How to use Storage in Interior Design

Storage should be practical, but you shouldn’t need to sacrifice on style when trying to organise your interiors!

Make your furniture work harder for you! Functionality is always important, but tick all the boxes and pick storage that will draw your eye and stand out for all the right reasons. By choosing thoughtful and purposeful interior designs and playing with the layout and arrangement of your furniture you can make a bigger impact and get the most out of your home.

Using storage as the focal point in a room you’re able to display your favourite possessions and hide away others that you’d rather not put on show. Curb clutter and showcase objects that are an extension of yourself.

We’ve handpicked a selection of our favourite storage solutions that we know will get your seal of approval. Keep scrolling if you’d love to see more!

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1. Fons Black Shelving Unit with Drawers by Woood

Fons Black Shelving Unit with Drawers by Woood

Featuring open and hidden storage, the eye-catching Fons Shelving Unit frames your favourite possessions and keeps unsightly clutter hidden away.

Arrange vases, family photographs, holiday mementos and prized collections on the alternating open shelves and enjoy reminiscing those special memories.

The Fons bookcase by Woood is such a versatile design. Perfect in the living room, dining room, home office, hallway or bedroom – the central shelf can’t help but draw your eye when you enter your chosen space.

Finished in a bold black colourway, place in front of a statement wall in a bold colour to frame your interiors or why not separate space and use yours as a room divider!

2. Bloomingville Rattan Otto Cabinet

Bloomingville Rattan Otto Cabinet

Break the mould and select storage that doesn’t fit into a box. Saying no to straight lines – the unique Bloomingville Rattan Otto Cabinet features a circular body that demands attention!

Pairing natural shapes with natural materials, the firwood frame is finished with intricately woven rattan doors to complete the look. Hide books behind the double doors or transform the cupboard into a drinks cabinet and store all of your favourite spirits.

Practical, versatile and stylish, the Otto Cabinet is everything home storage should be.

3. Vox Ribbon Tall Bookcase

Vox Ribbon Tall Bookcase

We can all admit to hoarding, collecting and cluttering, but only our most precious possessions get to see the light of day. Objects this special deserve a display cabinet worthy of keeping them safe.

Designed with intersecting geometric shapes, the Ribbon bookcase from Vox boasts seven open shelves to display all of your favourites. From books to potted plants, your chosen collection becomes a feature. So, when you step into the living room, office, bedroom or dining room you’ll immediately be drawn to the bookcase and want to pick up a novel.

Finished in oak and floating above black legs, let your home accessories do the talking!

4. BePureHome Capo Wine Cabinet

BePureHome Capo Wine Cabinet

Exuding luxury and elegance, the antique brass finish and art deco design of the BePureHome Capo Wine Cabinet has a lot to say for itself. You wouldn’t be able to walk into a room and not notice this stunning drinks cabinet.

Bottles can be stored in the 6 compartments and glassware, tools and accessories are ready and waiting on the larger shelves.

It’ll be the star of the show at dinner parties and gatherings; prepare drinks on the cabinet top and serve up a selection of fizzy favourites or just pay a quick visit for a nightcap.

5. BePureHome Gracious Display Cabinet

BePureHome Gracious Display Cabinet

Don’t hide your household favourites away in any old cupboard. With dinnerware, barware and crockery costing more than we’d like to admit, don’t conceal them, but let them take pride of place in the kitchen or dining room.

Floating above a slimline frame, the decorative metal and glass unit frames your collection. Set against the black weathered finish, each item will stand out against the dark backdrop and catch your eye as you enter the room.

With three shelves to play with, there’s plenty of space. Not just for fine plates and pots, store books in the living room or home office and jewellery and accessories in the bedroom. As everything is closed away and kept safe behind the magnetic doors, no need for dusting! What a relief that is.

6. Vox Nature Oak Dining Table with Drawers & Built in Trivet

Vox Nature Oak Dining Table with Drawers & Built in Trivet

When we pick out home furniture we often create dead space and don’t properly utilise our square footage. Unfortunately, dining room tables can be one of those furniture designs that take up a huge amount of space. Not so with the Vox Nature Oak Dining Table!

Utilising every inch in the dining room or kitchen, the tabletop features built-in drawers and a recess running straight through the middle. Store cutlery, napkins, bottle openers, straws and other essentials underneath each place setting and keep candle holders, sauces and bottles in the central compartments. The metal covers can even hold hot pots and dishes straight from the oven without hurting the wooden tabletop.

Create an eye-catching arrangement and grow herbs in the middle of the table, ready for everyone to flavour their food or create a floral display and show off your green-fingered skills!

7. Dutchbone Glavo Side Table

Dutchbone Glavo Side Table

Supporting our point that storage solutions shouldn’t sacrifice on style – make a statement in the living room with the Glavo Side Table from Dutchbone.

A pleasure to look at from every angle, draw the eye to a particular corner of the room with an interesting silhouette. Suspended on three glass shelves, store artwork, books, candles, plants and keep drinks close by when you’re enjoying a sit-down.

The walnut finish and retro styling make it an art piece in itself! Compact in size, but making an impact wherever it’s placed, we challenge you to find a side table better!

8. Woood Forrest TV Stand

Woood Forrest TV Stand

We all love to binge-watch boxsets and pop our feet up in front of the box, but sadly our televisions bring with them cables, clutter and can become a total eye-sore if badly managed.

The Woood Forrest TV Stand makes a feature of your home cinema setup. The gorgeous natural mango wood doors and drawers balance out the cold reflective screen above.

With plenty of space for cables, controllers, remotes, TV boxes and consoles, sides can be kept clear. And when everything is neatly hidden away, your living room can be the calm, relaxing hub of the home.

Has Our Home Storage Caught Your Eye?

Storage? Check! Stylish? Check! Keeping our homes tidy and clutter-free has never looked so good. If our storage solutions have inspired you to have a clear-out and you want furniture that will better utilise your space, pick up the phone and call +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us at and lets get your storage doing more for you!


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