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Finding Your Perfect Gaming Beanbag

When some games can take between 40 and 400+ hours to complete… you’re going to need a great chair to help you beat that final boss. With lots of options available, have you ever considered a Gaming Bean Bag? Unlike gaming chairs, these soft and squishy home accessories have been ergonomically designed to hug to your body. It might be the last thing on your mind when you’ve got a whole evening free to relax, but when you have a great gaming chair to support you, you can avoid those potential strains, aches, pains and ailments. They’re also versatile and double up as a spot to relax, rest and catch up on your other interests too. We’ve popped a list together of our Gaming Bean Bag FAQ’s to help you pick the one for you - GLHF reading!

Gaming Bean Bags FAQ’s

  • What makes a Bean Bag a good Gaming Chair?

    Ergonomically designed to mould and contour to the natural curves of your body, Bean Bags make excellent Gaming Chairs. Most bean bags are filled with thousands of tiny, lightweight polybeads that move and adapt to the lucky person sitting in them! Designed with supportive backs, breathable vents and generous seats; as you move, the bean bag moves with you, for extra comfort while you kick back and score high!

  • What are Gaming Bean Bags made from?

    Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and fabric options; the fillings predominantly used are polybeads! Ever wondered what gives Gaming Bean Bags that plush and plump appearance – it’s these clever polystyrene beads that mould and form to your body and offer superior comfort. You don’t know comfort until you’ve tried a Gaming Bean Bag for yourself.

  • Are Gaming Bean Bags comfortable?

    If you’re finding yourself asking this question, we’re going to guess you’ve never had the pleasure to sit in a Gaming Bean Bag Chair before? So let us help enlighten you! Gaming Bean Bags are filled with thousands upon thousands of soft squishy beads that will mould to your natural shape. Think memory foam mattress, but the chair equivalent! As campaigns, quests and co-ops can sometimes last for hours, your gaming chair needs to support you while you’re unlocking achievements and reaching the top of leader boards.

  • Is it worth buying a Gaming Bean Bag?

    Gaming Bean Bags offer quality, comfort and support. If you’re a hardcore gamer and you’re finding your current setup isn’t cutting it, we’d highly recommend investing in a gaming bean bag. We have lots of options available here at Cuckooland to suit every budget. Your gaming chair wishlist will determine your final choice. If you’re looking for extra features, speakers and controls you might want to call ‘game over’ on a bean bag and opt for a gaming chair instead, however watch out for those higher price tags!

  • Why get a Gaming Bean Bag over a Gaming Chair?

    Hate the incessant squeaking of office chairs, then a gaming bean bag is probably your best bet! Gaming chairs with wheels can often start to wear the carpet and flooring beneath them. Our Gaming Bean Bags feature soft, durable bases that are far less likely to snag and destroy your flooring than wheeled chairs. That being said, Gaming Bean Bags aren’t height adjustable, so if this feature is on your tick list, this might not be the style for you.

  • What else can a Gaming Bean Bag be used for?

    Gaming Bean Bag chairs are so versatile, just like the beaded fillings inside them! Not just for gaming, it makes a great spot to relax and rest. As they’re so supportive, comfortable and malleable, you can use them for other hobbies and activities. Great as cinema chairs, grab the popcorn and watch your favourite movies and boxsets. Need to give your eyes a break from screens? Grab a book and get through a few chapters of the latest release or why not enjoy some drawing? Many of our gaming bean bags can also be used outdoors too, so top up on your vitamin D out in the garden or on the balcony.

  • Can kids use Gaming Bean Bags?

    Yes! We offer lots of different sizes here at Cuckooland from Mini to Mighty! Gaming is for everyone and as our Gaming Bean Bags can be used for other activities, they’re a great option for kids and their ever-changing hobbies. Grab a few colours and sizes for the whole family, and sit down and complete your favourite MP games together.

Require more assistance?

We know you’re itching to beat your top score, but if you still find yourself deliberating Gaming Bean Bags don’t go AFK, we’re here to help! Call us on 01305 2312321 or email and we’ll get you back to your consoles faster than you can say Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game!

Gaming Beanbag Guides & Advice

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