How to Create a Tranquil Kids Bedroom

A tranquil bedroom is a soothing space that encourages your kids to be creative, study and settle down after a busy day’s learning.

Cuckooland has a wide selection of neutral hued furniture – where white, wood and beige tones help to create this calming aesthetic.

Start with the bed before adding storage-packed items that ‘earn their keep’. After all, what’s even better than providing a calming environment for your little one (and you!)? It’s providing a calming environment – with storage!

Keen to transform your child’s surroundings? Let’s discover how cleverly designed pieces can create a tranquil bedroom for your young ones.
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1. White Can Be a Calming ‘Blank Canvas’

Aviary Triple Sleeper

This triple sleeper bed is a great starting point to create a tranquil kid’s bedroom.

Available in this serene ‘White’ shade, you’re the one who chooses how much colour to bring into your child’s bedroom.

But, that’s not the only feature that’ll help create a tranquil environment. Brimming with clever bed storage, calling this just a “bed” is an understatement because it also includes ample room for treasured nick nacks, teddies and bedtime books.

Ever-so-handy shelving compartments run the length of both beds – and two generous storage drawers reach back underneath the lower (small double) bed to tackle any clutter.

2. Mix Neutral Tones

Charlotte Kids Treehouse Bed in Grey & Beige

Nothing says ‘calm’ like combining two neutral tones – here, grey and beige – in a bedroom.

This MDF and solid pine treehouse-style bed creates a classic space suitable for both boys and girls – who can learn to hang their dressing gown on the hooks at the end of this fun unit.

Pair with on-trend neutral wall colours and see their smiles when they delve into the hampers or baskets you place underneath this sturdy bed platform.

You’ll even covet the high-quality lacquer finish for your own furniture.

3. Add a Trundle

Fraser Single Storage Bookcase Bed with Trundle Drawer

Perhaps you’d prefer a ‘White’ or ‘Dark Grey’ bed that’s also lower to the ground.

Well, the Fraser single storage bed could be the tranquil answer you’ve been searching for. The only thing below the base is the roomy pull-out trundle drawer – ideal for storing spare bedding and quilts.

Place their favourite soft toy in or above the headboard’s inbuilt shelving nook, add an oxygen boosting indoor plant to the top and rest a night light there to keep them company.

You may even decide to add a trundle mattress (sold separately) at a later date – perfect for when their friends start to sleepover.

4. Choose a Neutral ‘Display Space’

Parisot Bibliobed Kids Bunk Bed

This modern take on a bunk bed by Parisot is ideal for budding bookworms who can curate their growing ‘library’ of titles on its numerous shelves.

Comprising light white and oak effect tones, it’ll stand the test of time – and different decor trends – staying true to its calming clean lines.

Open and bright, the Bibliobed recognises that your child’s interests will change and is perfect for storing their prized belongings. They can proudly display their space rockets, jungle-themed teddies or fairy crowns on the inbuilt shelves or in its trundle drawer (sold separately).

Don’t forget to use the two shelves underneath the ladder either – after all, where there’s storage … there’s a way!

5. Maximise Vertical Space to Create a ‘Chill Out’ Zone

Oeuf Perch Loft Bed in White & Birch

Have you ever wished that your kid’s bedroom was a little bigger?

Why not create a ‘zen den’ or chill out space for your child underneath their very own loft bed by Oeuf? Then, place a pastel (or aztec as in the pic) rug on the floor below, add a chair and tap into the sustainable Baltic birch plywood and Eco-MDF perch loft in a neutral ‘White and Birch’ colourway, to encourage a sense of open space for youngsters (aged 6 and above).

They’ll feel very grown-up given the ladder access (complete with safety treads) – whilst you too can relax knowing this is lower than a conventional loft bed.

6. Keep it Light and Bright

Kids Tipi Bed

As with paint colours, bringing in lighter shades of furniture can make their room appear bigger – and create an ‘oasis of calm’.

Achieve this tranquil atmosphere by choosing the Kids Tipi Bed. Its open design and two-tone colourway keep things simple – the perfect base for any style of bedding! 

Enabling the Montessori Method of parenting this bed is close to the floor, so encourages kiddos to explore their surroundings with freedom. You’ll be reassured by the lower height of the bottom bed base, leaving them able to reach their bed safely.

7. Choose Flexible Furniture with a ‘Place for Everything’

Parisot Finland Mid Sleeper with Desk & Storage

Tranquillity comes from having a place for everything and everything in its place.

Achieving this can be easier said than done, however – especially when your budding Picasso enjoys creating art or has homework to finish.

Yet, the Finland mid sleeper bed gives them their own work area in the shape of a pull-out desk, that can be placed back under for a streamlined bed after use.

Conquer any ‘mess mountains’ by storing bookbags, pens and paints on the four cavernous shelves that span the side of this clever sleeper bed.

This bed combines tranquillity and flexibility with the satisfaction that there’s enough space to tidy everything away.

8. Go for Timelessly Tranquil Designs - with Doors!

Vox Vintage Wardrobe

Searching for neutral furniture that allows you to close the doors on your kid’s clutter and walk away?

Say “hello” to this vintage-style wardrobe from Vox. Measuring 100×200 cm – it offers plenty of room – including seven compartments and a clothes rail – to properly organise and store your little one’s belongings.

Standing on stylish retro oak legs, this natural wardrobe will blend seamlessly into any style or theme of decor.

So much so, you might decide to call on its decluttering potential in a number of other rooms too.

Add Neutral and Natural Shades - plus Storage - for a Tranquil Kid’s Bedroom

Furnishing a room is all about evoking a mood, and kiddiwinkles will appreciate having their very own ‘chill out zone’ created with neutral-toned beds and furniture brimming with storage. To discover more about our Kid’s Bedroom Furniture, simply call our expert team on +44 (0) 1305 231231, or send us an email.


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