Children's Sand Pits

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Sand Pits


The Beach is a splendid place: sand, sea, salty air - there's nothing quite like a day out with the family. And everyone else's family and everyone else's conversation and dubious language, and smells, and traffic and parking and hauling anvils from the car and back again... Ok so hitting the beach has its pro's and con's and it certainly has its time and place. But what if you could skip all of that; buy a sand pit, fill it with sand; throw in a hose for good measure; scatter some beach towels; fire up the BBQ and choose which friends you expose your family too. Naaa, its not that anti-social, its darn clever if you ask us. Spend more time with your close family and friends and put your hard earned cash into doing up your garden or patio area! What's more, our specialised sand pits can help youngsters realise their budding build skills, without the fun falling apart at the end of the day.

No longer confined to nursery, school or a lengthy trip to the beach, that mush-able substance can lie right outside your back door! For joyful afternoons, that’s a big bonus – what’s more, you can sit with your mini me, and help them create a beautiful kingdom in the summer sunshine… with lunch and refreshments just a few metres away.

Sand Pit FAQ's

Outdoor playthings can do just this and more. Read on for some FAQs our little garden gnomes get asked on a daily basis:

  1. How many children will my sandpit cater for?

  2. At any one time, there should be no more than four kids per pit, not just for spatial considerations but that just about the maximum weight our side panels  can hold. Since the average UK child of 7 years old is around 24kg, a pair of healthy boys and girls (up to this age bracket) can sit on the edge, but that’s the upper limit. Our bench-style sand pits don’t prescribe to this, since they’re designed with heftier weight-bearing skills.

  3. Do I have to purchase the sand separately?

  4. Cuckooland isn’t able to add the sand itself to your delivery, but it’s easy to find soft play sand online. Or call our Customer Service hotline on +44 (0) 1305 231231 for an up to date check on our inventory (sand may indeed be on the list in the future). Plus, our manufacturers have prepared for easy sand application, adding features like a textile underlay, baseliners or removable containers, depending on the item you’re looking at.

  5. Is there a certain type of sand I need to use?

  6. Most definitely: it’s a special, water-treated sand. This kind of sand is washed, dried and sieved to eliminate any irritants or staining potential when it’s fresh out of the box.

  7. How do I clean and care for a sandpit?

  8. After every play period, remove all the toys you can see, and rake the sandpit for any that you can’t (airing the sand granules in the process). Every few months, replace the sand with a new batch – tip: spread a tarp down next to the pit and empty it out. Then, before filling it again, wash around the rim and tip it upside down to dry. You can protect the sand with an outdoor cover, which some models have as standard.

  9. Do you sell sandpits that are integrated with other play items?

  10. Actually, we do, primarily in our wooden playhouse range. You’ll find frames with a sand pit underneath the main structure.

Require more assistance?

We don't just sell sand pits - why not give the little cherubs some child-friendly outdoor furniture to crash on? If you have any more questions don't hesitate to call our devilishly clever little garden gnomes on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us for more totally free and always extremely interesting advise.


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