Sliding Door vs Bi-Fold Door Wardrobes

When I hear the term ‘Sliding Door’ it reminds me of the romantic 90’s film (it’s that word association thing again!), where Gwyneth Paltrow’s leading character portrays 2 contrasting storylines. I’m probably safe to say that hair salons experienced a noticeable upturn in requests for pixie haircuts after its release, I was tempted to get the chop too… but then I remembered an article I’d read about how long hair makes you brainier! My locks have remained safe and long ever since!

No, I haven’t turned into a film critique (although I think that would be a pretty awesome job), I’m sticking to my day (and night) job of focusing on all things furniture related and writing about sliding wardrobes and their close relative, the bi-fold wardrobe. And then I imagine myself stepping through one and into an enchanted garden (steady on Nathalie!).

If you’re looking for a space saving wardrobe then you should certainly consider both of these as firm contenders. Unlike hinged door freestanding wardrobes, whose doors open outwards, sliding door wardrobes and bi-fold wardrobes open without taking up precious space in the room.

What is the difference between a Sliding Door Wardrobe & a Bi-fold Door Wardrobe?

Although they are both considered space saving wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes and bi-fold door wardrobes are somewhat different in design.

A sliding wardrobe has doors that slide open sideways on runners, rather than swinging outwards on hinges.

A bi-fold wardrobe has doors that fold open by neatly stacking together like a concertina rather than opening out into the room.

As these space savvy closets are so similar, let’s take a closer look at each of their pro’s and con’s;

Pros & Cons of Sliding Wardrobes

Pros of sliding wardrobes

  • Space saving: Sliding wardrobes maximise your bedroom storage without eating into floor space, making them the perfect wardrobe for a small bedroom. These space saving armoires allow you to easily access your favourite frocks without feeling as though you’ve been road blocked by your bedroom furniture.
  • Minimalist design: With their neat doors that gracefully glide from side to side, sliding wardrobes create a sleek, modern look in your room.
  • Build a storage wall: If space allows, you could team together more than one sliding wardrobe to make a storage wall. Sliding door wardrobes lend themselves particularly well to this because they can easily butt together creating a seamless bedroom storage solution.

Cons of sliding wardrobes

  • Limited wardrobe access: Due to the design of the doors being on a sliding runner, one part of your wardrobe will be covered while the other is open, meaning that you can’t access your entire wardrobe.
Luuk 2 Door Wardrobe with Sliding Doors by Woood

Pros & Cons of Bi-fold Wardrobes

Pros of bi-fold wardrobes

  • Space saving: Bi-fold wardrobes allow full access to the internal space without taking up floor space. Unlike hinged doors that require swing space to open, bi-fold doors concertina open therefore don’t require much space in front of the wardrobe (just enough for you!).
  • Allow full wardrobe access: Due to the folding design of the doors, bi-fold wardrobes allow you to access all areas of your wardrobe – perfect for those moments when you need some outfit inspiration!
  • Impressive storage: Bi-fold wardrobes usually boast an impressive internal storage fit out. You may find fitted drawers, as well as shelving and hanging rails, plenty of room to keep your bedroom well organised.

Cons of bi-fold wardrobes

Limited choice: Compared to the wide-ranging choice of hinged door freestanding wardrobes, bi-fold wardrobes are few and far between, so prepare yourself for a more limited choice.

Vox 4 You Bi Fold 4 Door Wardrobe with Built in Drawers in White

Best Space Saving Wardrobes

Whether you opt for a bi-fold wardrobe or sliding door wardrobe, you won’t be disappointed by the quality wardrobes on offer at Cuckooland.

For the environment conscious customer, the Luuk 2 Door Wardrobe with Sliding Doors by Woood is made from certified FSC® pine, bringing peace of mind that materials have come from a more sustainable source. This charming double wardrobe has sliding doors that sit on a black track system, which contrast with the neutral white wardrobe.

For the optimum storage seeking customer, you can’t go wrong with the Vox 4 You Bi Fold 4 Door Wardrobe with Built in Drawers in White. With bi-fold doors that unfurl to reveal a winning storage combination of drawers, shelving and hanging rails, this really is a covetous closet to behold.

How to Assemble Bi-fold Wardrobes & Sliding Wardrobes

As with most of our freestanding wardrobes, our bi-fold and sliding wardrobes will be delivered flat packed and require self assembly.

At Cuckooland, we love to give our customers the opportunity to sit back and relax, so if the thought of building flat pack furniture has you breaking out into a cold sweat or you’d rather pop up your feet with your tea blend of choice (mine is chamomile… good for hair growth!), many of our wardrobes come with the option to add our fabulous installation service.

If you’d prefer to tackle the assembly yourself *double high five emoji* here are a few tips to help you assemble your new wardrobe and keep your sanity;

Tips for Assembling a Wardrobe

  1. Remember the five P’s (I’ll quote the clean version!); prior preparation prevents poor performance – before you eagerly jump in and build your new wardrobe it’s always a good idea to check through all the parts and fixings to make sure everything is intact, with no damages or missing parts. Next check that you have all the required tools.
  2. A willing assistant is advisable, particularly with larger items of furniture such as a wardrobe.
  3. It’s best to assemble the wardrobe in the room it will be situated in, so you may need to clear a bit of space to allow you room to freely move around.
  4. Before you pick up your screwdriver it’s helpful to read through the instructions from start to finish so that you are familiar with the process.
  5. Take your time (tea breaks advisable), ensure you use the right size fixings at the right time and in the right place, this may sound simple but this is where many a mistake is made! If you are methodical and follow the instructions you should be in for a trouble free build.
Vox Simple 4 Door Wardrobe

For more wardrobe inspiration Cuckooland have a wide range of 2 door wardrobes, triple wardrobes, corner wardrobes and of course an extensive collection of co-ordinating bedroom furniture.

If you’re left hanging, not sure which wardrobe is best for you, our closet conversant customer service team would be delighted to help, give us a call +44 (0) 1305 231 231 or ping us an email.


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