Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

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Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

Ahh… the comfort of an open fire. Nothing quite beats the feeling of snuggling up in front of a dancing flame, the Danes have captured that feeling perfectly with the term “Hygge” ('a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being') we think you’ll agree that a fire certainly adds some cosiness to a home. However, that comfort can come at a cost to our environment and with rising concerns over the emissions that more traditional solid and gas fires produce, Bio Ethanol Fires are becoming a popular eco-friendly option. So if you are considering installing a new fireplace or replacing an existing log burning stove, gas or electric fireplace, a biofuel fireplace is the perfect environmentally friendly solution – then you can rest easy when you’re cosying up that it’s not costing the earth – literally.

What is a Bio Ethanol Fireplace

A Bio Ethanol Fireplace is a type of fireplace that operates using Bio Fuel, a renewable fuel, that produces a real flame but no smoke and requires no chimney - making it a great option for modern homes or areas that have smoke controlled zones. Other benefits include minimal maintenance, as there is no soot or ash to clean up, super quick and easy installation, the ability to adjust the flame size and it’s not dependent on either a gas or electric source to operate. If you’re looking for a hot new home accessory why not consider a Biofuel Fireplace - what’s not to love about them!

Environmental benefits of Biofuel

Bio Ethanol Fires are fast becoming a popular choice among those looking for a toasty new feature in their home. With the rise in awareness of our human impact on our beautiful planet, efforts of recycling, reusing and reducing waste are extending into our heating choices. Fires are aesthetically pleasing, but when you get down to the environment, they’re not too friendly – smoke and potentially harmful emissions are common place with traditional solid fuel or gas fires. Biofuel on the other hand produces minimal, and in most cases, negligible emissions, is completely smoke free and is a renewable fuel since it is made from materials such as potato, corn and sugar. It’s certainly getting the thumbs up from us so far! Additional environmental benefits of Biofuel include heat retention – since they require no chimney or flue to expel nasty emissions, 100% of the heat that they generate remains within the room, wow! Now we’re upgrading our thumbs up to fist pump!

We appreciate that us humans are creatures of habit, we like the old familiar, the traditional, the well-trod path – there can be a reluctance to try something new, unfamiliar and take a step into the unknown… you may have never heard of biofuel, or understand how it really works. We’ve included some guidance below with a few questions we frequently receive regarding Bio Ethanol Fireplaces.

Bio Ethanol Fireplaces FAQ’s

  1. Are Bio Ethanol Fireplaces expensive to run?

  2. Running a household can be expensive so when you're considering installing a new fireplace in your home, cost is right up there as a priority. You may be wondering whether a Bio Ethanol Fireplace is expensive to run in comparison to a log burner or a gas fireplace? Well the good news is that they are on a par when it comes to running costs, this is obviously dependent on consumption and how often you have your fire in use, but as an average they are of very similar cost to run. A considerable saving may be made on installation, as Biofuel Fires need no chimney’s, flues or fireplaces, they can be freestanding or suspended from a ceiling, so not only can you save your pennies there’s no disruption to your home!

  3. Are Bio Ethanol Fireplaces safe?

  4. Yes they are, as they produce negligible amounts of CO2; (similar output to a candle), you can rest assured that they are safe to use indoors. The expert advice is to keep in mind that the flame size should be in proportion to the size of the room because an open flame in whatever size requires oxygen to burn, so ventilation is always crucial to make sure the oxygen in the room (that is consumed) is replaced. In the case of a Bio Ethanol flame this need only be a small open vent above your windows. However, we always recommend following the manufacturers guidelines in terms of installation and user instructions, these have been developed to ensure that your new fire is being used as intended and is safely installed. As with any product that produces fire (biofuel creates a real fire) and heat, care should be taken, particularly if young children are in your home.

  5. Can Bio Ethanol Fires heat up a room?

  6. Our range of Bio Ethanol Fires from Le Feu have a heat output of approximately 2.0 to 3.0kw (equivalent to a small gas or electric heater). Output will vary and is dependent on regulator setting and room size. Traditional fireplaces and log burners need a chimney that often results in heat loss, however as biofuel fires require no chimney, 100% of the heat they generate is kept in the room. We would recommend assessing your requirements, but in conclusion, Bio Ethanol Fires are indeed a heat source but they are not designed to replace the intense heat produced by a traditional roaring fire. They offer more of an aesthetic background heat solution but they absolutely will heat up a room providing the guidelines of size and kw have been followed.  

Require more assistance?

We hope we’ve answered your burning questions! If you’re still feeling in the dark please give our super friendly customer service team a call on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or drop them an email and they’ll be hot on your case!

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