Sprung Mattresses For Kids

Spring Mattresses for Kids


Children are a swirling tide of energy, but every flow has an ebb, and they’ll be crashing out gratefully at night when you tuck them into one of our themed kids bed creations (view our full collection of kids’ beds here). And for an even softer landing, choose one of our sprung kids’ mattresses, the dream pick for the most comfortable and reliable of rests…

It’s the classic kind of sleep base, and our intrepid buyers have trekked far and wide to locate the most contemporary versions. Take a look at some of the examples in the main category above for a snippet of the two sprung designs – pocket springs and open coil mattresses. Both have many specific features and benefits!

Sprung Kids Mattress FAQ's

Since this is a crucial purchase, here are some FAQs we get asked all the time:

  1. Why are sprung mattresses so popular?

  2. They’re the tried-and-tested mattress, the sort that’s been used for well over a century throughout the world. Most of that longevity is down to their straight, taut, springy surfaces, which offer the best support out of any mattress category. They don’t allow bodies to sink into them and stay relatively cool, which is crucial for many sleepers to stay comfortable through the night.

  3. What makes sprung mattresses particularly suitable for kids?

  4. Children have separate requirements to adults. For one thing, their bones and muscles are still developing. A supportive mattress is far better at accommodating this. If your child or toddler is a sound sleeper, its probably a lot to do with them not getting too hot in the night - which is one of the benefits of a sprung mattress. Also, sprung designs aren’t too absorbent, which may be a deciding factor if your son or daughter is prone to accidents or spills in bed.

  5. Is there a big difference between pocket sprung and open coil mattresses?

  6. The open coil style is lighter, and thus easier to turn since it is made up of an interlinked spring network. It allows for ‘give’ on the surface, particularly in the middle. Pocket sprung, however, relates to the individual fabric surroundings on each spring section. That means the support as a whole is greater and preserves the quality of the mattresses for a longer stretch of time.

  7. Why does the depth of my sprung mattress matter?

  8. Deeper mattresses are more comfortable, as there are longer and more supportive features packed inside. Higher depth levels tend to indicate a ‘luxury’ feel. But you also have to bear in mind that these styles may be unsuited to your child’s bed. A mattress of 16 inches, for instance, is fine for a bunkbed or cabin bed, whereas a 23-inch model would be too thick for the frame.

Require more assistance?

Don’t fret over your child’s sleep selection or solution – float over to Cuckooland’s sprung mattress range for all your mattress needs or call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 and speak to any one of our super happy helpers or email us if you have any unanswered questions about kids beds and mattresses (in fact we're generally pretty helpful with most things).

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