Mid Sleepers VS High Sleepers - What’s the difference?

If you’re looking for a kid’s bed that minimises floor space, maximises storage, creates a comfortable sleeping zone and looks pretty cool then a raised bed could be the answer. Spanning vertically, this style of bed offers a complete bedroom solution; storage, study, sleepover set up or even a stage show backdrop!

Let me introduce you to two raised bed options; the mid sleeper and the high sleeper. Both are a popular choice and fantastic beds for offering up functionality and space saving solutions, the question is, what style of raised bed is best for your child?

Read on to discover the main differences between a mid sleeper bed and a high sleeper bed, their features and benefits and other useful tips. Raised beds are some of the most fun and functional beds available in the magical world of kid’s beds, and with so many designs available, hopefully the information below will help you to choose the perfect bed for your child.

Oliver Furniture Seaside Children's Luxury Low Loft Bed in White

What is a Mid Sleeper Bed?

  • A mid sleeper bed is a raised bed, designed to be accessed by a ladder or steps.
  • Mid sleeper beds have space under the bed that can be used for storage or dens.
  • Some mid sleeper beds feature a range of built in storage solutions beneath the bed, for example drawers, shelving or a desk (traditionally these are referred to as cabin beds).
  • The average frame height of a mid sleeper bed stands between 115cm – 130cm, the exact height will vary between designs.
Barnie Mid Sleeper Barn Bed

What is a High Sleeper Bed?

  • A high sleeper bed, also referred to as a loft bed, is a raised bed and, like a mid sleeper, is also designed to be accessed by a ladder or steps.
  • High sleeper beds often feature under bed storage solutions such as a wardrobe, drawers or a sofa bed.
  • The average frame height of a high sleeper bed stands between 175cm – 190cm, the exact height will vary between designs.

As you can see there are similarities between a mid and high and sleeper however the main defining difference is their height. Mid sleepers, although classed as a raised bed, are lower to the ground than a high sleeper bed.

Oeuf Perch Loft Bed in White & Birch

What are the main features of a Mid Sleeper Bed?

Mid sleeper beds offer up a whole host of features, mainly the void space beneath the bed that creates plenty of scope for a variety of uses, making it a super space saving kids bed.

From themed mid sleepers complete with tents in the style of castles, pirate ships or pretty woodlands, that will bring your kiddies imagination to life, to a mini adventure playground where ladders are replaced with slides for a super fun (and speedy) exit from bed in the morning! Mid sleepers are so much more than just a place to sleep.

Features & Benefits of a Mid Sleeper;

  • Some mid sleeper beds come complete with storage that is neatly built in under the sleeping area (this design is often called a cabin bed), as seen with the Charlie Mid Sleeper Kids Bed. There’s no extra bits to buy and no concerns about elements not fitting properly, it’s designed to fit together perfectly.
  • Mid sleepers are also available with no built in storage below the bed, as seen with the Marlowe Mid Sleeper Bed. This type of design allows for your child to create their own set up, be it a den, a car park or a hospital ward for teddies… the possibilities are endless! With the bookcase at the end of the bed, pair with bean bags and they’ve got a cosy reading nook!
  • Mid sleeper beds are perfect for smaller bedrooms, as their lower height is not too overbearing and the area below allows space for storage elements thus reducing the floor space taken up in the room.
  • Aside from offering essential storage, some mid sleeper bed designs include a pull out desk that can be pushed back under the bed when not in use, as seen with the Louis Mid Sleeper Bed.
  • Why climb when you can slide?! Some mid sleeper designs include a slide creating a fun and playful bed for your child, the Pino Kids Mid Sleeper with Slide and Curtain brings the playground to their bedroom with its cool design.
Pino Kids Mid Sleeper with Slide & Curtain

What are the main features of a High Sleeper Bed?

If you’re looking for a kid’s bed that raises the bar even higher, then a high sleeper could be your best option.

Thanks to their tall stature, the area under the bed becomes a highly usable and versatile space. Perfect for creating an uncluttered bedroom, high sleepers, also referred to as loft beds, are often combined with elements such as sofas, desks and, thanks to their extra height, wardrobes.

Features & Benefits of a High Sleeper;

  • Some high sleeper beds come complete with storage elements built in under the bed as seen with the Parisot Higher Kids High Sleeper Bed. Not only is this a cost effective way to furnish your kids room, it’s also space saving!
  • High sleepers are also available with no built in storage below the bed, as seen with the Pino Double High Sleeper Bed. This type of design allows for your child to create their own set up, either with free standing furniture or a chill out space with bean bag and fairy lights.
  • High sleeper beds are suited for smaller bedrooms, but may feel a little imposing due to their height. Larger bedrooms can better accommodate the extra height without feeling like the bed is dominating the bedroom.
  • Several design of high sleepers will just incorporate one extra element such as a desk, as seen with the Urban Grey Console Gaming High Sleeper 4 Bed.
  • For real statement bed, some high sleeper beds offer unique designs such as the Benlemi Toppy Loft Bed.

Mid sleeper beds and high sleeper beds share many features, primarily that they are both super space saving beds.

Mid sleepers offer plenty of variety in style and design and with the addition of play curtains would make an ideal bed for a younger child’s themed bedroom.

Due to their taller design, high sleepers may be more suited to older children, however they are equally appealing to young children and will see them through many years.

Harry High Rise Bed with Wardrobe

What is the appropriate age for a Mid Sleeper & High Sleeper Bed?

The manufacturers recommended age for both mid sleeper and high sleeper beds is 6 years old. This is due to safety regulations and the design of both being accessed by either a ladder or steps. It is always worth checking the individual product detail pages for specific safely guidelines.

Some little ones might be ready for a mid sleeper bed at an earlier age! If this is the case, choose a mid sleeper with guard rails and extra features for that added peace of mind. For example, the design of the Maxxi Cabin Bed with Slide offers a low frame with high sides for safety, as well as a playful slide and climbing ramp – a great bed for younger children.

High sleeper and loft beds may be more appealing to older children and teens; giving them space under the bed to study and snooze! With options to add a sofa bed for when their mates come to stay, or a sizeable wardrobe for their trendy gear!

Maxxi Cabin Bed with Slide

Are Mid Sleeper & High Sleeper Beds safe?

Of course, above anything else your child’s safely is most important and when properly constructed both mid sleeper and high sleeper beds are structurally safe.

Manufacturers offer clear guidelines for proper use, and to ensure that your child remains free from accident or harm.

Due to their extra height, high sleepers do propose greater risk of accident if they are not used properly, so it’s important to run through the guidelines with your child (keep the bouncing for the trampoline!).

Take a moment to read a few safely tips for mid and high sleeper beds;

  • Raised beds are recommended for children 6 years and over (please refer to individual product pages for specific guidelines).
  • To avoid accidents, children should not jump on the bed.
  • Ensure the ladder is secure and cannot slip when being climbed.
  • Do not place high sleeper beds directly under a light fixing.
  • Ensure that the safety rails are securely attached.
  • Periodically check all fixtures and fittings remain secure and are free from damage.
  • If your child is still getting up during the night, place a night light in their room for using the ladder at night.
  • Only use the recommended mattress size for the specific bed, some mid and high sleeper beds have a maximum mattress depth for safety reasons. This will be detailed on the product detail page.
  • For high sleeper beds, ensure that there is enough head room for your child to sit up in bed and climb up and down the ladder safely.

Both mid sleeper beds and high sleeper beds are a brilliant choice of bed for any kid’s bedroom. Taking sleeping to another level, these raised beds are astutely designed to expand upwards rather than outwards! Saving floor space and creating a fun destination for your child to sleep, study and play.

Whatever bed you decide upon, be it a mid sleeper or high sleeper, you can be sure that when you buy a bed from Cuckooland you and child won’t be disappointed, after all it’s had to pass the rigorous WOW test from me…


With more than 10 years’ experience in providing advice and support to parents looking for their perfect kids bed, mother of 2, Nathalie Davis is passionate about helping children develop. In her role as Director of Product Procurement at Cuckooland, Nathalie has helped thousands of parents improve their children’s sleep and sleeping habits through the beds and mattresses she sources and the articles she writes. In her spare time she teaches her Golden Retriever to be a responsible vegetarian and is often spotted sifting through clothes at her local Charity Shops.

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