A Nursery Inspired By Nature

If you’re expecting a bundle of joy this spring, why not add a spot of nature to your nursery?

After all, we’ve all been nature-mad over the past year. From daily walks to weekends in the countryside, natural life has been a source of positivity for many of us. And since spring marks new natural beginnings, it seems fitting to celebrate your new arrival with a nature-inspired twist.

So, whether you’re creating a themed nursery or just after a touch of natural flair, these wild and wonderful pieces will do just the job…


Go wild with animal pattern

Nothing says ‘nature’ like a loud and proud animal print. Jaguars are kings of the jungle and the Levo Baby Rocker in Beech Wood (below) will make sure your little one takes centre stage in your nursery.

With a lively jaguar print, this rocker will add an instant pop of colour and fun to any nursery. And whether it’s a one-off or part of a safari-themed nursery, this cosy rocker will soothe your little one to sleep in no time.

Levo Baby Rocker in Beech Wood with Jaguar Cushion

Add a touch of tropical print

If you’re ready to embrace the wild side, look no further than the gorgeous Lorena Canals Tropical Washable Rug.

With a fabulous leaf and fauna print, this rug simply oozes jungle style. And when your little monkey gets a little too adventurous, you can simply pop this rug into the washing machine to remove any stains.

While it looks the part in a nature-inspired nursery, it’s also free from toxic dye and made with sustainable 100% cotton. So along with creating a nursery inspired by nature, you’re doing your bit to help the planet, too!

Lorena Canals Tropical Washable Rug

Stick to natural materials

For a nursery inspired by nature, embrace naturally-sourced and handcrafted pieces. Imagine you’re setting up on a blissful remote island and piecing together a nursery with the materials you can find… except the hard work is already done for you!

Not only is sustainably-made furniture great for the planet, but it’s also great for sticking to a nature-inspired theme. Take a look at the stunning Bloomingville Natural Cane Sia Shelf (below). Crafted with natural cane, this shelf wouldn’t look out of place in a jungle hideaway!

Bloomingville Natural Cane Sia Shelf

Likewise, this Bloomingville rug (below) will add natural and earthy tones to your nursery. Made from 100% natural jute, you can rest assured knowing your decor is completely environmentally-friendly.

Bloomingville Jute Nature Rug

Introduce some safari friends

Going for a jungle-themed nursery? Or just want to add some friendly furry faces?

Either way, these cuddly animal wall heads are perfect for a nature-friendly nursery. After all, you wouldn’t explore the great outdoors without expecting a few wild animals…

Made with faux fur, your little one will love giving these lovable creatures a cuddle before bed. Pop them over the cot and they’ll keep an eye out for any pesky predators on the prowl!

Jungle Box Kids Mini Animal Wall Heads

Discover fun florals for spring

Why not expand your nature-inspired streak to include your baby’s bedding? Floral or botanical patterns are essential for creating a nature-inspired look, and the gorgeous Cam Cam Copenhagen sleeping bag (below) is just the ticket.

As your little one drifts off to sleep, they’ll look cute as a button in this sleeping bag. With a snuggly lining and 100% organic cotton, they’ll stay cosy all night long – it’s ideal for babies who like to kick off their blankets! And the lovely leafy print will perfectly complement a nature-inspired nursery.

Cam Cam Copenhagen Sleeping Bag in Pressed Leaves Rose

Embrace wooden features

When it comes to picking out nursery furniture, stick to pieces that feature neutral and unfinished wood. This will help you create a stripped-back feel that highlights the beauty of nature.

The Tutti Bambini Modena Cot Bed 3 Piece Nursery Set (below) is a perfect example. With a classic oak effect, this contemporary piece is simple and uncomplicated – just like nature intended!

Tutti Bambini Modena Cot Bed 3 Piece Nursery Set

Or, take a peek at the Vox Nature Baby & Toddler Cot Bed in Dark Grey & Oak. The modern grey colour palette contrasts the wooden oak legs – brilliantly highlighting the natural wood effect.

Vox Nature Baby & Toddler Cot Bed in Dark Grey & Oak

And if you’d rather head down the lighter route, the East Coast Fontana Nursery & Baby’s 3pc Room Set is ideal. The washed-out wood effect will remind you of driftwood or coastal walks… perfect for creating a dreamy nature-inspired nursery.

East Coast Fontana Nursery & Baby's 3pc Room Set

Explore woodland design

If your little one loves an adventure, they’ll love this playmat. With magical forest design, it’s the perfect spot to play pretend. Complete with a fun train track, your little explorer can follow the rails over the mountains and lakes, and visit friendly animals along the way.

And while it’s great for kids, you’ll also love the gorgeous design. Pop this in your nature-inspired nursery and instantly add a touch of creativity and flair.

Kids Concept Edvin Cotton Woodland Playmat Rug

Give the walls a natural makeover

And finally, complete the look with animal wallpaper. The ‘How It Works’ print (below) will add a fun twist to any nursery – and if you’re going for a nature-inspired look, this wallpaper will definitely seal the deal.

From giraffes to kangaroos, it’s the ideal choice for the little animal lover in your life. And once they look a little closer, they’ll spend hours exploring the secret mechanisms hidden inside each creature.

Designer Kids Wallpaper- 'How It Works' in White

Get started with our entire nursery range

Ready to get started on your nature nursery? We have plenty more options for you to choose from. Just head over to our entire nursery range for inspiration – our woodland and jungle safari themed options are great for exploring life on the wild side.

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