Top 7 Day Beds for Maximising Space

Daybeds have to be up there with my absolute favourite beds, I mean, what more could you ask for than to move seamlessly from sleep to slumber without actually having to move! If only my kids would answer my calls of “bring me grapes!” (or cake…or crushed grapes in a glass!) I’d literally be in heaven!

A Daybed provides sleeping and seating all in one neatly designed and packaged up piece of furniture; they are perfect as a kid’s bed, guest bed or living room sofa bed, daybeds must be THE most versatile piece of furniture out there.

If you’ve already set your sights on these multi functional beds, but need a little help in choosing the best daybed for maximising space, I’ve pulled together the top 7 space saving daybeds from – now, I’m going to sit back and wait for my crushed grapes, while you read on.

1. Daybed with Drawers

Drawers are essential for any kid’s bedroom, providing a home for an array of belongings, from clothes to toys and everything in between. Therefore a daybed with drawers serves as a perfect solution when you want to maximise space in a room.

The simple design of the Jade Daybed will easily blend into an assortment of room set up’s and appeal to children of all ages. The optional storage drawers offer up that essential extra storage without eating up floor space.

Jade Day Bed with Optional Storage Drawers by Woood

2. Daybed with Shelves

If your child is an avid book worm (good on them!) or wants somewhere to show off their latest lego creations, ample shelf space is a must. To save you the effort of boring holes in the wall or having to seek out a suitable shelving unit (that takes up precious floor space), why not consider a daybed with built in shelves.

The Parisot Sleep Daybed combines a comfy sleeping / lounging bed with plenty of shelf space to keep essentials to hand. Furthermore there are two storage drawers, so really no excuses for a messy bedroom!

Parisot Sleep Day Bed with Storage

3. Daybed with Trundle

Trundles serve two purposes, they can be used as one large storage drawer or, with the addition of a mattress, they can be used as a guest bed. Daybeds with trundles are therefore a brilliant option if your child loves having friends sleepover (I think all kids love sleepovers… the jury is out for us parents!). Forget spare bed and spare bedroom, forget battling with the airbed or hoicking the cushions off the sofa, leaving you with an uncomfortable seat for the remainder of the night, simply pull out the trundle and ta-da!

The Terrassa Day Bed from Trasman not only offers a pull out trundle bed, its space saving design also includes 2 storage drawers (ideal for stashing those mid-night snacks!).

Trasman Terrassa Day Bed

4. Ottoman Daybed

Ottoman Daybeds offers up oodles of storage space and make a room feel less cluttered thanks to their out-of-sight cavern that swallows up spare bedding, toys or the entire contents of a chest of drawers, with ease.

The Vox Evolve Ottoman Daybed is designed with an easy lift mechanism, making access to the under mattress storage a breeze. With the option to add a trundle, this daybed certainly packs a punch in maximising space. Combine with other elements from the Vox Evolve collection for a co-ordinated look.

Vox Evolve Ottoman Bed

5. Double Daybed

There may come a time when a single daybed just isn’t big enough! When guests descend, they may not appreciate the split level sleeping arrangement that is common with a daybed and standard trundle.

The clever design of the Pino Daybed with Pullout Bed transforms a single daybed into a double bed in one easy move. Another great option for sleepovers or putting up guests, without the need for taking up precious space with extra beds.

Pino Day Bed with Pull Out Bed

6. Unique Daybed

If you fancy a change from straight lines and corners, the Oliver Furniture Contemporary Wood Daybed is aesthetically pleasing with is curvaceous ends and Scandi style. Of course, as I’m highlighting daybeds that maximise space, good looks aren’t enough to get onto the leader board… so what makes this daybed so special?

Firstly, there’s a handy under bed drawer that fits like a glove, secondly, with the addition of the purpose made conversation kits, this daybed can be converted into either a loft bed or a bunk bed. The best beds to maximise space are those that sprout vertically!

Oliver Day Bed
Oliver Furniture Contemporary Wood Kids Day Bed in Oak & White

7. Ultimate Space Saving Daybed

For a show stopping space saving daybed, take the stage, Vox Stige Daybed. At first glance this may seem like any other daybed, however, don’t be fooled by it’s unassuming stature.

This daybed packs in more features than a marathon movie night! Where should I start? From the bottom up! Firstly you can take your pick between a standard trundle bed or a pop up trundle bed, then there’s the lift up ottoman storage under the mattress.

We then move into the unique features that makes the Vox Stige Daybed worthy of its accolade. By adding the bespoke ladder frame, you can then begin building a unique combination of storage solutions with the Stige boxes and bags. Part of a collection of modular furniture, Stige can be adapted and personalised to offer a truly unique daybed that certainly maximises space.

Vox Stige Kids Day Bed with Trundle Drawer

Whether you’re looking for a bed to welcome visitors for an overnight stay or kitting out your kid’s bedroom with a cool new bed, daybeds are a brilliant multi-purpose, space saving option. Doubling up as sofas, storage, as well as a comfy bed, why not maximise your space with a super cool and versatile daybed!

Interested but still unsure? The extremely helpful customer service team at Cuckooland are on hand to answer any further questions you may have about daybeds, give them a call on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us here.

Now, I’ve had my fill of liquified grapes… where’s the cake?!


With more than 10 years’ experience in providing advice and support to parents looking for their perfect kids bed, mother of 2, Nathalie Davis is passionate about helping children develop. In her role as Director of Product Procurement at Cuckooland, Nathalie has helped thousands of parents improve their children’s sleep and sleeping habits through the beds and mattresses she sources and the articles she writes. In her spare time she teaches her Golden Retriever to be a responsible vegetarian and is often spotted sifting through clothes at her local Charity Shops.

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