7 Reasons to Love Mathy By Bols

When it comes to kids’ rooms, the Mathy by Bols range holds the monopoly for creating adventurous and unique beds. Straight from Belgium, and created with your children’s happiness and imagination at the forefront of the design process, these creative and durable beds are guaranteed to provide your little ones with a childhood of peaceful bedtimes, whilst also nourishing their imaginations.

7) Unique

Mathy By Bols Star Treehouse Single Bed

We all remember being in the playground, and being really jealous of that one kid with the racecar bed. Well, looking back, can you imagine if you said; “Oh yeah? Well I have a treehouse bed!” The Mathy by Bols range is incredibly creative; you won’t find another bed on the market that caters to the imagination quite like these ones do. Made in Belgium by a top designer with a real eye for childlike creativity, you won’t find any beds in any other range that have the Mathy by Bols “flair”.

6) Adventurous

Speaking of imagination, the adventurous nature of the Mathy by Bols range will help your kids develop their sense of magic in the wonderland of their bedrooms. There’s a bed shaped like a caravan for kids with an outdoorsy sense of adventure; a bunk bed with a desk underneath it for little bookworms, which, of course doubles as a bed; a frilly, pink bed for little princesses. Whichever way your child likes to play, there’s bound to be something in the Mathy by Bols range that they’ll want to explore.

Mathy By Bols Wagon Bunk Bed

5) Aesthetically pleasing

Mathy By Bols Carriage Kids Bed with Storage Drawer

Gone are the days of having to paint an entire room hot pink to accommodate Barbie bedsheets; Mathy by Bols beds come in a range of very attractive pastel colours which are particularly easy on the eye. Whether it’s the adventurous caravan bed, or the classic princess-pink Volute bed, nothing from the Mathy by Bols range will prove too offensive to the senses; your child’s bedroom will be the envy, not just of other kids, but their parents too!

4) Full of surprises!

Some beds haves desks; some beds have bookshelves. Some beds have pull-out secondary beds perfect for sleepovers! Can you find all the secrets in a Matty by Bols bed? That’s where the fun is – for kids and adults alike! Whether it’s scaling a stacked bookshelf to climb a bunk bed, or slipping down a super fun slide, these beds are just as good for playtime as they are bedtime!

Mathy By Bols Treehouse Bunk Bed with Slide

3) Because the magazines say so!

Mathy By Bols Caravan Bed
Mathy By Bols Caravan Bed

Hey, don’t just take our word for it! This article from Good Housekeeping places our Caravan Bed in their list of Imaginative Pieces of Furniture for a Child’s Bedroom!

2) They’re the very best

Let’s face it; created in Belgium with your children in mind, you won’t find much better beds on the market than the Mathy by Bols range – they look great, they’re fun, and they’re super-practical, many having secondary pull-out beds just for sleepovers or desks and bookshelves! Not to mention, once all that’s taken into account along with the durability and lasting appeal of these beds, they’re well worth the price, promising a whole childhood of sweet dreams.

Mathy By Bols Dominique High Sleeper Bed with Desk and Bookcase

1) Your kids will love it

Mathy By Bols Treehouse Bunk
Mathy By Bols Treehouse Bunk Bed

This has to be the most important point. Whether they’re playing hide-and-seek in their treehouse bed, scaling the mountain of the Step Shelf Bunk Bed, or repurposing the desk of the Mathy by Bols raised bed in Dominique design as a secret den, this range of beds and bunk beds appeals directly to what makes your kids tick – their imaginations. The Mathy by Bols range of beds will provide years of enjoyment in both playtime and bedtime, and will open your child’s mind up to a whole world of fantasy and make-believe! We could go on and on and write a whole book on how fantastic the Mathy by Bols range is, but for now we can only recommend that you take a look for yourself! Our extensive online catalogue of kids’ beds and room accessories is yours for the flicking-through; have a read about each individual product and see for yourself!

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