Natural Fibre Mattresses for Kids

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Natural Fibre Mattresses for Kids Beds


We all want to give our brood the best in life – that’s a given. Cuckooland’s natural fibre kids mattresses will make them as snug as a koala on a bed of leaves, bringing Mother Nature to their sleep for as long as they need her!

No parent wants their darling to be assailed by dust mites, allergens or synthetic chemicals. With our 100% natural sleep bases, they can nod off in the way our bodies intended, free of anything that might irritate them. Shaped for single beds, our products are plush, comforting, and score high on the eco-friendly chart, with benefits you might be surprised by…

Natural Fibre Kids Mattress FAQ's

But what are they, you ask, and how can they complement my kids’ bed? Read on for answers to your most pressing queries:

  1. What are natural fibre mattresses made of?

  2. Amazingly, coconut husks (or ‘coir’, as it’s known) build the fibrous material. It is found between the outer coat and inner shell, used mainly for mats, rugs, brushes and – in this case – hard-wearing mattresses. Our suppliers have topped it with a layer of latex foam. This is harvested directly from rubber trees; they exude a white sap that, when treated, forms a pliant, supple surface that’s free of pesticides. They’re rounded off with a wool wrapping for added softness.

  3. How will my child’s sleep benefit from a natural fibre mattress?

  4. The wool found within a natural fibre mattress will naturally help regulate your son or daughter’s body temperature so they don’t get too warm. If they do sweat, no moisture will cling to the material due to the composition of the mattress. Generally, the support is ‘medium-firm’ i.e. slightly less than a sprung mattress, yet much greater than foam mattresses.

  5. Can natural fibre mattresses be used for bunk beds?

  6. Yes, our designs are moulded to a single bed frame, with a 13cm depth that’s perfect for a bunk bed. They also present a 10cm width distinction across the collection, catering for slightly varying bed frames.

  7. What can I do to maintain a natural fibre mattress?

  8. With minimal fuss! You won't need to flip the mattress to keep the surface pressure even. Instead, turn it around – head to foot – every few months, and twin it with an organic mattress protector, which we sell separately.

  9. How old will my kids need to be before I have to upgrade the mattress?

  10. As a rule, we suggest a ceiling of 12 years for your child’s sustained use. This is roughly the stage at which they may graduate to a three-quarter or double bed if they’re ready for it. Kids can, however, sleep on our natural fibre items from the age of 2, and the perks are especially suited to very young boys and girls.

Require more assistance?

By tapping into our earthly powers (and responsibilities), Cuckooland has sourced sleep accessories that’ll treat a baba – and the environment – with equal love and care. Call our Award Winning Customer Service Dream-team on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us for a few tips and tricks on how to transform your child’s bedroom into the most wow, weird and wonderful wonderland.

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