – daybeds are a super choice for a teen’s bed, combining a place to sleep and relax. Available in a both wooden and metal frames, with extra storage and trundle options, there is a vast selection of daybeds to suit all budgets.

The sturdy design of both the Dennis Day Bed and Flexa Nordic Daybed make them great contenders for the perfect teen daybed, with the added benefit of a trundle for extra storage or a spare bed.

With a few cushions and a cosy throw a daybed makes the perfect spot for some daytime chilling.

  • Single Four Poster Beds

Four poster beds have had something of a revival in recent years and a contemporary makeover. If you’re decreeing teen is looking for something a bit different, why not consider a single four poster bed. Four poster beds create a real focal point to the room and offer the ideal place to get creative with fairy lights or hanging plants!

The Pino Four Poster Bed offers more traditional style whilst the Black Metal Four Poster Bed gives a more industrial feel.

Another smart design is the Vox 4 You 4 Poster Single Bed, which features adjustable height settings, so this bed could see them right the way through from tot to teen!

Denver 2 in 1 Desk & Day Bed in White

What Mattress should I buy for a Single Bed?

A standard UK single bed requires a mattress size 90cm width x 190cm long compared to a European single bed which requires a mattress of 90cm width x 200cm long, 10cm longer. There isn’t usually a safety recommendation for the mattress height, due to their low profile, however, it’s always worth checking the product detail page because sometimes the design requires a specific mattress height.

It’s important to use the mattress size that is advised by the manufacturer, this will ensure that it will fit the bed frame properly. This information will be clearly detailed within the product detail page and offered under the section “add a comfy mattress”.

As we’ve discovered single beds can offer up many features and benefits, making them a super versatile choice for children of all ages. Each product detail page will fully explain the key features and benefits of each bed, the measurements and suggest the most suitable mattress to fit.

Pino Four Poster Single Bed

If you’d like further assistance or have any questions about the range of single beds available at please give our expert bed team a call on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us here it’ll be a dream to help you.


With more than 8 years’ experience in providing advice and support to parents looking for their perfect kids bed, mother of 2, Nathalie Davis is passionate about helping children develop. In her role as Director of Product Procurement at Cuckooland, Nathalie has helped thousands of parents improve their children’s sleep and sleeping habits through the beds and mattresses she sources and the articles she writes. In her spare time she teaches her Golden Retriever to be a responsible vegetarian and is often spotted sifting through clothes at her local Charity Shops.

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