10 Nursery Must-Haves for every New Parent’s Christmas List

If you’ve got a little one on the way this Christmas, you’ll be getting their nursery sorted in time for their arrival. So if relatives or friends are asking if there’s anything on your wishlist this year, simply direct them to our list of nursery must-haves below…

Or, if you know any parents-to-be, they’ll be chuffed to bits to unwrap one of these nursery treats! Read on to discover our top ten gifts for new parents.

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1) Obaby Reclining Nursing Chair and Stool

Obaby Reclining Nursing Chair and Stool

Give new parents the gift of comfort this Christmas with the Obaby reclining nursing chair. This chair has six reclining options to give parents the option to lie back however far they like. Whether parents are feeding, enjoying storytime, or soothing their little one, this chair provides a comfy spot to relax.

With its gentle rocking motion, parents can rock their babies to sleep with ease. And with a matching footstool, they can really put their feet up and enjoy some well-earned time out!

2) SnuzPod 4 Bedside Crib 3-in-1 with Mattress

SnuzPod 4 Bedside Crib 3-in-1 with Mattress

You’ll make any new parent’s Christmas with this nifty 3-in-1 crib. Whether parents use it as a standalone crib, removable bassinet, or attach it to their bedside for a safe co-sleeping option, you give them the gift of flexibility.

Ideal for newborns up to 6 months old, this crib has oodles of features. From a gentle incline option to reduce influx to a zip-down wall for easy access, this crib has it all. And with its height adjustable design, parents will be sure to attach this crib to their bed – no matter how high or low it is.

Simply choose from eight attractive colours to find an option that’ll look a treat in any new nursery.

3) Leander Hanging Baby Cradle with Stand & Mattress

Leander Hanging Baby Cradle with Stand & Mattress

Perfect for newborns this Christmas, the Leander hanging baby cradle makes sleep easier for both babies and new parents. As the gliding motion reminds babies of the motion in their Mum’s tum, it provides a sense of security and calm. And that means babies drift off without a fuss and new parents can enjoy a bit of well-earned rest!

Choose from white or grey to suit the nursery and make sure this Christmas is as peaceful and calm as it can be…

4) Leander Matty Changing Mat

Leander Matty Changing Mat

This lovely changing mat is a nursery essential for any new parents. Unlike other changing mats, this Matty pad is easy to clean and 100% waterproof – so parents can make sure nappy changes are hassle-free and hygenic! And with a slip-resistant base, parents can safely perch this mat on any smooth and even surface they have available.

From sage green to dusty grey, take your pick from seven dreamy colours to find an option that slots into any nursery style.

5) Kids Concept Neo Rocking Mammoth

Kids Concept Neo Rocking Mammoth

Every nursery needs a Neo Mammoth Rocker! Fuzzy, cute, and oh-so huggable, this rocking mammoth adds heaps of texture, style, and fun to any nursery.

With its dreamy design and a solid wood base, any new parents will be over the moon to unwrap this lovely riding steed this Christmas. And once their baby reaches 18 months, they’ll have a companion to ride on and play. It really is the gift that keeps on giving!

6) Snuggle Me Organic Infant Lounger

Snuggle Me Organic Infant Lounger

This infant lounger is a life-saver for any new parent! Super soft and cushioning, this lounger keeps little ones safe and snug – it’s ideal for supervised lounging, tummy time, and sitting support.

Designed to feel like babies are being hugged and held, this lounger will help to soothe and calm little ones – meaning parents can take five or use their hands for other important tasks around the house! No wonder this lounger is flying off our shelves this Christmas…

7) Levo Baby Rocker in Beech Wood with Aruba Blue Cushion

Levo Baby Rocker in Beech Wood with Aruba Blue Cushion

Another popular nursery must-have, this lovely rocker is the perfect gift for new parents this Christmas. Not only is it simply gorgeous, but it provides heaps of movement support for newborns right from day one – up until they can sit unaided.

As this rocker follows babies’ natural movements, it encourages them to actively bounce themselves instead of simply sitting back and enjoying the ride. And with an array of fabulous prints to choose from and easy-to-remove and wash fabric, parents will be overjoyed with this rocker, too!

8) Cam Cam Copenhagen Sleeping Bag in Pressed Leaves Rose

Cam Cam Copenhagen Sleeping Bag in Pressed Leaves Rose

Wrap up this wonderful sleeping bag and pop it under the tree to give parents a real treat this Christmas. Choose from either birth-to-6 months or 6-18 months and give babies all they need to enjoy a snuggly night’s sleep.

Parents can wrap up their bundle of joy before bed – or for naps during the day – and easily unzip them whenever a change is needed. As the sleeping bag keeps little legs safely tucked inside, it’s ideal for lively babies who love to kick their bedding off at night!

9) Tutti Bambini Hexa Playpen

Tutti Bambini Hexa Playpen

Looking for a gift that has the ‘wow’ factor? Then new parents and babies alike will be bowled over by this fabulous playpen.

Whether parents fill it with balls or use it as a safe spot for independent play, they can relax knowing their little one is safe and secure. As babies are securely zipped in, parents can even enjoy a little time to themselves – the greatest gift of all this Christmas!

And whether babies are in the nursery or out in the garden, parents can simply grab this lightweight playpen and use it wherever they like – no matter what the weather has in store!

10) Kids Concept Wooden Mobile

Kids Concept Wooden Mobile

A perfect stocking filler or little gift for parents to be, this lovely nursery mobile is a crowd pleaser. Wonderfully abstract and eye-catching, this mobile adds a real statement to any nursery.

And not only that, but the moving shapes will give newborns something to focus on while they drift off to sleep. Which means bedtime both looks and feels good for babies and parents alike!

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