Cuckooland’s Guide to Bedtime Stories: The Bus Collection

Hop on board the Cuckooland big red bus for this bedtime story edition. That’s right folks, we playing conductor to that great big vehicle of imagination. The eye-catching London Themed Bedroom has been a staple for many a girl and boy up and down this fair land. So have your ticket in hand, take a seat on the questionably patterned seats and prepare for some jolly good bus inspired bedtime books.

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Bedtime and stories go together like… well, bedtime and stories! Like tea and biscuits, blackberries and hedgerows – one without the other is just drab and boring, dull and mundane. And drab, boring, dull and mundane we are not. That is why, with our fabulous range of themed childrens beds, we at Cuckooland have decided to do a series of unique books based upon these unusual themes.

Next up in our series is the truly incredible London Bus Bunk Bed designed by Julian Bowen. The London Bus Bunk Bed was designed for children (and parents) who love the big red buses of London. Featuring a double decker design and finished in red lacquer this bunk bed is sure to make your child the most popular boy or girl on the street when it comes to sleepovers. So three cheers for public transport, hooray, now let’s take the parade into the world of children’s books all about this iconic mode of transportation.

Wheels on the Bus – 4 Great Sounds – Sing Along (Sound Boards – Igloo Books Ltd)

Recommended Age: 0-2 Years

We just couldn’t start a list of bus themed books without including The Wheels on the Bus. A nursery rhyme loved by millions and known inside and out by most parents and grandparents the world over. The Wheels on the Bus by Igloo Books Ltd features four interactive sounds to complement the overall sing-a-long. Your child will no doubt enjoy pressing the colourful sound buttons as you move through the story, all the while teaching your little one a well known nursery rhyme. The book itself is bright and colourful featuring animal characters and fun backdrops. The book is made from sturdy material to prevent accidental tearing or ripping which will ensure this book lasts.

The Hundred Decker Bus by Mike Smith

Recommended Age: 3-5 Years

Having featured in the Independent on Sunday and the Guardian Bookshop, The Hundred Decker Bus is a fun and imaginative fold-out picture book. The story focuses on the bus driver who’s mundane routine is interrupted when he begins to daydream about what it would be like to take a new and exciting route. The result is a wonderfully detailed adventure which leads to many colourful layers added to the bus in order to cope with the growing number of passengers. We absolutely loved the bright, bold and humorous book which tells a tale of breaking the norm with a surprising yet hilarious outcome.

Naughty Bus by Jan and Jerry Oke

Recommended Age: 4-6 Years

Naughty Bus by Jan and Jerry Oke is a dazzling book which focuses on the imagination of children. A little boy receives a toy double decker as a gift, using his limitless imagination, the boy creates a world where the bus comes to life in a cheeky adventure of mishaps. The Naughty Bus loves mischief and he has no shortage of this when driving over tables, crashing into breakfast or falling purposefully into a lake! The real genius of this book is that it taps into the creative imaginings that all children possess and really allows a child to explore a world created in their mind. The illustrations are live action shots of real backdrops which gives the book that multiple dimensional feel and allows a child to see the imaginative possibilities in almost all situations around them.

Follow That Bus! by Pat Hutchins

Recommended Age: 7-11 Years

There’s nothing like a bit of nostalgia to really get you back into reading. Follow That Bus! was first published in 1992 and the madcap illustrations have all the hallmarks of a classic story book from your childhood. The story starts simple enough, Class 6 lead by the magnetic Miss Beaver are on a normal class outing when an series of unfortunate events lead to a bus journey accompanied by a band of bank robbers! The story transforms into a crazy cross country chase between the bus full or robbers and the police. Follow That Bus! not only a features an adventurous cat and mouse chase but also a tale which will resonate with your primary school years. The book is fun, fast paced and hilarious.

So there we have it, an entire collection of stories based on the theme of buses. We hope you have enjoyed our guide to bus themed books, taking note of the age recommendations to find the perfect book for your budding bus drivers. If you know of a brilliant bus themed story book please share the love below in the comments section.

If you need help turning a much-loved theme into a bedroom wonderland simply call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 Mon-Fri 9-6pm or email and our super friendly team will reply immediately.


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