How to declutter the kids room for Christmas

The mince pies are on the shelves and the cheesy festive ads have arrived. Which can only mean one thing… Christmas is coming!

And that means it’s time to declutter your child’s room before the festive period well and truly lands. Because with guests to host and stockings to make room for, you’ll need all the extra space you can get.

Plus, after Santa delivers the goods, your kids might need to make space for new toys or gaming equipment. Which can be tricky if their bedroom is already chock-a-block…

Thankfully, with clever storage solutions and furniture, it’s easy to free up space before Christmas. Here’s how:

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Sort their toy collection

Kiddy Wooden Kids Toy Box in Old Pink

If your little one’s toy collection is getting out of control, it’s time to sort it out. Because with Christmas around the corner, it’s only going to get bigger…

First, check if your child has grown out of any of their toys. If you spot toys which haven’t seen the light of day recently, donate them to a local charity store or gift them to family or friends.

Then, keep their remaining collection tidy with toy storage. With toy storage, your kids can stash away their teddies, books, and gadgets in one handy go-to place. Which saves them from spreading over the entire floor…

The Vox Tuli storage (below) has handy compartments, so you can separate their books from their toys – making it easier to grab the right toys at the right time. And since it’s a child-sized height, it’s easy for your little one to reach and help tidy up after playtime!

Vox Tuli Bookcase & Toy Storage

Use wall space wisely

Vox 4 You Long Wall Shelf

To really free up some space, get the walls involved. It can be hard to find space to stow away a never-ending collection of toys, school supplies, and books – especially after Santa delivers! So, allow the walls to do some heavy lifting and free up more room.

With wall shelving, you can stash toys or books up high off the floor. That means, if you haven’t enough space for a bulky bookcase or storage, you won’t need to play furniture tetris to squeeze them in.

Take a look at the stylish wall shelf by Kids Concept below. With roomy shelves, there’s ample space to keep bits and pieces off the floor. It’s the perfect solution for smaller bedrooms!

Kids Concept Saga Wall Shelf

Store essentials in a bedside table

Kiddy Bedside Table in Mint Green

A bedside table is a great way to keep bedtime essentials close by and clear away clutter. Whether it’s a bedtime storybook or nighttime teddy bears, you can keep them all safely tucked away during the day. And with a handy surface to pop a lamp, kids also have space to leave out some milk and cookies for Santa!

If you’re trying to clear away clutter, bedside tables come in a whole range of different shapes and sizes. With the compact yet roomy Bronxx metal bedside table (below), you can tidy away essentials without taking over the bedroom.

Bronxx Metal Bedside Table

Hang up coats and jackets

Kids Concept Wooden Saga Coat Hooks

Now your kids are well into their winter wardrobe, you might be struggling to find the space for it all. While your kids wrap up with bulky coats and raincoats, they’ll need somewhere to stow them all away when they come indoors.

And if their clothing storage isn’t spacious enough to host their winter wardrobe, there’s no need to have a frantic clear-out (unless you need to!). Instead, you can pop some coat hooks on the bedroom walls and hang up their coats in style. This frees up their clothing storage, and means you won’t need to trip over any more rogue jackets!

Hideaway laundry with a basket

Bloomingville Seagrass Rocket Basket with Lid

Tired of wading through a sea of clothes on your child’s bedroom floor? No idea where to stash their worn clothes before you pop the laundry on?

A storage basket is an ideal solution for hiding away worn clothes. When your little one’s clothes are ready for the wash, they can simply chuck them in the basket. So any used clothes will stay safely out of sight, instead of clogging up the floor.

And that means you won’t need to rake through their clothes to see which need washing – it’s a win-win for everybody! Especially for Santa, as he won’t trip over any clothes and wake up the kids…

Tidy clutter with an efficient bookcase

Oeuf Bookcase in White & Walnut

An efficient bookcase is a great way to declutter your child’s bedroom. With a bookcase with shelves and drawers, you get more than just a space to store your child’s book collection – you can also stash away any toys and display nice decorative bits or photos.

So if your child’s book or toy collection grows this Christmas, you’ll be more than prepared with a roomy bookcase with drawers.

The Bloomingville bookcase with animal drawers (below) ticks every box. With open shelves, you have plenty of room to display any bits and pieces, like plants. And with roomy drawers, it’s super easy to stow away any messy toys or gadgets.

Bloomingville Bookcase with Animal Drawers

Be flexible with modular storage

With modular furniture, you can build storage around the shape and size of your child’s bedroom. And whether you need lots of storage or just a little extra space for a few essentials, you can create a bespoke solution around your needs.

The Vox modular drawers (below) allow you to add as many extra drawers as you like. Depending on the space you have available, you can stack the drawers on top of one another for a tall storage space or place them side-by-side. Pop a cushion or two on top and it’ll even double up as a bench!

So no matter how long your child’s wish list is this Christmas, you can create enough space to accommodate it all!

Vox Stige Modular Low Chest of Drawers in Grey

Declutter clothes with a roomy wardrobe

Vox Simple Customisable Corner Wardrobe

If your child’s clothes are spilling out of their drawers and onto the floor, it could be time to rethink their wardrobe. With a well-designed and efficient wardrobe, you can reorganise their clothing to get the most out of their space.

Take the 3-door wardrobe by Woood (below). With roomy rail space to hang up outfits, there’s also plenty of shelves to fold away clothes and any other essentials. Plus, you have three pull-out drawers underneath, which are perfect for hiding away shoes. So there’s not an inch of space wasted in this efficient wardrobe!

Connect Contemporary 3 Door Wardrobe with Storage by Woood

Save floor space with a compact chest of drawers

Vox Vintage Tall Chest of Drawers in a Choice of Oak or 5 Pastel Colours

If you need enough space to stow away all your child’s clothes without taking over their room, think vertical. With a tall and narrow chest of drawers, you can stash away all of your child’s clothes – without taking over that precious floor space. So you leave plenty more space for the toys on your little one’s wish list!

Vox Simple Customisable Narrow Chest of Drawers

Sort your pre-Christmas clearout with Cuckooland

From bookcases to kids storage, we’ve got heaps of clutter-busting furniture to help you clear out before Santa comes. Simply head over to our entire range of kids’ furniture and find an oh-so efficient solution for your needs.

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