Cuckooland’s Guide to Bedtime Stories: The Dollhouse Collection

Come one, come all to the most important tea party of them all. Grab your dolly’s and prepare to take a trip to a land where the humble dolls house not only features in our bedtime stories but also in our kids bed designs.

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Casami Toddler Bed
Casami Toddler House Bed

With an imagination you have the power to turn any area (especially your bedroom) into a different place entirely just by using some creative thought. Our creations were often nurtured by the things around us, from television programs to story books, the limitless capacity for imagination was fueled by our day to day lives. Children today still need that all important fuel for thought and interactive play. Our bedtime collection of stories aims to promote the importance of bedtime story reading with each post featuring a different collection. This blog post will focus on the wonderful world of dolls and dollhouses. Whilst Dollhouse Themes are suitable for both boys and girls, this post will focus on the girly benefits.

To perfect your little girls dollhouse adventure, the Casami Toddler House Bed by Cuckooland is a bright and beautiful bed designed to aid the transition between crib and bed – it can be an apprehensive time for parents who have little ones ready to move into their first ‘big’ bed. This Toddler Bed is designed to take the stress out of the move, with a safe height to the floor and a semi frame overhead, it’s the perfect option for a princess ready for her first grown up girly bed. There is even storage space at the foot of the bed to fill with favourite story books and toys. This perfect little bed will look right at home in girls bedroom with its fun design and pink and green colours.

Maisy’s House: A Pop-up and Play Book by Lucy Cousins

Recommended Age 0-2 Years

The wonderful Maisy’s House is a fun pop-up and flap book designed for interactive exploration with your little one. The book actually transforms into a free standing model which features a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Maisy’s House is all about interaction and each room has doors to open, tabs to pull and cards to play with. Maisy’s house even transforms from day to night with the changeable window scenes, and your little darlings will have such fun opening Maisy’s cupboards and giving Maisy a bath before bedtime. The book comes complete with a Maisy figure and clothes for dress up. Maisy’s House is a lovely book for small children as it allows them to explore imagination and make up different scenarios for Maisy.

My Perfect Doll’s House by Nicola Baxter

Recommended Age 3-4 Years

An adorable little rag doll named Annabelle-Mae gets a brand new home…but when it arrives, it isn’t quite what she expected. Peer into the magical 3D world of Annabelle-Maes’ new dollhouse, and the little rag doll will take you through her sprawling beautiful house. The book is a story which is illustrated with 3D windows which set the scene in the most spectacular way. Each page leads to the next, you will start your journey by furnishing the sitting room and finish with a wonderful house warming for Annabelle-Mae and all her friends. My Perfect Doll’s House will no doubt appeal to young readers with a delightful tale and splendid pop-up illustrations.

The Dolls’ House Fairy by Jane Ray

Recommended Age 5-8 Years

Every little girl dreams of finding a real fairy and for Rosy this dream becomes a reality in The Dolls’ House Fairy. However what Rosy wasn’t expecting was some unfairylike habits from her little guest who takes up residence in Rosy’s doll house. The Dolls’ House Fairy is a fantastic tale of friendship and caring which will resonate with many little girls. Jane Ray is a wonderful illustrator and story teller and her books are becoming world-renowned classics. What we enjoyed most about this tale is the realistic characteristics of the fairy and Rosy, to whom the reality of knowing a cheeky fairy turns into something of a chaotic adventure.

Dolls Kids Can Make by Sheila McGraw

Recommended Age 9-11 Years

For many little girls a dolly is a loveable huggable best friend who always listens, so what better way to create such a lasting love than by creating a handmade doll. Dolls Kids Can Make is an easy to following guide book to creating handmade dolls, from a cuddly tiny doll to a granny mop doll. Dolls Kids Can Make will show your little girl how to create a doll of her own or even a gift for a friend. Recommended for girls aged 9-11 the instructions are simple and well placed illustrations will mean that making a doll becomes child’s play. Although intended form older children, Dolls Kids Can Make is a good guide book for parents looking to create a memorable toy for their little ones too.

So there we have it, an entire collection of stories dedicated to the wonderful world of dolls and dollhouses. We hope you and your little one’s enjoy the stories we have recommended.

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