How to use kids beds and desks to create a back-to-school study corner

And just like that, another summer has been and gone. Which means it’s time for your kids to hunker down and tackle their homework again…

To give your kids a helping hand, why not set up a study corner? A dedicated space helps your little one settle into a routine and focus on their work.

So whether your child is learning to scribble or cramming for exams, read on to see how you can create a back-to-school study corner.

Kiddy Tipi Desk

Vox 4 You Desk in White & Oak Effect

First, think about where to set up

Before you start setting up a study corner, you need to settle on where your child would learn best. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer – every child is different.

Some kids thrive on being around family while they get to grips with homework. So if your youngster needs hands-on support, it makes sense to set up their study corner in a shared space, like your kitchen or living room. This means you can be there to answer any questions while they work.

The storage cabinet with a hideaway table and bench from Lifetime Kids (below) is perfect for a living room study corner. With ample storage, kids can keep their textbooks and stationery neatly tucked away.

When it’s time for your kids to sit down and study, you can pull out the seating area and desk in no time. And once your kids have finished, you’re free to reclaim your living space for family fun. You wouldn’t even realise this nifty piece was anything other than a stylish cabinet!

Lifetime Storage Cabinet with Hideaway Table & Bench

On the other hand, some kids prefer to knuckle down and work in private. That means they work best in a space that’s free from distractions, like their own bedroom.

If your kids are best studying in their bedroom, a high sleeper bed is ideal. With the mattress up high, you free up space underneath the bed for a study zone. And the good news is, many high sleeper beds are already complete with a built-in desk and shelves.

The Pino Kids High Sleeper (below) is the perfect example. With space for a laptop and shelves for study notes, this bed is a ready-made study zone – so you won’t need to clear any space for a desk or storage. It’s ideal for smaller bedrooms!

Pino Kids High Sleeper with Sofa Bed

Pick an age-appropriate desk

When it’s time to pick the right desk, it all depends on how old your child is. Because while your youngest just needs a spot to scribble freely, your eldest might need something a little more sophisticated…

If your little one is just starting school, you’ll need a desk that’s easy to wipe clean and low to the ground. It’s also a good idea to choose something cost-effective, as your youngster will soon outgrow their desk.

The Vox stackable desk (below) is great for youngsters. With a roomy shelf, you can keep your little one’s masterpieces neatly tucked away – and with a laminated chipboard surface, there’s no need to panic about any paint splashes.

Vox Tuli Kids Stackable Desk in Yellow & Green

Vox Tuli Kids Stackable Stool in Yellow & Pink

Looking for a desk for the teenager in your life? If your child is gearing up for big exams, you’ll need to choose a desk that has space for a computer, an office chair, and tonnes of revision notes.

The Harry high sleeper (below) is brilliant for older kids. Not only does it boast heaps of desk space, but also a wire notice board to pin revision notes, handy shelves, and even a built-in wardrobe.

Harry High Rise Bed with Wardrobe

Keep the space organised

A good study corner should be neat and tidy. And while we can’t promise your kids will keep their space spotless, it helps to have enough storage to hide away any clutter…

Without shelves and drawers, notes and textbooks can soon stack up high and spread across the desk. Not only will that look messy, but it can also be too distracting. And when it comes to studying, you should ideally create a space with as few distractions as possible.

With a mid or high sleeper bed, you have plenty of built-in storage. The cabin bed by Trasman (below left) has a pull-out desk, drawers, a cupboard, a bookcase, and shelving – there’s not an inch of space wasted in this space-saving bed! Your kids won’t have any excuse to leave so much as a pencil lying about…

Trasman Girona Mid Sleeper Cabin Bed with Desk and Drawers

Light up their study sessions

To complete your child’s study corner, you need a reliable lamp to light up their homework sessions.

If their light is too dim, they could seriously strain their eyes. So it’s really important to pick a powerful lamp that kids can adjust to direct at their work.

With the smart lamp by Koble (below), kids can flick on the brightest light while they study, and enjoy a softer warm glow when it’s time to relax. With a sleep function switch, this lamp helps little ones relax and get ready for sleep after a study session. And with wireless charging, there’s no need to worry about setting up the study corner near the closest socket.

Koble Pixi Smart Lamp with Wireless Charging

Create a calm space to wind down

So, you’ve created a study corner where kids can knuckle down and work. And that’s great news – but it’s also important to make a space for them to wind down afterwards.

Without taking the time to unwind before bed, your kids could struggle to drift off to sleep. After working out tricky sums under a bright light, it can take hours for the mind and body to switch off.

To help your kids relax after studying, set up a cosy space to read or play games. This will help kids focus on something a little less demanding than homework. With a warm and calming lamp and a cuddly bean bag, you help your kids feel cosy, relaxed, and ready for bed.

Extreme Lounging Mini Indoor Bean Bag in Aqua

Create a study corner with Cuckooland

If it’s time to set up a study corner for your little one, our range of kids’ desks and high sleeper beds are the perfect place to start.

To learn more or talk about our furniture options, call +44 (0) 1305 231231 or send us an email today.


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