How to Create a Cosy Kids Bedroom

Now we’re well and truly in the thick of winter, we often find ourselves searching for ways to get cosy and cuddle up inside. Throw in the fact we’re spending more time indoors than ever before, and it’s no surprise we have the time on our hands to give our kids’ bedrooms a makeover.

Whether your little ones have had a long day at school or spent the afternoon splashing in puddles, it’s important they can return to a comfortable room to chill out and decompress. Just like us, kiddies need a space of their own to unwind and relax (minus the glass of wine, of course!).

Combining cosiness with creativity, our plentiful furniture options are ideal for mastering that cosy-but-fun feel in your youngster’s room. If you’re ready to create a cosy kids bedroom, it’s time to roll up your sleeves – as I’ve got plenty of tips to get you started…

Choose a cosy bed

First things first, you’ll need to select the right bed. Proving that beds are more than just a vehicle to get some shut-eye, our range of beds also offer up a snug spot to relax and play. As they’re the main focal point, the bed you choose will really define the overall hygge (or cosiness, to you and me) in your little one’s room. 

From cabin to hideout beds, here are some of my favourite cosy beds:

Cabin beds

Cabin beds are storage-friendly, creative, and perfect for helping you create a cosy kids room. There’s no end to possibilities with cabin beds, as they can come in a whole manner of different imaginative designs. 

The Explorer Treehouse Cabin Bed (pictured below) certainly has the ‘wow’ factor. Styled with a cut-out window and roof panel, this bed will provide limitless play opportunities for imaginative minds. The roof design gives this bed a quirky den-like feel, where your kids will be more than happy to play or curl up. For extra cosy points, you can wrap some fairy-lights or pom poms around the roof! 

Looking for a cosy cabin bed for siblings? Not a problem – the Explorer Treehouse Bunk Bed is perfect for little ones who share a room, and has all the cosiness of the single option.

Explorer Treehouse Cabin Bed
Explorer Treehouse Bunk Bed

Treehouse beds

Every child dreams of their own treehouse to play in – and with a treehouse bed, you can make their dreams a reality! A treehouse bed can double up as a super cute den to play make believe, host teddy bear picnics, or however else your little one fancies spending their time.

Combining cosiness with play, the Mathy by Bols Treehouse Bunk Bed (pictured below) even features a fun slide to whizz down each morning!

Mathy By Bols Treehouse Bed with slide and platform Samantha Faiers Son baby Paul's Bed
Mathy by Bols Treehouse Bunk Bed with Slide & Platform

Teepee bed

Teepee beds are the ultimate cosy choice. Perfect for little adventurers, a teepee bed is exactly what it says on the tin – a gorgeous bed, with fun teepee features. The enclosed feel creates the perfect hideaway area for little ones to play after a long day of learning.

Take a look at the gorgeous Kids Teepee Cabin Bed by Woood (pictured below). With lookout holes and a cosy tent-like design, your little ones will want to hang out in this bed all day long.

Teepee Tent Bed
Kids Teepee Cabin Bed by Woood

… and team it with cosy bedding

Chosen the perfect cosy bed for your little one’s room? Now that’s out of the way, you’ll need to team it with comfortable and cute bedding. However fun the bed is, the bedding is what really creates a dreamy spot for your kids to snuggle up in and relax.

Find a comfortable duvet

Choose the wrong duvet, and any efforts to create a cosy bedroom will be totally wasted. It’s really important to opt for a model that has fasteners to reduce any slipping and sliding, as this could seriously get in the way of a good night’s sleep – for both you and the kids! Aside from that, you’ll of course need to go for a super soft duvet for maximum cosiness.

With that in mind, the dreamy Cloud Bamboo Duvet from Panda London ticks every box. At a cosy 10.5 tog with super light and breathable materials, this duvet is also naturally hypoallergenic. It’ll provide warmth and comfort all year long, without ever being stuffy.

Panda London The Cloud Bamboo Duvet

Match it with a cute bedding set

Once you’ve sorted the duvet, you can now find a fun bedding set to complete the setup. Go for a set with 100% cotton to create a bed so soft your kids won’t want to leave (though this could be problematic when the alarm rings on a Monday morning…)

The gurus at Snurk really know what they’re doing when it comes to cosy bedding. They only use the highest quality cotton for a super-soft night’s sleep – and they have plenty of quirky designs to keep your kids happy, whether they’re a budding ballerina or an aspiring astronaut.

The Arctic Friends Duvet Bedding Set by Snurk (pictured below) is an adorable option to finish off the ultimate cosy bed. It’s fun, it’s cute, and it’s extra comfy – what more could you want?

Snurk Childrens Arctic Friends Duvet Bedding Set

Throw in some comfortable seating

When it comes to creating a cosy kids bedroom, some soft seating will go a long way. The more comfortable spaces your little one has to stretch out and relax, the cosier they’ll feel in their room.

For ultimate cosiness, I’m a big believer in bean bags. They’re the perfect way to create a cosy corner for story time, and your kids will be more than happy to sink into something so cute and cuddly.

This Kids Faux Fur Polar Bear Bean Bag (pictured below) is an absolute winner. Fluffy, soft, and oh-so squishy, this bean bag is ideal for any animal-loving child. Pop one into your little one’s room and they can enjoy furry polar bear cuddles every day!

Kids Faux Fur Polar Bear Bean Bag

Add some friendly faces

What better way to create a cosy kids bedroom than welcoming some cuddly friends? Combining playfulness with wall decor, faux animal heads are wonderfully cute and quirky. You can pop soft animal heads on a bedroom wall to add a homely feel, without taking up any important floor space at all.

These Safari Box Kids Mini Animal Wall Heads will be loyal companions for any little safari-lover, and will create a perfectly cosy bedroom. Huggably soft and cute, your kiddos will want to cuddle up with these fluffy friends every day!

Safari Box Kids Mini Animal Wall Heads

Use ambient lighting

Ah, the “big light” – while it’s great for helping you find that missing jigsaw piece, it can completely drain any cosy ambience. To make your kids bedroom feel extra cosy and cute, you’ll need to dot some atmospheric and soft lighting solutions around.

The Zuiver Pixie Table Lamp (pictured below) provides a beautifully soft glow in any room. Ideal for accompanying story time, this lighting will be the perfect addition to any little one’s room. Team it with a cuddly bean bag, and you’ll have a cute reading nook all ready to go!

Zuiver Pixie Table Lamp in White

Fairy lights are also a fab way to sprinkle some cosiness around a bedroom. Drape some fairy lights around a kids bedroom and you’ll effortlessly create a magically cosy den!

Create a secret den

Kids love a hidden hideaway. For secret stories and private playtime, a teepee offers little ones the perfect spot to curl up and get cosy. A teepee really allows their imagination to run riot, too – from camping in the desert to hiding in the jungle, there’s no end to playtime possibilities!

This teepee by Kids Concept (pictured below) is ideal for creating the cosiest of corners. It has ample room to pop a few cushions and a comfy blanket inside – so you can create a spot so incredibly cosy you’ll wish you had one too…

Kids Concept Teepee Play Tent

Ready to create the ultimate cosy kids bedroom? If you’re looking for a little more inspo before you get started, head over to our entire Kids Room Decor range. Or if you’d rather a personalised touch, feel free to get in touch by calling +44 (0) 1305 231231, or you send us an email.


With more than 10 years’ experience in providing advice and support to parents looking for their perfect kids bed, mother of 2, Nathalie Davis is passionate about helping children develop. In her role as Director of Product Procurement at Cuckooland, Nathalie has helped thousands of parents improve their children’s sleep and sleeping habits through the beds and mattresses she sources and the articles she writes. In her spare time she teaches her Golden Retriever to be a responsible vegetarian and is often spotted sifting through clothes at her local Charity Shops.

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