How to add colour to the kid's bedroom without paint

If you rent your home, you might be stuck with bland walls in your child’s bedroom. But that doesn’t mean you can’t transform their room into a colourful wonderland…

We’ve got plenty of tips to add a fun splash of colour to your little one’s room. With these bold furnishings and lively accessories, it’s easy to create an oh-so fun place for kids to play and sleep. And you won’t need to pick up a paintbrush at all!

Read on to see how you can create a colourful kids bedroom without a single drop of paint.

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1. Opt for lively bedding

A bold and bright bedsheet instantly gives your child’s bedroom a colourful lift. Whether you stick to one block colour or opt for a lively pattern, it’s one of the easiest ways to inject colour into a room – even if the walls are dull!

And the good news is, it’s also one of the most affordable and simple ways to add heaps of colour. As your child grows, you won’t need to spend a lot to replace their bedding as their tastes change. Simply whip off their bedding and swap it out to create a totally new look.

Take a look at our top picks for bright bedding:

Snurk Single Roller Skates Duvet Bedding Set

Snurk Childrens Origami Paper Zoo Duvet Bedding Set

2. Pick a bright bed

Sorted some bright bedding? Why not go one step further and pick a bed frame that’s eye-catching and bold, too…

From bright yellow to deep green, you can give your kids a bed that gives their room that extra bit of oomph. Because who says bedtime should be boring?!

These beds are bound to transform your kiddo’s room into a colourful haven…

New York Metal Kids Single Bed in Yellow

Mathy by Bols Star Treehouse Single Cabin Bed with Optional Trundle Drawer

3. Go bold on bigger furniture pieces

If you’re stuck with less-than-colourful walls, make sure those bigger pieces of furniture are bold and bright. This means you totally fill your child’s space with colourful pieces.

And just because clothing storage is designed to be functional, it doesn’t need to be boring. From pastel blue chests of drawers to bright yellow wardrobes, we’ve got heaps of colourful kids furniture for you to choose from.

Take a look at these oh-so colourful furniture pieces…

Vox Vintage Chest of Drawers in a Choice of Oak or 5 Pastel Colours

Vox Tuli Kids Stackable Desk in Yellow & Green

Vox Concept 3 Door Wardrobe in Grey & Yellow

Billy Bedside Table

4. Do more with lighting

The right lighting makes all the difference. Whether you want to create a calming or a lively vibe, the hue and shade of your lighting carries a lot of weight. And with coloured bulbs, you can fill the entire room with mesmerizing colours in just the flick of a switch.

As bright and colourful shades will fill your little one’s room, you give their walls a colourful coating – without so much as a lick of paint!

If you want to add instant colour to your little one’s lair, festoon some multi-coloured string lights around the room. Even when you switch the lights off, the bright bulbs still add a wonderful burst of colour during the day.

Cotton Ball Lights Pacific LED String Lights

5. Embrace soft furnishings

When it comes to decorating a room without painting, soft furnishings are your friend. Whether it’s a snuggly throw, a cosy bean bag, or a fluffy rug, you can create a big impact – and since they’re lightweight and portable, you won’t leave a lasting impression. So they’re perfect if you rent your home!

And since there are no limitations on colours or patterns, it’s a great way for you to add some life into your youngster’s bedroom. From rugs to beanbags, we’ve got plenty of soft kids decor options – in a whole host of colourful hues.

Extreme Lounging Mini Indoor Bean Bag in Aqua

Lorena Canals Braids Washable Kids Rug

6. It’s all in the accessories

When you can’t paint the walls, you can feel a little restricted when it comes to decoration. But you can make a big impression with just a handful of small accessories and toys.

Dot some colourful accessories around the room and you’ll be surprised by how much of a difference they make. When you contrast colourful pieces against plain walls, they add fun ‘pops’ of colour to instantly grab your attention.

Here’s a couple of our favourite colourful picks…

Little Dutch Rainbow Wooden Abacus

Kids Concept Wooden Toy Guitar

Go colourful with Cuckooland

Time to add a touch of colour to the kids’ room? Whether you’re after bold bedding or lively lamps, we’ve got you covered. Simply head over to our entire collection of kids room decor to get started.

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