A Guide to the Best Kid’s Beds

If you’re looking for the best kids bed that your hard earned pennies can buy, you’ve just stumbled across a treasure chest of luxury beds for kids (by reading my little Blog – thank you and yay!). Scroll through the pages of Cuckooland’s best of beds and you’ll find the most incredible children’s beds that are guaranteed to put the biggest ear to ear grin on your kiddo’s face and make bedtime a seriously fun affair!

I have made it my mantra to keep boring out of bedtime, therefore every bed you feast your eyes upon here has something extra special; perfect if you’re looking for a statement bed or a bed for a children’s themed bedroom. To make your search for the ultimate kids bed a little easier I have cherry picked a few of the very best kid’s beds that Cuckooland has to offer and placed them in one easy to shop category. These children’s beds are the Crème de la Crème, featuring a selection of kids single beds, kids double beds, bunk beds, cabin beds and loft beds that all have an extra sprinkling of coolness.

Whether you’re on the hunt for your child’s first big bed or are replacing their existing bed as part of a bedroom revamp, choosing the best kids bed is no mean feat! Children’s beds are so much more than just a place for them to sleep at night; they serve as a place to play, a place to hide, a place to display the things they treasure, a place to study, a place to share with a sibling, a place to unwind and come nighttime, a place that will carry them off to the land of dreams. Read on to discover more about Cuckooland’s ultimate best kid’s beds;

Best single kids beds

Single beds are ideal for children of all ages and will see your child through each childhood stage, into their teenage years. They are compact enough to fit into smaller bedrooms yet won’t look out of place in larger rooms. Single beds can double up as a day bed, offering up a place to relax during the day and if you have siblings sharing a room, a pair of single beds are perfect for creating their own individual spaces.

The single beds that have earned a place in Cuckooland’s best beds offer up unique features that set them apart from a regular single bed. For example, the Denver 2 in 1 Desk & Day Bed is a single bed that converts into a full size desk, a space saving design that eliminates the need for multiple pieces of furniture, clever hey!

Or take a look at the Lifetime Space Dream Kids Bed, made from sustainable pine wood, this child’s single bed can be finished in a choice of 3 gorgeous colours and can even have a personalised name plate attached. An ideal starter bed with its high side panel, this single bed can then convert into a day bed when your little one is not so little anymore!

Lifetime Space Dream Kids Bed

Best double kids beds

Double beds offer up more sleeping room, however they do take up more floor space, making them better suited to larger bedrooms. Small doubles are a happy medium between a single and a double bed and can be a great option for older children, fidgety sleepers or kids who have an entire army of soft toys who they insist share their bed. Ultimately the size of bed you and your child decide upon will be dependent on space and personal preference.

For a statement double bed, the Lifetime Kids Beach House Double Bed has been hailed a showstopper! Available in either a small double or double size, you can add useful under bed storage drawers or a trundle bed, perfect for sleepovers! Pop up some fairy lights to create a magical bedtime destination.

Talking of magical beds, Circu are a brand who sure know a thing or two about creating the most luxurious, out-of-this-world kid’s beds. There’ll certainly be enough room for your little Ariel and a shoal of teddies in their Little Mermaid Shell Bed in Rainbow Finish (although you may need to collect a few more pearls to be able to afford this bed!).

Little Mermaid Shell Bed in Rainbow Finish

Best bunk beds

Bunk beds are a super space-saving solution for smaller bedrooms, often the preferred choice for siblings sharing a room or kids who frequently have friends over for the night. Not limited to room sharers, some kids opt for bunk beds to create a double storey sleep and chill zone, with one area reserved for a reading nook or play den, keeping the other area for sleeping. The versatility of bunk beds make them a popular bed for kids of all ages, however don’t just settle for a typical one up one down, if you’re going vertical, shoot for the stars!

First up is the Explorer Treehouse Bunk Bed (boasting 5 star customer reviews!), which at under £500 is fantastic value for a treehouse bunk. Finished in white, it will suit most kids bedroom themes and can be styled to compliment the room.

For a truly versatile bunk bed, the Lifetime Modern Family Bunk Bed is configured with a double bottom bed and a single top. Whether it’s used for putting up guests, creating the ultimate movie night den or for siblings sharing a bedroom, this bunk presents many options. Typical of all Lifetime beds, it’s made from sustainable pine and comes with an assortment of optional extras.

Explorer Treehouse Bunk Bed

Best cabin beds

Cabin beds are a storage savvy bed, combing elements such as drawers, cupboards, wardrobes and pull out desks into one smart piece of bedroom furniture. They make a brilliant choice for smaller bedrooms thanks to their space saving design and are often more cost efficient than buying individual items of furniture.

Most designs offer a fixed combination, however the cabin beds highlighted here give you the flexibility to choose individual elements, so you can create a bespoke configuration depending on your child’s needs.

The Vox Nest Kids Cabin Bed in Larch Effect & Graphite leaves the under-bed design up to you – choose from a selection of storage options or create a cosy den using the optional curtain and floor mattress. Shop the matching bedroom furniture for a co-ordinated look.

Or opt for a blank canvas that your little angel can personalise, with the Lifetime Kids Cabin Bed. This mid sleeper bed comes with the option to add a turning desk that provides the perfect spot for cracking on with homework. There are many optional extras available, including co-ordinating bedroom furniture, that make this a really adaptable cabin bed.

Vox Kids Cabin Bed
Vox Nest Kids Cabin Bed in Larch Effect & Graphite

Best loft beds

Loft beds are a great bed for older children, due to their height they are unsuitable for children under 6 years old. These high sleeper beds create a void of under bed space that can be kitted out in an assortment of ways from a cosy den to a study area.

The Oliver Furniture Wood Children’s High Loft Bed has an appealing curved design with a distinct Scandi style. In a choice of plain white or white and oak, it will seamlessly blend with a variety of kid’s bedroom decor. Built into the lower frame are two benches, with storage shelves beneath. So what is it that defines this high sleeper bed as extraordinary? The fact that you can adapt and change it into different types of beds sets this loft bed apart from others. With the addition of a selection of conversion kits you can transform this high sleeper into a bunk bed or day bed.

Perched high above ground level, the Lifetime Hideout Mid Sleeper with Steps is so much more than a bed! Beneath the super cool house bed frame is space to create a snug den, while the deep steps that lead up to bed double as storage boxes. Attention to detail is something that Lifetime excel at and is the reason why so many of their beds make it into Cuckooland’s best beds category.

Oliver Furniture Wood Children's High Loft Bed in White & Oak

Best novelty beds

Novelty beds must be an absolute dream to design! The sky’s the limit (literally speaking) with the Sky B Plane Junior Bed by Circu… Stuart Little would be first in line to fly this beauty! Granted, it’s more of a work of art than a kids bed, but if you had enough magic beans in the bank, this would be one amazing novelty bed for your little aviator!

The Adventure Treehouse Bunk Bed with Slide is the one we all dreamed of as kids! Make your little one’s fantasies a reality with this brilliant novelty bed. Featuring a wooden canopy with peek-a-boo windows, a platform and a slide – kids can slide into each new day… is there anything better?!

I hope I’ve whetted your appetite with just a few of the fabulous kid’s beds you’ll discover at Cuckooland. Far from ordinary, these incredible children’s beds raise the bar in every aspect, earning them a place in the best of beds category.

Adventure Treehouse Bunk Bed with Slide

If you’d like to explore our full collection of cool kid’s beds you won’t be disappointed by the choice of kid’s teepee beds, beds with slides or if you’re kitting out an entire bedroom our kid’s furniture offers up plenty of unique collections.

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