How to Design a Kids Themed Bedroom

I find designing a kid’s bedroom a little bit like having a trip to an old-fashioned sweet shop – you know the one, where all the sweets are lined up in jars and you get to pick which ones you want in your little paper bag. Rows of bright colours, soft gummies, chewy humbugs, strings of liquorice… where do you begin?! I generally like to have them all!

When it comes to designing a themed bedroom for your child, planning is key. While you may want to create a bedroom that is magical, fun, playful or completely wacky, long term thinking will help create a bedroom that will last for a good few years, helping your budget go a little further and prevent another bedroom overhaul before your paint brushes have had a chance to recover (and your aching arms!).

So, if you’re about to embark on an epic kid’s bedroom makeover, I’ve created this quick guide to designing a children’s themed room that I hope will inspire you. I’ll lead you through some essential steps that will hopefully help you to create a kids bedroom with both flexibility and the WOW factor that your kids will love. If you’re expecting you may want to take a look at my guide, how to create the perfect nursery.

Whether you are kitting out a room from scratch or undertaking a quick weekend bedroom revamp, take 5 and dive into (no… not a jar full of sweets!) this step by step guide to designing a themed bedroom;

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The Best Kids Bedroom Paint

Choosing the right paint for your kid’s bedroom is essential and one of the first things to consider. Your choice will be influenced by the desired finish and the age of your child (some paints are much more resistant to marks and can be washed if needed). Try and use paints that do not give off fumes (low VOC).

  • Matt Emulsion – creates a flat finish, wipe-clean versions are better than traditional matt paints as they can be cleaned without removing the paint.
  • Silk Emulsion – creates a soft sheen finish.

Some paints offer a finish that is more resistant to marks and scuffs and can be scrubbed clean, a great option for younger kids’ bedrooms. Chalkboard paint can also be a fun addition to a kids bedroom, either over an entire wall or a smaller area.

Then of course, the question of what colour is best for a child’s bedroom? This will be hugely dependent on their taste, age and how daring you’re prepared to go!

Painted walls have the advantage of being pretty quick and easy to update in future. When deciding on colour bear in mind that the darker the shade, the more coats will be needed if you opt for a future colour swap.

  • Colourful Shades – creates a vibrant feel that kids will love, but we also know that favourite colours can change like the wind and you may find you’re being asked to change it sooner than you hoped!
  • Neutral Shades – have the advantage of longevity but remember that pale fades – while they offer a neutral backdrop for bright and bold accessories – are more easily marked, so spot cleaning, touch-ups and possible full-on re-decorating may be required!

If you’re feeling uber creative take a look at these brilliant Dulux themed bedroom ideas.

Explorer Treehouse Bunk Bed

Kid’s Beds for a Themed Bedroom

If you’re in for the whole shebang – bed and all, then of course choosing a snazzy new bed for your child will be top priority! And my guess is, as you’re opting for a themed bedroom you’ll be looking for a unique kids bed that creates more buzz than Mr Lightyear himself! Thankfully I have done the hard work for you of seeking out the most amazing beds for kids!

The collection of Novelty & Themed Beds available at are guaranteed to create a focal point in your kid’s bedroom and gain you some serious high fives from your kiddo!

If you’re looking for a themed single bed consider the Kids Teepee Bed or the Charlotte Kids Treehouse Bed.

For a super cool themed bunk bed take a look at the affordable Treehouse Bunk Bed, the surfer dude Campervan Bed or the iconic London Bus Bed.

There’s beds with slides, ropes, ladders and beds, like this Carriage Bed that are fit for a queen (or king!).

These children’s beds are simply out of this world and are perfect for a themed bedroom.

Mathy by Bols Carriage Bed with Storage Drawers

Kids Furniture for a Themed Bedroom

Choosing bedroom furniture that will compliment the theme of your kid’s bedroom will depend upon their age, their needs and the size of their bedroom. Buying bedroom furniture is a financial investment, so ideally you want to choose furniture that your child will get many years of use from.

Adaptable furniture is a great option, giving you the flexibility to add and remove elements as your child grows. I’m a particular fan of the Vox Stige collection, modular and modern with a choice of coloured finishes, this range would be an ideal addition to any themed bedroom.

Keeping your child’s bedroom furniture neutral is also beneficial, as when the time comes to swap out the Disney Frozen or Jungle Safari theme, you won’t need to replace the furniture as well.

Select pieces that are timeless and can be easily accessorised to create the desired theme. Oliver Furniture have a super range of wardrobes, drawers & shelving units that will see your child right through from tot to teen – and will probably witness many room decor changes along the way!

Oliver Furniture Wood Multi Storage Cupboard in White & Oak

Kids Bedroom Accessories

So, you’ve chosen the colour, found the perfect bed, carefully selected co-ordinating bedroom furniture, next up are the bedroom accessories – or what I consider the sweets in the jar! When you’re creating a themed bedroom, the accessories are what transform the four walls of a room into a roaring racetrack, a balmy beach or a fantasy fairytale.

By using bedroom accessories to create a theme, you can easily adapt the room as your child’s tastes and needs change.

Here are a few ideas of how to accessorise a themed bedroom;

  1. Wallpaper – Wallpaper quickly adds personality to a room, you don’t have to paper every wall, consider just one or two. From full murals to subtle patterns, you can get creative with your theme simply through the wall design!
  2. Lighting – Lighting is another quick and easy way to enhance a bedroom theme. Delicate fairy lights would suit a Fairy Themed Bedroom or pop in bright and colourful Cotton Ball Lights for a beach or ocean theme!
  3. Rugs – Rugs are a perfect addition for a themed bedroom. This Road Map Playmat will provide hours of fun for your car crazy kiddie and look fab in a Car Themed Bedroom. Pop over to com for the best kids rugs.
  4. Wall Decor – Wall decor has seen an explosion in popularity, from prints to neon signs, in fact anything that can be hung by a nail (or a command strip!). Wall art will add a finishing touch to a themed bedroom, or take it one step further and bring a wall to life with a characterful animal like Joe the Monkey from Wild & Soft.
  5. Bedding – Bedding is another easy way to introduce a particular theme to your child’s bedroom and Snurk have come up trumps in the kids themed bedding department. There’s everything from Firemen to Fairies to keep your little nipper snug as a bug in a snurk all night long.
Snurk Single Unicorn Duvet Bedding Set

There we have it, my step by step guide to creating a themed kid’s bedroom. Now, that’s enough reading, you’ve got work to do!

If you’d like to share any of your creative kids bedroom snaps with me, I’d love to see how adventurous you’ve been! Pop me an email at


With more than 10 years’ experience in providing advice and support to parents looking for their perfect kids bed, mother of 2, Nathalie Davis is passionate about helping children develop. In her role as Director of Product Procurement at Cuckooland, Nathalie has helped thousands of parents improve their children’s sleep and sleeping habits through the beds and mattresses she sources and the articles she writes. In her spare time she teaches her Golden Retriever to be a responsible vegetarian and is often spotted sifting through clothes at her local Charity Shops.

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