Nursery Furniture FAQs

Are you expecting a new addition in the near future? Congratulations! It’s such a blessing and an incredibly exciting time, but with the news your family is growing, you’ll find yourself asking questions you never anticipated!

Do not fret, it’s completely normal to have a long list of questions and we’re here to help you find the answers you need.

Once you’ve finished reading our nursery furniture FAQ guide, we hope you’ll feel more prepared for the imminent arrival of your little bundle of joy!

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1. What furniture does a baby need?

This is really down to personal preference, but we’ve put a checklist together of the nursery furniture a newborn and caregiver might need.

A crib, cot, cradle, Moses basket or bassinet

It’s recommended babies sleep close to you until at least 6 months of age. With this in mind, a co-sleeper crib or moses basket is a great first choice, but eventually, once this stage has been outgrown, a larger cot or cot bed would be required.

A firm mattress that fits the baby bed you’ve chosen
There should be a gap of no more than two fingers width between the mattress and crib for safety. Ensure the mattress fits snuggly into the nursery furniture you’ve chosen.

Baby changing unit
A designated space to change your baby is highly recommended. They’ll need a flat, stable surface and it’s always good to pick out a design with additional storage for nappies, lotions, wipes etc.

Laundry basket
This brings us nicely to washing baskets! Babies go through outfits like nobody’s business. It’s handy to have a laundry basket next to the baby changing table – making quick changes easier, especially during the early hours!

Storage (wardrobe, dresser, toy box, shelves)
You may be lucky enough to have built-in storage, in which case this isn’t a requirement, however, you’ll soon find cupboards begin to overflow! We’d recommend installing plenty of storage solutions, such as nursery wardrobes, chests of drawers, shelves and toy boxes; to keep the nursery neat and tidy. The more your baby grows, the more things they’ll need!

Rocking/nursing chair
This nursery furniture addition isn’t essential (especially if you’re short on space) however a nursing chair is a huge benefit to parents and babies. It creates a quiet and comfortable space to relax while you’re feeding, settling and bonding with your baby.

We’d highly recommend picking out a complete nursery furniture set if you’re unsure. We’ve compiled matching designs with key features, to take the stress out of selecting. As you’re browsing, we’ll always make recommendations to help guide you! Look out for our top picks as you travel through the Cuckooland site.

Our nursery furniture checklist isn’t exhaustive! If you find other furniture designs that you’d like to add to the nursery, by all means, do so!

Vox Vintage 3 Piece Cot Bed Nursery Set in a Choice of Oak or 5 Pastel Colours

2. When should I buy nursery furniture?

When you first find out the news, it’s always exciting to start planning out the theme and furniture for your baby’s first bedroom, but it’s recommended to wait until the second trimester to consider final furniture purchases. It’s also advised to have the nursery set up and complete by week 36 of your pregnancy. This is just a rough guide and may not suit you or your family’s needs. It’s always best to ask a professional if you’re really unsure. 

Something to bear in mind is the time it takes for your furniture to be delivered to you and the final assembly of the furniture – if you’d like to talk about lead times and assembly instructions to ensure you’re buying at the right time, our friendly customer service team are always on hand to help!

Vox Canne Baby Cot Bed 3 Piece Nursery Set

3. How should I position my nursery furniture?

This can sometimes be a tricky one, especially if the nursery is in a box room and you haven’t been blessed with floor space. Your baby’s bed should be positioned away from heaters, radiators, windows, plug sockets, cables and decorations. To ensure your baby is safe while they sleep, create a safe zone around the cot, free of objects or furniture to prevent accidents and SIDS. It’s also recommended the crib or cot is free from bedding, pillows, cot bumpers and toys to keep them safe and sound!

Obaby Maya Mini Cot Bed 2 Piece Nursery Furniture Set

4. I have a box room, which nursery furniture should I pick for small spaces?

If you have limited space in the nursery, select furniture pieces that are multi-functional and designs that utilise the floor space you have.

A great addition is a cot top changer – creating a nappy changing station without the need for other furniture. Select a cot bed with a trundle drawer for extra storage. Use the wall space wisely and install shelving for toys and books! Pick out a wardrobe with plenty of drawers, hanging rails and shelves.

Select nursery furniture that works harder for you and makes clever, space-saving selections.

Obaby Stamford Sleigh Space Saver 2 Piece Room Set in White

5. I don’t know the babies’ gender, what nursery furniture should I pick?

If you’ve decided to keep the gender a surprise, selecting nursery furniture shouldn’t be an issue! As long as you have all of the essentials, you’re all set!

Here at Cuckooland, we have gorgeous nursery furniture for baby boys and girls.

You can’t go wrong with any colour, but we’d recommend picking out a neutral coloured set for longevity – that way if you feel the need to re-decorate down the line or continue using the furniture into their childhood/teen years, these sets can be paired with any wall colour your kiddies pick out!

Obaby Nika Cot Bed 2 Piece Nursery Furniture Set

6. What is the difference between a cot and cot bed?

You may have noticed these two terms popping up! The main difference is the size. A cot typically measures 120 x 60cm and a cot bed will measure 140 x 70cm.

Cot beds will usually have extra features too, but this isn’t an exclusive rule. Cot bed frames can be transformed into a toddler bed stage later down the line, saving you from buying additional furniture before it’s required.

Both designs have their own benefits – cots save on space and cot beds might be used for longer. Check the measurements, unique features and benefits and weigh up the pros and cons of each to settle on a design. And if you need help choosing, we’re always here to lend a hand.

Leander Luna Baby Cot Bed

7. What type of nursery furniture would be suitable for babies and toddlers?

It’s always a good idea to think ahead when picking out nursery furniture. Many designs look adorable but might need replacing earlier than you’d planned.

Cot beds are a fantastic choice as the frames can be adapted and used for longer. Starting out as a cot, they can be transformed into a toddler bed and often then into a sofa – lasting years rather than months! Wardrobes and baby changing units can also be adapted to suit toddlers, children and teens. Check the recommended age range of the product and the unique features and benefits to make an informed decision. If you’re still unsure, contact us any time and we’ll get back as soon as we can!

Vox 4 You 3 in 1 Baby & Toddler Cot Bed 2 Piece Nursery Set in White & Oak

8. Do I need a nursing chair?

Nursing chairs or rocking chairs aren’t essential, but can be a huge benefit for both babies and caregivers! Ergonomically designed to offer unparalleled comfort, it’s a great place to nurse, soothe and bond with your baby. The gentle rocking motions relax parents and babies. And when the rocking chair has been outgrown, the designs can continue to be used as a spot for bedtime stories.

Gaia Baby Tweed Serena Rocking Chair

9. What safety tests should I look out for?

Let’s talk nursery furniture safety tests! It can all get a bit confusing, but to ensure nursery furniture is safe for little ones to use, it needs to have passed rigorous testing. Outside of the UK and EU, the safety tests can be different, but these are the current standards to look out for, according to BSI:

Cribs and cradles: BS EN 1130:2019

Carry cots and stands: BS EN 1466

Cots and folding cots: BS EN 716-1:2017 and BS EN 716-2:2017

Changing units: BS EN 12221 and BS EN 12221-1:2008+A1:2013

Mattresses: BS EN 16890:2017 and BS EN 16890:2017+A1:2021

At Cuckooland we ensure every design has been stringently tested to ensure you and your baby are getting the very best. Try not to get too bogged down with the characters being thrown at you above! It’s good to check nursery furniture complies with safety rules and regulations. If you’d like more information from our team, call or email to get in touch and seek out expert advice from sites like the Lullaby Trust, NCT and Child Accident Prevention Trust if you’re still puzzled about what to look out for.

Vox Evolve Cot Bed 3 Piece Nursery Furniture Set

Feeling Confident about Nursery Furniture?

We hope our list has helped you pick out the perfect nursery set for your newborn! If you have any questions before the big day, call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us at we’d love to help you and your family find the answers you need!


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