Bedtime Stories: The Space Exploration Collection

Time is precious and making the most of your time with the kids is so important these days. Between school, work and everything in-between, it can sometimes feel like a uphill battle to set aside just a couple of hours of quality family time.

So… with this in mind, we’ve developed a range of bedtime story blogs to coincide with our new range of themed children’s beds– this, our next blog in the series, will focus on the limitless stories of space exploration.

Snurk Childrens Astronaut Duvet Bedding Set
Pino Kids Mid Sleeper with Slide & Curtain

The Pino Kids Mid Sleeper with Space Curtain and Slide is the perfect bed for budding young astronauts. Featuring its very own tent, this bed will ensure your little explorer has a blast at storytime! This space-tacular Cabin Bed hides the contents of the bed (or any Extra Terrestrial stowaways), and the additional space can be used as a play den, reading nook or even just for storage. The bed is made of solid Scandinavian pine wood to ensure it lasts for many light-years! This really is the bed that every little boy or girl dreams about having and you can rest assured that your little space hoppers will get a good nights sleep floating amongst the stars.

Roaring Rockets by Tony Mitton

Recommended Age 0-2 Years

Roaring Rockets tells the tale of three brave astronauts who are on a journey to the moon. The delightful animal astronauts have a wonderful time on their space rocket whilst guiding the audience through the stars and onto the moon. The illustrations are large and fun with simple text to read to your little ones. The Animals characters are sure to appeal to a younger audience and this easy to follow story will introduce small children to the concept of the earth and the moon.

Aliens Love Underpants! by Claire Freedman

Recommended Age 3-4 Years

“Aliens love underpants, in every shape and size, But there are no underpants in space, so here’s a big surprise…” In a hilarious twist on the usual Alien genre we discover that Aliens like to come down to earth and steal our underpants! Aliens Love Underpants is a wonderful rhyming bonanza featuring vibrant illustrations and a zany story line which is sure to appeal to children and grow-ups alike. The use of bright colours and clever text helps to introduce small children to the concept of quirky Aliens. We love the great use of imagination within this story and it’s easy to see why Aliens Love Underpants! is such a hit with readers.

Big Book of Stars & Planets by Emily Bone

Recommended Age 5-8 Years

The Big Book of Stars & Planets is an informative introduction to our solar system for children. Featuring giant fold-out pages filled with large pictures and fun facts the Big Book of Stars & Planets is perfect for young space enthusiasts. We recommend this book as the educational aspects are introduced in a fun way, children can marvel at the large font pictures of the planets whilst learning key facts which will help them in classroom based studies. Topics such as the Universe, the Solar System and distant galaxies are all covered in this book and parents may even learn a thing or two about our solar system along the way.

The “Everything” Kids’ Astronomy Book by Kathi Wagner and Sheryl Racine

Recommend Age 9-11 Years

The “Everything” Kids’ Astronomy Book introduces older children to fun facts about the world of Astronomy with puzzles and guides to making fun things thrown in too! This really is a bumper to bumper book of all things space and will entice your space cadets into learning more about the universe. With topics such as How the Milky Way was created, why the sun is so hot and how gravity works, The “Everything” Kids’ Astronomy Book is the perfect book for children coming to the end of their primary school education. Although the book does feature a lot of factual based knowledge, it also have fun and creative puzzles and projects to keep children engaged. We think the whole family will enjoy this book and may even have a go at turning the kids bedroom into a planetarium!

So there we have it, our guide to space exploration for all your budding astronauts and space cadets. We hope you have enjoyed our latest installment of Cuckooland’s guide to bedtime stories.

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