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BBQ Accessories


Nothing beats having impromptu gatherings in the garden with the delicious smell of good BBQ food all around us. So spend those all important few months of sunshine with your nearest and dearest doing what we do best; cooking up the most amazing food whilst relaxing with friends and possibly a few cheeky drinks thrown in too. Whether you’re strictly a garden BBQ’er, picnic BBQ’er or straight up beach BBQ’er, we have the best range of BBQ accessories to really put the good time in Summer time.

With such a unique range of bbq accessories available all in one place, you will find all you will ever need to create the worlds best BBQ party right here at Cuckooland. Our BBQ accessories come from internationally renowned brands such as Lotus Grill. We have super stylish colour matching barbeque tongs and brushes aplenty, BBQ hoods with temperature gauges, a limitless supply of long burning best quality charcoal, pizza stone sets and even a state of the art Teppanyaki plate!

Browse our incredible range of BBQ accessories and transform your barbeque into a speculator party that will be talked about for years to come. Cuckooland is here to bring out the quirkiness in your life and what better way to do that than at a barbecue.


BBQ Accessory FAQs 

Flipping burgers, sausages and chicken, and watching their juices drip from grill to plate, is heaven for us culinary Cuckoolanders. As is tucking into a healthy mushroom and veggie kebab (yes we mean that!)! As talented a BBQ or pizza chef we all may be lets face it, our competence (and confidence) owes a great deal to the tools at hand. Without an arsenal of super cool and practical Barbeque Accessories in our mitts, we'd struggle with the self-proclaimed title of BBQ Master!

If our guide to the holiday survival kit hasn’t made you think twice about what tongs, skewers and grilling additions should be by your side, then we’d like to properly emphasize again how useful our cooking accessories are for big, outdoor parties. Here are some popular FAQs surrounding them:

  1. Why are BBQ Hoods a great purchase?

  2. Well, for one, they allow customised ventilation, with a temperature gauge that ups your cooking accuracy. And secondly, they trap heat which, on a low level, turns a BBQ into an outdoor oven.

  3. Which BBQ Tongs are better – metal or plastic?

  4. It depends what your priorities are. Metal tongs will last longer, and they’re good for digging into thick chunks of meat. Conversely, plastic tongs tend to be more stylish, in addition to being unaffected by rust if they’re left out in the rain.

  5. How long should I marinade meat for?

  6. Thinner cuts can be ready for cooking in 20-30 minutes after the marinade has been applied, but heftier strips need a good couple of hours to really let the flavour settle. Food left marinating overnight in the fridge is always the best option. Tip: For sticky ribs, super flavoursome steak or bbq chicken a cola marinade (yes, using fizzy cola as a marinade base) works a treat!

Require more assistance?

Like a whirling dervish of cooking excellence, you’ll be wishing for more hands as the benefits of our outdoor dining accessories start to add up. It does really pay to be prepared for this style of eating; who knows when a cumbersome relative will throw five chicken breasts onto your perfectly stacked grill!

We already know why Brits love BBQs, For even more reasons why, browse our full range of accessories to get those taste buds popping, or call our team of cooking gurus on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us for more answers to your culinary quandaries.


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