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I can’t put into words the complete and utter buzz of excitement you feel when you discover a brand who literally blows your socks off with their approach to design and manufacturing (yes the socks were clean & yes they were odd – our house doesn’t do pairs!). Having worked with this brand for several years I thought it was about time I shared my bubbling excitement with a wider audience than my cloth-eared Barkley (our Golden Retriever… who yes, I talk to, a lot!). Let me introduce you to Vox, a brand that I consider to be worlds apart from the plethora of other interior brands out there. Vox are one of Poland’s most innovative companies in the furniture sector and they are as relevant and innovative now as they were back in 1989 when they burst onto the furniture design scene.

Vox Maxim Cot Bed 2 Piece Nursery Set

This week I’m focusing on Vox Nursery Collections, but if you’re not on the hunt for baby furniture, don’t click away, Vox also have a broad range of design focused and eco-conscious Lifestyle Furniture too – these clever and innovative designs will last for generations and their seamless styling will compliment a variety of family spaces.

Safety and practicality come top of the list when you’re looking to kit out a nursery, Vox not only adopt these essentials into their design, they also place a high priority on creating collections that look absolutely stunning too.

Whether you’re looking to buy a nursery set for a harmonised look or simply searching for individual pieces, Vox offer up an assortment of fabulous designs and ranges. From clean lines and colour co-ordinated designs to Nursery Sets that are multi-functional and totally adaptable that will suit your baby into childhood and beyond. This is what Vox does brilliantly, they cater for the inevitable journey from Crib to Cot Bed and on to Junior Bed (they do big beds too… amazing big beds!).

Vox’s ethics are deeply rooted in designing furniture that actually meets the important needs of their audience and their living spaces – the fact that their design team consists of psychologists and sociologists shows that they mean business (I’m just glad they didn’t get their hands on me!).

So, now that I’ve whet your appetite with just how cool this brand is, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of their nursery collections, here are my top picks from Vox’s Nursery Furniture.

Vox Playwood Cot Bed 2 Piece Nursery Furniture Set

Vox Nursery Sets

Nursery Sets are usually made up of three-piece nursery furniture and are often more cost effective than buying the individual pieces. Nursery furniture sets normally combine a cot, wardrobe and chest of drawers/changing unit – different options are available so always check to see exactly what the set consists of.

  • Vox Evolve 3 Piece Nursery Set

A stylish nursery set, the Vox Evolve 3 Piece Nursery Set fuses practicality and a sleek curvaceous design with ease. Suitable from birth and beyond, the Vox Evolve Cot Bed features 3 height settings for raising and lowering the mattress base, 3 removable bed rails enabling more freedom and independence, then once old enough the cot can be converted into a toddler bed. With the added benefit of a full-length drawer, perfect for storing away spare bedding and blankets.

Giving consideration to the importance of storage, the matching wardrobe and drawers offer up plenty of clever space for all those baby essentials. With a changing top available separately, you can easily convert the dresser into a baby changing table.

Vox Evolve Cot Bed 3 Piece Nursery Furniture Set
  • Vox Lounge 3 Piece Nursery Set

If you’re looking for an affordable nursery set that doesn’t scrimp on style, the Vox Lounge Nursery Set nails it on both accounts. With its simplistic, Scandi appearance it will suit any modern nursery.

Available in white and grey, this 3 piece nursery set consists of an adjustable height cot, a double wardrobe and a chest of drawers.

  • Vox Altitude 3 Piece Nursery Set

For a nursery set that offers minimal fuss and maximum style, the Vox Altitude 3 Piece Nursery Set comes up trumps. With it’s flush finish, it will create an uncluttered feel to your nursery.

Available in a choice of either white or grey, teamed with a laminated oak top and feet, this modern nursery set consists of a height adjustable cot, drawers (with the option to add a changer top) and a wardrobe.

Vox Altitude Cot Bed 3 Piece Nursery Furniture Set
  • Vox Spot 3 Piece Nursery Set

The designers got it spot on with this collection (sorry I really couldn’t resist slipping that in!). Part of a broader collection, including living and dining furniture, the Vox Spot 3 Piece Nursery Set is a versatile nursery set that will see your little bundle through many years thanks to its multi-functional design. Again, style is not sacrificed over functionality, Vox Spot beautifully combines clever design with a modern Scandi look.

The cot bed adapts as your child grows, with 3 height settings that can be lowered as your baby becomes more adventurous. When time comes the cot bed converts into a junior bed easily by removing the sides.

The changing unit offers a comfortable space to change and dress your new baby, with a handy canopy where you hang organisers for storing those nappy changing essentials or to hang toys to keep your baby amused and distracted. Once the nappy days are over, this baby changer then converts into a small desk – perfect for little people to sit at and be creative.

The Spot 2 door wardrobe offers up plenty of storage and as it’s set on legs also leaves room under the wardrobe for storage.

  • Vox Vintage 3 Piece Nursery Set

If you’re a fan of pastel shades (who isn’t these days), the Vox Vintage 3 Piece Nursery Set will certainly appeal to you. With a choice of 6 different colours to choose from, including a white and laminate oak, its beautiful colour palette makes it ideal for both boys and girls and its retro style sets it apart from more traditional nursery sets.

Unlike the nursery sets mentioned above, this nursery package consists of a cot and two different sized chest of drawers, by adding an optional baby changer, the smaller chest can also be used as a changing unit.

Vox Vintage 3 Piece Cot Bed Nursery Set
  • Vox Playwood Nursery Sets

Available in both a 3 piece nursery set; cot bed, chest of drawers and wardrobe and a 2 piece nursery set; cot bed and chest of drawers, Vox Playwood is Scandi style through and through. In a choice of 3 colours, white, beech and grey, with two-tone finish on the beech and grey, it will suit any nursery setting and its curved feet make it aesthetically pleasing.

The Vox Playwood Cot Bed has 3 height settings for easy adjustment as your baby grows and with the addition of a conversion kit it can be changed into a toddler bed when the time comes.

The chest of drawers can also be used as a changing unit with the addition of the changer top – making those frequent nappy changes easier on your back.

The Playwood Wardrobe features 2 bottom shelves and a height adjustable rail – and silent close doors, so no accidental slams and bangs in the night that may wake a sleeping baby!

Vox Nursery Furniture

Alongside the fabulous nursery sets from Vox, you can also buy individual pieces of nursery furniture, in fact all of the ranges above are available to buy separately too if you’re not looking to buy a set.

Vox Simple

Simple by name and super simple by nature! Vox Simple offers you many different options to create a look that is unique to your interior style. The collection consists of a cot bed, complete with storage drawer, a wardrobe and a baby changer/chest of drawers. The main features of Vox Simple are:

  • Vox Simple Cot Bed

You can choose between 3 colours for the main body, you also get to choose from 3 colours for the head and foot end. The choice is yours, you can opt for them to be all the same, or mix and match the colours, and did I mention the feet? You get to choose from 5 different options.

This is a cot bed that adapts to your growing and developing child, create a co-sleeper cot by removing one side and pair with a Vox Adult Bed. The cot bed base can be positioned at 9 different height settings, so as your child grows, the base can be lowered. As they become more independent, three side bars can be removed allowing your little one to get in and out of bed freely and once they’re ready to move from cot to toddler bed, simply remove the side panels!

Vox Simple Cot Bed with Storage Drawer
  • Vox Simple Wardrobe and Vox Baby Changing Unit

Co-ordinate with the matching Vox Simple 2 Door Wardrobe and Baby Changing Unit for a complete look. As with the cot bed, you have the flexibility to choose colours and feet, either mixing or matching.

Vox Simple 2 Door Wardrobe

Vox Concept

The bright and bold colours of Vox Concept make it perfect for adding a pop of colour to a nursery. Part of a wider collection of mix and match bedroom furniture, Vox Concept enables you to kit out a nursery with a cot plus additional co-ordinating furniture pieces.

  • Vox Concept Cot & Cot Bed

The perfect choice for a modern nursery, the Vox Concept Cot is finished in white and grey, with subtle oak detailing. With 3 height settings this cot can be adjusted as your baby begins standing. When your baby has outgrown the cot, you can simply remove one side to create a day bed for sleeping by night and relaxing with a book by day! Also available as cot bed, which easily converts into a junior bed when your little one is ready.

Vox Concept Baby Cot
  • Vox Concept Storage Furniture

From bedside cabinets to bookcases, wardrobes to drawers Vox Concept offers up the full package so you can kit out the nursery as needed. Again, you can mix up the colours or match them for a streamlined look. Either way, Concept will unquestionably inject some colour and fun into the nursery.

Vox wholeheartedly give as much thought to the design, appearance and function of their nursery collections as they do to their furniture that we would invest in for our own spaces. Seeing our children’s nurseries and bedrooms as an extension to the other rooms in our home brings a more harmonised and balanced look to the overall interior design.

Vox Concept Chest of Drawers in Grey & Yellow

If you’d like to explore more of what this amazing brand have to offer, pop on over to where there is a dedicated brand page that showcases the entire Vox Collection.

Of course, it goes without saying that if you have any further questions, there is a dedicated and knowledgeable team on hand to answer all your queries, they can be reached on +44 (0) 1305 231231.

Thanks for reading and exploring my ‘little hidden gem’ with me, now it’s time for a cuppa tea, a quick cuddle with Barkley and then its sourcing exciting new kids beds for our specially created Cuckooland Childrens Beds Collection for the rest of the day.


With more than 8 years’ experience in providing advice and support to parents looking for their perfect kids bed, mother of 2, Nathalie Davis is passionate about helping children develop. In her role as Director of Product Procurement at Cuckooland, Nathalie has helped thousands of parents improve their children’s sleep and sleeping habits through the beds and mattresses she sources and the articles she writes. In her spare time she teaches her Golden Retriever to be a responsible vegetarian and is often spotted sifting through clothes at her local Charity Shops.

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