8 Beds that spark Imaginative Play

Experts say that imaginative play is an essential part of kids’ development. From supporting problem solving skills to boosting creativity, the list goes on…

Luckily, kids only need a sprinkle of imagination to transform everyday objects into all kinds of wild and wonderful possibilities. And if you’d like to give your child a helping hand, a themed or novelty bed can spark those pretend play sessions.

Whether your kiddo is a little princess or a wild explorer, a fun bed will capture your child’s imagination and transport them into a whole new world. So, let your little one’s imagination run riot with one of these oh-so playful beds…

1) Hideaway House Bed

Hideaway House Bed

Does your little one love to play house? If so, you’re sure to earn some serious brownie points with our homely Hideaway House bed.

Complete with a roof and a cut-out window, kids can spend hours playing in their very own private den. It’s perfect for hosting playdates and teddy bear tea parties!

And with the option to add a trundle mattress underneath, the fun doesn’t need to stop – kids can have their buddies over to stay without any set up or hassle at all.

2) Lifetime Play Tower Kids Bed

Lifetime Play Tower Kids Bed

Is your little prince or princess trapped in a tower? There’s no need to fear – with a handy rope and ladder, kids can sort out a rescue mission in no time…

Depending on your child’s fancy, the fun tower can be anything from a jungle treehouse to a turret in a fairytale castle. And with a built-in chalkboard, kids can play at being a school teacher or practise their artistic skills. The possibilities really are endless!

3) Lifetime Wildlife 4 in 1 Combination Bed

Lifetime Wildlife 4 in 1 Combination Bed

Lifetime Wildlife Bed Canopy Detail

If your youngster is on the wild side, they’ll love this wildlife-inspired bed by Lifetime Kids.

With fabric leaves hanging from the canopy, kids can pretend they’re laying low in the jungle or out on a wild safari hunt. The fun tribal-style canopy will tie into a safari-themed room perfectly and will be the cosiest spot to look out for any wild animals.

Plus, this bed will see your wild explorer through from the age of two right up until they’re eleven years old! With four different sizes, you can adapt this bed around your child – so whatever adventures your little one gets up to, they can always return to their trusty base.

4) Mathy by Bols Treehouse Bunk Bed with Slide & Platform

Mathy by Bols Treehouse Bunk Bed with Slide & Platform

It’s a bunk bed with a treehouse and a slide… need we say more?!

With this fun bed, kids can clamber up into their very own treehouse den and whizz down the slide until their heart’s content. Whether they’re hosting a teddy bears picnic or playing house, there are heaps of pretend play potential with this fun bed.

And thanks to the slide, kids will be queuing up for a sleepover with this bunk bed!

5) Mathy by Bols Tent Cabin Bed

Mathy by Bols Tent Cabin Bed Available in 26 Colours

Kids can get up to all kinds of adventures with this tent-style cabin bed. There’s no need to be a boy scout or girl guide to camp in this bed – kids can simply pull down the canopy and hunker down for the night, wherever their imagination pleases!

Whether your youngster fancies setting up camp in the mountains or even outer space, there is no limit to your little one’s adventures.

With a whopping 26 colours to choose from, you can find a bed that slots right into your child’s bedroom. No matter what their favourite colour is, you’ll have one happy little camper!

6) Kids Tipi Bed

Kids Tipi Bed

With this teepee-style bed, kids can prepare to be the next Bear Grylls… No matter whether your little one is planning their latest expedition or hunting for food, this bed provides the perfect base for adventures.

As it’s low to the ground, it’s ideal for little ones. So whether your youngster is fast asleep or having a wild adventure, there’ll be no toppling out of bed!

To really help spark those imaginations, you could wrap extra props around the teepee structure. From fairy lights fit for a princess to a vine of jungle-style leaves, or even a canopy, you can create a unique bed your child will love.

7) Lifetime The Hideout Corner Bunk Bed with Steps

Lifetime The Hideout Corner Bunk Bed with Steps

No room in the garden for a treehouse? No worries! With this magnificent bed, kids enjoy all the fun of a treehouse from the comfort of their own bedroom.

Kids will have unlimited fun playing pretend in their very own treehouse bunk. With a roof and cut-out window, kids can set up a woodland-style hideout. As there’s plenty of storage hidden in the steps and space for a trundle drawer, there’s heaps of room to stash away those cuddly furry friends.

8) Barnie Mid Sleeper Barn Bed

Barnie Mid Sleeper Barn Bed

If your kids love a day out at the farmyard, they’ll love to come home to this barn-style bed. With doors and a cut-out window, it’s great for pretend play. Because after a long day of tending to their piggies or driving around in their tractor around, they’ll need a cosy spot to sleep…

Let their imagination run riot with a fun bed...

Unleash the power of your little one’s imagination with a fun novelty or themed bed. From campervan beds to houses, you’ll find endless ways to capture the imagination of your child.

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