How to Create a Fun Bedroom for your Kids

With schools back open and brighter days ahead, it’s time for your kids to reclaim their bedroom space for what’s really important… having a bit of well-earned fun!

Since bedrooms no longer need to double up as a remote classroom, it’s easier for youngsters to switch off at home. And as that’s great for mental health, parents are looking for ways to create a fun environment where kids can let off steam and relax.

If you’re hoping to do the same, the bedroom is the perfect place to start. Take a look at these happiness-fuelling ideas to help your kids let loose…

Bedtime don’t need to be boring

If you’re trying to create a fun space for your little one, you might want to consider switching up their sleeping quarters. After all, kids don’t usually love bedtime – unlike their knackered parents…

But with our range of imaginative and oh-so fun beds, your little one will be begging for bedtime to come round sooner. A fun bed can also help spark imaginative play, meaning kids can shake off the school day with a game of ‘let’s pretend’. Take a peek at some of these family favourites…

Parisot Tobo Mid Sleeper with Slide

This gorgeous mid sleeper by Parisot is the bed of dreams… for both kids and parents.

With this mid sleeper, your kids will never get up on the wrong side of bed – because that’s just not possible after whizzing down a slide! And with built-in storage space, you can easily keep messy toys at bay.

Lifetime Adventure Hangout Kids Bed

Instead of a chore, make bedtime an adventure with this incredible bed from Lifetime. With a secret little hideout up top, your little one can play pretend in their very own den.

We all need our personal downtime to decompress, and kids are no different. With their own little space to hide away, they can enjoy a slice of personal time – and whether they’re curling up with a story or playing treehouse with their teddies, you’ll have a hard job dragging them away…

Teepee Tent Bed
Kids Teepee Cabin Bed by Woood

With teepee-style features and lookout holes, this dreamy bed by Woood is perfect for creating a fun environment to play.

From pretending they’re on the lookout in the Wild West to setting up camp in a forest, this cabin bed will spark plenty of games to keep your kiddo entertained.

Don’t forget the fun bedding

A fun bed isn’t complete without a set of quirky bedding. If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that we all need to make time for a bit of fun… and a boring bedding set won’t make anyone smile!

The Snurk range is ideal for putting a smile on your little one’s face. With creative and quirky designs, kids can snuggle into bed pretending they’re an astronaut… or a mermaid… or even a beautiful princess… there’s heaps of possibilities!

Snurk Childrens Dream Voyager Rocket Duvet Set

Make space for a creative zone

Are your kids budding artists? Learning to scribble or writing a blockbuster? Or just need a spot to finish that LEGO masterpiece?

No matter what your youngster is currently into, making space for their creative pursuits is a great way to encourage some healthy personal time. When your kids are focused on a screen-free activity, it can clear their mind for a great night’s sleep.

Clear some space for a stain-resistant kids table and your kids can get crafty…

Vox Tuli Kids Stackable Desk
Oeuf Kids Play Table in White

Create space to chill out and get cosy

When your kids have had a big day at school, they’ll want to just flop and unwind for a bit. And now kids are back in the classroom (thank the Lord!), their bedroom can be a space to completely chill out without being reminded of their studies.

This leopard print bean bag (below) is more furry than fierce – and it’ll instantly create a cosy corner that’s fun to settle down with a story book or console. Perfect for switching off after school!

Kids Faux Fur Leopard Bean Bag

Or why not add a fun teepee to your little one’s bedroom? There’s just something about secret snug spots that kids just love… and a teepee is the perfect space for kids to hide away and play pretend.

For extra cosy points, drape some LED fairy lights inside and throw in a blanket or two. What could be a more inviting spot for a teddy bear picnic?

Kids Concept Grey Teepee Play Tent

Add toys that spark their imagination

There’s a lot to be said for old-fashioned toys and games. While consoles and tablets are great, toys that encourage ‘make believe’ are great for stimulating young imaginations.

Plus, they’re also ideal for when your child has a pal round for a play date. Playing ‘roleplay’ style games together can really help your child learn new things and develop those early communication skills.

Here’s a couple of my favourite toys to help those young imaginations run wild…

Bloomingville Bertine Puppet Theatre

Ready for a theatrical bit of fun? With theatres still shut for now, this gorgeous puppet theatre may just be the next best thing. Settle down and prepare the popcorn, as your little one treats you to a show stopping event. Or go one step further and take a starring role…

Not only will a bit of improv provide some much-needed family fun, but it’s also a great way for your kids to let loose and explore their creative side.

Kidkraft Artisan Island Toddler Play Kitchen

This lovely little kitchen set is the perfect way to introduce your little one to cooking and baking. While you get dinner ready, your kids can try their own hand at rustling up their make-believe meals.

Complete with all the kitchen tools and essentials, this play kitchen is totally lifelike. It’s perfect for immersing themselves in a play world, which is an important part of your little one’s development.

Make time for dressing up

Playing dress up never goes out of fashion. Whether they’re a fairytale princess or an Avenger, kids universally love a good dressing up session. It transports them out of their routine into a totally different world… So what could be better for letting loose and having fun?

Ratatam! Kids Lion Animal Disguise & Accessory

If you’ve got a wild child, look no further than this lovely lion animal disguise by Wild & Soft. From roaming the jungle to playing tag with fellow cubs, this get-up will inspire a whole world of scenarios.

And once your little cub is all worn out, this cute disguise doubles up as a cosy blanket to curl up in.

And don’t forget to store all those toys away…

So now you’ve created a fun space for your kids to let loose, you’ll need a space to store all those games and toys.

We’ve got plenty of wonderful kid’s storage options to choose from, but the Vox Tuli Bookcase & Toy Storage (below) is perfect for encouraging your kids to join in with your tidying session. It’s the ideal height for little ones to pop their toys away – after all, why not start them young?!

Vox Tuli Bookcase & Toy Storage

Embrace the fun side of life with our toys

From traditional rocking horses to balance bikes, there’s something to make everyone smile with our range of toys and gifts. If you’ve got a question, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or fire us an email.


With more than 10 years’ experience in providing advice and support to parents looking for their perfect kids bed, mother of 2, Nathalie Davis is passionate about helping children develop. In her role as Director of Product Procurement at Cuckooland, Nathalie has helped thousands of parents improve their children’s sleep and sleeping habits through the beds and mattresses she sources and the articles she writes. In her spare time she teaches her Golden Retriever to be a responsible vegetarian and is often spotted sifting through clothes at her local Charity Shops.

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