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European Size Mattresses for Kids


What’s the secret to getting the kids to go to sleep? If you’ve been scrambling around in the wee hours desperately searching for the holy grail answer, there’s a good chance you aren’t catching the Z’s you should be, either. It might surprise you to learn that one reason could be the mattress your little one is resting upon.

In the UK, many kid's beds are, unsurprisingly, built for British-made mattresses - which come with their own set of measurements. But if your little darlings are finding it hard to drift off to dreamland, it might not be worth not just flipping their mattress, but rather switching it all together for a bigger European-style variant.

“But how different can a Kid's European mattress actually be?”, we hear this question all the time. Good question, and one that we’re perfectly placed to answer. Dive into our FAQs below to put all those niggling questions about European mattresses, well, to bed!

Kid's European Size Mattress FAQ's

  1. What’s the difference between European and UK mattresses?

  2. It can get a bit complicated when you’re looking for a new mattress and you end up finding styles and designs with different continent or country labels. The main thing you need to be aware of is that European mattresses differ from British mattresses in size, and little else. This is why they are often referred to as European size mattresses, as opposed to just European mattresses. Mattresses for cots typically measure 60cm x 120cm, for single beds 90cm x 200cm, double beds 140cm x 200cm, king beds 160cm x 200cm, and super king beds 180cm x 200cm.

  3. Why would my child need a European size mattress?

  4. One reason your little one might benefit from a European size mattress rather than a British design is the fact that it’s a little bigger and offers more room to stretch and move about. According to health pros, mattresses ought to be 10cm longer than your body. So if you’re child has a habit of throwing starfish shapes in their sleep, those extra few inches of room could make all the difference when it comes to getting those precious eight to ten hours in. Another reason is the bed itself. If their chosen bed is a European design, it may require a European sized mattress. Always check the specific measurements of your child's bed before purchasing a mattress.

  5. What are European mattresses typically made out of?

  6. European size mattresses don’t have any specific materials that define them. It’s their size that ultimately differentiates them from the rest of the pack. Just like standard mattresses, European size mattresses can be made from a variety of materials and constructed in all kinds of different designs, including pocket sprung, superior sprung, and high-density quality reflex foam.

Require more assistance?

Don’t be afraid to broaden your horizons and think a little bigger next time you buy your little munchkin a brand new mattress. Cuckooland stock and sell some of the best European size mattresses on the market, and if you’re looking for any other bedding items that can help your sleepy babe fall sound asleep, you’ve come to the right place. Give our friendly Dream-team a call today on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email for more information about beds sizes, mattresses or any other item in our vast and unique bedroom furniture and lifestyle collection.

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