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As anyone with children will know, repetition is a huge part of your child’s development. Whether that’s watching the same episode of Peppa Pig a million times, or playing the same game over and over and over until the rules all blur into a chaotic mess. Kids love much of the same; it can be in the shape of a favourite colour, cartoon character or book, or even an obsessive fascination with trains. One things for sure; once your little one has a favourite ‘anything’ you are in for years of matching every single item they possess to this favourite entity. To save the sanity of every parent, we have created our themed children’s bedroom range. In this range you will find every single item needed to create a bedroom around your child’s very favourite theme. From Pirates to Princesses, Cowboys to The Gruffalo, we have painstakingly matched all bedroom ideas so you don’t have to. So it’s time to put your feet up and time for us to mesmerize you with our themed kids bedrooms….

The Space Theme Bedroom

Snurk Children's Rocket Duvet Set

3….2….1…Blast off to the most out of this world kid’s bedroom theme! Our Space Theme Bedroom inspiration includes a universe of wonders and excitement to add to your little space explorers bedroom. From Cabin Bed’s under a canopy of stars to a jumbo rocket ship play set and much, much more.

Princess Bedroom Ideas

Lifetime Dreams Luxury Four Poster Canopy Bed

Make them feel like Royalty with our Princess Themed Bedroom ideas. We have beds fit for a royal as well as the most luxurious of furniture, soft furnishings, wall paper and even a castle playhouse.

Fireman Theme Bedroom

Snurk Fireman Duvet Cover
Snurk Fireman Duvet Cover

After an adventure filled day, your little Fireman would love nothing more than to come home to his very own Fireman themed room and thanks to Cuckooland, he can do just that. Firefighting is dangerous business and so after a hard days work your little firefighter can jump straight into bed under our Snurk Firefighter duvet and enjoy a restful nights sleep.

Fairy & Ballerina Bedroom Idea

Amori Kids Four Poster Bed

Have your little Ballerina pirouette into the perfect bedroom filled with fairies and beautiful dreams, with our Fairy & Ballerina Bedroom Idea. Soft and sparkly, we have cute ideas for transforming a little girls (or Billy Elliot’s) bedroom into an adorable wonderland of fun and imagination.

Cowboy Themed Bedroom

Kids Teepee Bookcase

Bring the wild west into your home with our Cowboy Theme Bedroom ideas. We have everything a cowboy or cowgirl would ever need for an adventure in the Wild West. From Teepee beds to rocking horses, you are sure to find all those much-needed bedroom accessories to create the perfect Cowboy, or Cowgirl Themed room. Cuckooland donated our Teepee bed to Canada and New Street residents and veterans as part of BBC One special programmes ‘DIY SOS: The Big Build Veteran’s Special.’

Woodland Theme Bedroom

Mathy By Bols Treehouse Bunk Bed with Platform and Slide

Quick! Hurry! Don’t despair, I Spy a great big bear!! If your little one likes nothing more than an adventure in the deep dark wood, we have the perfect bedroom ideas and inspiration for you. Our Woodland Theme Bedroom category includes the ever popular adventure treehouse beds, treehouse bookcases and a cute rocking fox (don’t worry he’s very tame!).

Pirate Theme Bedroom

Win Green Pirate Playhouse
Win Green Pirate Playhouse

Ahoy There Matey!!! If ya be on the hunt for gold we’ve just found your perfect gold store. Our Pirate Playhouse is large enough for a few chests of treasure. Delve into the adventurous world of Pirates with our Pirate Themed Kid’s Bedroom inspiration. Pirates will be swashbuckling over each other to get their hands on our Treasure Box, but beware of the parrot, he may nip!

Beach Themed Bedroom

Kids Loft Bed with Desk & Drawers

For totally rad surf dudes and dudettes we have Beach Themed Bedroom ideas. Your super cool, awesome beach lovers will fall in love with the Camper Van Bay Bunk Bed, Havanna Hanging Hammock Chair and Boat House Play Tent. This is the sort of bedroom inspiration reserved for those kids who are just too cool for school.

Animal Theme Bedroom

Plush Animal Head Wall Decor

If your kids bedroom looks like a Chimps tea party then our Animal Themed Bedroom ideas will be sure to put a swing in their tail. Whether you have a little jungle explorer, lion with the loudest roar, or just a band of cheeky monkeys, our Animal Themed Bedroom has everything you will ever need to create the perfect bedroom for little jungle dwellers.

London Themed Bedroom

Quirky-Telephone-Box-Wardrobe (1)
Red Telephone Box Double Wardrobe

Ello, ello, ello, what do we have here then? It’s our London Themed Bedroom ideas. That’s right, our fair capital city is as iconic as tea and biscuits and we have a theme which captures the very essence of the hustle and bustle of London, in a kids bedroom. From a London Bus Bunk Bed to this fabulous Red Telephone Box Double Wardrobe.

Cars & Planes Bedroom

Scorpion Kids Race Car Bed

It’s fair to say that when it comes to modes of transportation and kids, the faster the better! That’s why our Cars & Planes Bedroom inspiration page is such a hit with pint-sized pilots. From Caravans, Racing Cars, VW Wagons to Planes, we have just about every conceivable type of transportation themed kids bed imaginable.

Knights & Castle Theme

Lifetime Hideout Bed
Lifetime The Hideout Mid Sleeper Bed

No self respecting King or Queen would be without their Kingdom home comforts. Whether that’s a castle shaped bed or a knights inspired duvet set, our Knights and Castle range has everything needed to help create a mini Kingdom.

Jurassic Dinosaur Bedroom Ideas

'D'ya-think-e-saurus' Designer Wallpaper

If your little one thinks dinosaurs are absolutely roar-some then we have just the theme for you. Our Jurassic Dinosaur themed bedroom ideas will blast any bedroom back a few million years to when dino’s roamed free. We have everything needed to deck out a dinosaur inspired bedroom with bed, wallpaper, decor and even a dino duvet set.

Teenage Bedroom Idea

Pino High Sleeper with Desk
Pino High Sleeper Bed with Desk

As the kids grow up and turn into *gulp* teenagers their needs change, and so we have a collection of teen bedroom furniture to accommodate your teenagers needs and wants. From cabin beds with extra storage solutions to awesome desks and workstations, we have ideas for when the studies get serious. Check out our Complete Guide to Teen Beds for more hints and tips to creating an enviable teen room.

We hope we’ve inspired you into creating the perfect themed bedroom for your child. If there’s a theme you would like to see included in our collection, why not leave us a comment or contact us via Facebook. We are always happy to receive feedback on our range.

If you have any questions about your favourite bedroom theme call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or drop us a line at customerservice@cuckooland.com and we’ll gladly point you in the right direction.

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