Foam Mattresses for Kids

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Foam Mattresses for Children


When it comes to tempting kids to hit the hay in the evenings, you need all the help you can get. And a comfortable, cosy, safe-feeling foam mattress offers the best support (pun intended) there is.

Once you’ve chosen a splendid kids bed for your brood, don’t forget to put the same amount of thought into the mattress. All that’s important to your son/daughter is having a duvet dotted with images of their favourite fictional characters; however you’re likely preoccupied with making sure your child can sleep uninterrupted and all the way through until the morning. That’s why the bed’s middle section deserves the most attention. 

Foam mattresses are a particularly popular choice for kids these days given how good they are at easing youngsters into a serene slumber. There are several different types available, so we’ve answered everything that's important to know in our top 4 FAQs:

Foam Kids Mattress FAQ's

  1. How do foam mattresses actually work?

  2. Foam mattresses differ from typical surfaces in their reflexive nature. Whenever a child kicks back or moves and wiggles around excessively, the foam material responds to their body shape and eases away in the appropriate sections, allowing them to sink back into a soft and dreamy surface and stay asleep. Certain foam mattress styles, such as memory foam, also react to body temperature and mould in a way that keeps the child comfortable.

  3. What sizes and styles are available?

  4. Kids foam mattresses can be purchased in a number of designs and sizes, beyond your standard UK mattress size. European single mattresses are a little bigger and measure 90cm x 200cm x 20cm whereas trundles measure 87 x 188 x 12cm and are designed specifically for the Teepee Cabin Bed Trundle Drawer in our collection. MaxiTEX manufacture our memory foam mattresses – which do not need to be turned like other bedding surfaces and arrive vacuum-packed (easy to roll out and remove).

  5. How can I make sure my kids foam mattress stays in great shape?

  6. Many foam mattresses really benefit from the inclusion of a mattress protector – which stops the skin coming into contact with the bed surface and prevents a build-up of sweat and skin. Which can be quickly whipped off and washed separately. Depending on the specific design style, your mattress may not need to be flipped (memory foam is a good example) but rotating it can help. Make sure to wash covers every fortnight or so, and use a vacuum to clear any debris off the surface whilst the bedding is hanging out to dry.

  7. How long will my Memory Foam Mattress Last?

  8. A foam mattress is an extremely durable type of mattress, which means that the average lifespan is around ten years. A foam mattress is heat sensitive and hugs the contours of the body but springs back into its original shape when all pressure has been removed. As a foam mattress lasts well and can take on varying weight, it’s a great mattress for growing kids.

Require more assistance?

They might be reluctant to surge up the stairs and dive below the covers, but kids need their beauty sleep just as much as you do (even more so!). That’s why a foam mattress is such a good investment. If you need any assistance finding the right kids mattress, get in touch with our Cuckooland Dream-team today on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or via email. We can help you find the perfect make and model whatever your needs may be. Sleep tight and see you in the morning.

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