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You can’t beat being outdoors, but the Great British Weather doesn’t always permit a jaunt into the garden after work. Well, not to blow our own trumpet here, but we actually have a simple solution – decorate your home with greenery instead.

Greenery FAQs 

Once used to describe plant life, flowers, and gardens, this term has since developed into an evergreen trend with all kinds of products falling under its label. Greenery can spruce up settings and even cleanse the atmosphere, but why else is it suddenly so stylish to have green everywhere inside your home? Cuckooland investigates…

  1. Why is greenery so popular in the home?

  2. Décor trends come and go, but it’s great to see greenery being grabbed left, right, and center by homeowners in the modern era. The rise of this trend coincides with an intensified interest in health and well-being. We’re more concerned with looking after our minds and bodies than we’ve ever been before; green is not only a calming influence on the brain and body – it’s also reflective of a positive, peaceful state of mind. It’s a fast-moving computer-dominated world out there, and having greenery to come home to can help us kick back away from the glowing screens.

  3. Why is green a good choice for home décor?

  4. Other than its naturally soothing guise, the great thing about green is that it’s extremely versatile, and can be used all over the house in a variety of different ways. Splashes of green often work best, with the tone used to punctuate the room rather than completely overtake it. Indeed, the greenery trend involves dotting various grass-toned items over the property with pillows, chairs, rugs, and lampshades rather than painting entire walls with the shade.

  5. Which colours work best with green home accessories?

  6. A lot of people like to place green alongside white décor to make it pop, but as mentioned previously, this particular colour is adaptable enough to work well when partnered with all kinds of shades. Mixing up mint, leaf, and neon green can create the illusion of rainforest in your living room, whereas combining sage furnishings with brick flooring outdoors creates a cosy cottage feel. Bright green items are always a good choice for relaxed areas like conservatories, adding a soft playful touch to the environment.

  7. How do I attach a planter to a brick wall?

  8. Place the planter bracket on your chosen wall spot and mark the locations of the mounting holes on the brick wall using a pencil or pen. As Planter brackets have multiple holes be sure to mark them all carefully. Use safety glasses/ear protectors to protect yourself from bits of debris and guard against ear damage from loud power tools. It's best to use a hammer drill or ordinary drill equipped with a masonry bit, which measures the same diameter as the chosen wall anchors to drill holes directly into the wall. Once the hole is drilled, insert plastic wall anchors into the hole using a hammer. Place the bracket over the plastic anchors, and use suitably sized screws to fix the bracket to the wall. Be sure to securely tighten the screws and your fixture is now ready to hang a planter.

Require more assistance?

So that concludes our tour of the green house, offering you deeper insight into a décor trend that’s growing faster than a bamboo tree in springtime. This colour can keep your household upbeat and summery regardless of the season outdoors, and we’re right on hand if you need a bit of green guidance.+44 (0) 1305 231231 or email to speak to our team on creating a home that’ll make your friends green with envy…


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