The Ultimate Guide to Kids Single Beds

Cuckooland has more than a hundred Single Kids Beds of all shapes, sizes and prices just waiting for you to discover. The below comprehensive guide includes just a few beds from solid yet inexpensive designs to luxury and exclusive made to order models.

Barcelona Kids Bed by Julian Bowen

Keeping It Simple

Logically, we should start at the more traditional end of the spectrum; after all, these designs have heaps of pedigree behind them, and some things last for a reason! If you’re looking for a simple, sturdy and elegant base for sleepy heads, you can’t go wrong with the Barcelona Kids Bed in Stone White. Its designers, Julian Bowen, have a long history of providing affordable bedroom furniture that oozes charm and craftsmanship, a partnership that’s at the core of Cuckooland’s values.

Day Beds are also a classic choice for kids who love to lounge, and you’ll struggle to find a more classic design than the Versailles Day Bed. With its pearl-white frame dipping and curving to French parameters, there’s a ton of modern varieties you can add (such as quirky blankets, pillows and throws) that’ll put a fresh twist on antiquity. The trundle drawer means it can double up for sleepovers, whilst slotting easily into rooms of any size.

In High Spirits

Kids, it is well established, love being on top of things. We mean this literally and figuratively: high places are part of childhood’s fascination with seeing the world from a new perspective, and they make young minds curiously happy at the idea of reaching a summit that’s theirs and theirs alone.

That’s why we heartily recommend the Treehouse Single Cabin Bed from Mathy By Bols, a dream-like summation of the treehouse fantasy every little rascal shares. Available in a rainbow of 26 colours, it’s a paradise for sleep and play that will elicit gasps from your child’s friends every time they come to visit! Bringing outdoor adventures inside might also make climbing proper trees less attractive, so you can breathe easily when summer comes around. For more inspiration, view our collection of treehouse beds here.

Kids Treehouse Single Cabin Bed

Single Bed Sizes

It’s important to note that the standard size of a single bed can change depending on where the bed originates from. UK and European single bed sizes vary somewhat and can become an issue when correctly measuring available space, matching up mattresses and bedding.

Take a quick peek at the measures and cross reference them with your chosen bed. This will ensure you have all the necessary information required when buying a standard single bed.


90 cm x 190 cm

36″ x 75″

3′ x 6’3″


90 cm x 200 cm

36″ x 79″

3′ x 6’6″

Storage High On The Agenda

Keeping on this high note, the Montana Mezzanine High Sleeper by Gautier. Ideal for older children and teens who seek something towering high yet at the same time down to earth, it’s a sturdy piece of kit that functions as a wardrobe, bed-space, bookcase and desk, an all-rounder that is pretty much what your youngster makes of it.

High sleeper single beds are the perfect solution for rooms where space is limited, as the majority of a well-stocked room can fit around and in its various cubbyholes to keep up with your child’s changing tastes. If you want to go the extra mile, the award-winning Spot High Sleeper Bed by Vox has even more options for storage and showcasing, providing a menagerie of drawers, box spaces and dressing features drawn seamlessly together.

Spot High Sleeper Storage Bed
Ferrari 250 GTO Single Bed

Boys With Their Toys

Now for the really amazing stuff – single beds that patrol the amorphous landscape of your kids’ imagination, bringing to life what they’ve always wanted. Whether they’re fascinated by fairy-tales, cars or their future superhero status, our selection of themed beds will have them squealing with delight and appreciation for your choice of night-time embellishment.

Take the Ferrari 250 GTO Single Bed by Fun Furniture, built to replicate an actual Ferrari model, surely the best thing a little boy can wake up to (and plenty of blokes, for that matter!). You can ask for personalised 3D imagery to be added on the side, making your wee one the stars of their very own racing team.

Likewise, the Fire Truck Toddler Bed from Kid Kraft keeps the firefighter dream burning whilst giving all the snuggly warmth you want from a piece such as this. Although the novelty factor of these items may fade in time, they’ll provide a lifetime of memories to treasure during those early years when the world is just waiting to be explored.

Dream Girls

Pink is an old favourite for young girls with big imaginations, and tots will relish the Dollhouse Girls Toddler Bed, resplendent with a soothing colour palette and fence posts that double up as a railing. These designs are the perfect bedding ground for your toddler during that transition from cot to grown-up bed, contributing to a magical room that they’ll remember for years to come.

For budding princesses with an eye for interior design, their bed should be the pièce de résistance of their room. We believe that the stunning four poster Morocco Chic Luxury Bed by Lifetime is worthy of royalty, so it’s bound to make your daughter happy. Cloaking your girl in a royal canopy, swaddling them in flourishes of Arabesque patterns and shading, they promise to be the icing on the cake of your little lady’s room.

Morocco Chic 4 Poster Cabin Bed

Now you have a few ideas for superb single beds that’ll see kids through their formative years, it’s time to consult the inner interior designer and analyse what suits their bedroom best. Consult your child, unless you want their new bed to be a surprise, in which case think back to how incredible it was to lie cocooned in a place you knew was safe, caring and fun. Hopefully the right choice will come to you like a bolt from the blue!

Browse our full range of Kids Single Beds to find a sleeper that’s perfect for your growing boy or girl.

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