Your guide to designing a monochrome nursery

Striking, simple, and oh-so stylish, a monochrome nursery is bang-on trend.

With a monochrome colour palette, you can create a calm yet eye-catching space for your little one. And with neutral colours, the transition from nursery through to teens’ room couldn’t be easier.

So, here’s all you need to know about mastering monochrome in your baby’s nursery…

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Why create a monochrome nursery?

Monochrome is an ideal colour palette for nurseries. Both calming and chic, it works for parents and babies alike.

Neutral colours like white and grey create a soothing and serene vibe – so it’s perfect if you want a calming spot to bond with your little one. And when you use contrasting dark elements, you also create a statement that’s both fun and striking, too.

It also makes life easier when it comes to redecorating. With timeless colours like white and grey, you won’t need to repaint to suit your child’s tastes as they grow up and mature. White works well with any colour, so you can easily rework the bedroom around your little one.

Plus, research shows that babies exclusively see in black, white, and grey during their first three months. So a monochrome palette will be the perfect way to welcome your baby into the world.

Vox Altitude Baby Changing Unit

Pick a light base colour

With monochrome, less is more. So to create a minimal look, it’s far more effective to stick to smaller contrasting elements, and allow one main colour to run through your nursery.

And when it comes to nurseries, you’d probably prefer to create a space that feels open and light, rather than cluttered and dark. So, it’s best to stick to light colours overall, and then add darker pieces to contrast against the light.

This means you create a nursery that feels airy and fresh, but also unique and interesting.

So, stick to colours like white, cream, or pale grey for your walls and big furniture pieces, and opt for black or dark grey to add those touches of flair.

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Work grey tones into the palette

If you think black on white might be too striking, add splashes of grey to your nursery. This will soften the contrast and create a more harmonious palette.

So, if you’d rather avoid the stark contrast of just black and white, grey elements are your friend. But you don’t need to go overboard – just add a few touches of grey throughout the nursery and you’ll enjoy a much warmer effect.

The Vox bookcase (below) is ideal for monochrome nurseries. With simple colours, it’ll slot into your interior effortlessly – and with its grey drawer, it’s the perfect way to soften a harsh white and black palette.

Vox Concept Narrow Bookcase in White & Grey

Decorate with playful touches of black

A monochrome nursery is all about contrast. So, to create an eye-catching nursery, make sure you scatter black pieces around your light nursery.

Pairing jet black with bright white is the best way to grab attention and make a statement. And since you want your nursery to look friendly, make sure your black pieces are playful and fun. Because while monochrome can be a mature look, it can also be quirky and fun for kids.

So whether it’s child-friendly patterns, lively prints, or friendly animal faces, make sure you embrace all things fun. And with the storage baskets by Bloomingville (below), you can keep tidy and add a touch of fun to your nursery – all whilst sticking within your monochrome palette.

Bloomingville Set of 2 Cotton Storage Baskets

Add one bright accent colour

Worried your nursery is looking a little lacklustre? Don’t be afraid to add some colour to your monochrome nursery. Whether it’s bright yellow or pastel pink, picking one accent colour will give your monochrome nursery a fun twist.

Not only will an accent colour give your nursery a lift, but it will also effectively tie together the space and draw attention to your palette.

According to the design gurus, 60% of your interior should be your main colour, 30% should be your secondary colour, and the remaining 10% can be an accent colour. So in a monochrome nursery, your main colour might be white or cream, and your secondary colour would be black or dark grey. Then, you can choose a bright accent colour to add a fun twist.

Remember to stick to just one colour – adding a whole rainbow of extra colours will look distracting and a little messy.

Cam Cam Copenhagen Rainbow Mobile in Mustard

Make a statement with a feature wall

A feature wall is the perfect way to add a bit of fun to your monochrome nursery. While it adds a quirky feel, it also adds a little texture and contrast – without overwhelming the entire room.

With three neutral and light walls, you’ll make a statement with one patterned black and white wall. And when you pick wallpaper with a fun black and white design, it will tie together your overall theme.

Kids Wallpaper Portraits in Black & White

Inspiration for your monochrome nursery…

Looking for ideas to get started? These monochrome-friendly nursery pieces are perfect…

If you’re struggling to decide between a fun safari theme or a chic monochrome palette, you don’t need to choose! Cute and cuddly, this quirky zebra head is monochrome goals.

Daniel the Zebra Kids Plush Animal Head Wall Decor

No nursery is complete without a fun play mat. Doubling up as a cosy rug and a space to let your child’s imagination run riot, this grayscale mat by Bloomingville will look a treat in a monochrome nursery.

Bloomingville Kids Cotton Road Map Rug

The roomy wardrobe by Vox looks dreamy in grey, black, and white tones. Both fun yet chic, this wardrobe will stand the test of time – it’ll look great in a nursery, a teen’s room, and beyond.

Vox Concept 2 Door Wardrobe in Grey & Black

And finally, finish off the look with a stylish nursing chair. Great for bonding, a rocking chair ties together your room. And with a wonderful deep grey tone, the Obaby chair will help bring out all the monochrome details in your nursery.

Obaby Round Back Rocking Chair

So if you can’t get enough monochrome, you’re spoilt for choice here at Cuckooland. Discover our wide selection of nursery furniture and accessories to get started today.

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