The Top Ten Adult Beds from Cuckooland

Choosing your next bed isn’t an easy task.

With style, function, and cost to weigh up, it takes time to find an option that’s right for you and your space.

So, if it’s time to upgrade your sleeping quarters, you’ve come to the right place – because we’ve rounded up our favourite beds to help you decide. From clutter-busting storage beds to stylish four-posters, take your pick from these leading brands…

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1) Vox 4 You King 4 Poster Bed with Storage

Vox 4 You King 4 Poster Bed with Storage & Shelves in White

If your room is on the smaller side, then look no further than this marvellous four-poster by Vox. It’s absolutely jam-packed with storage to help you free up your space.

With a built-in shelving unit, keep all your bedtime knick knacks within reaching distance. From your alarm clock to your latest read, you can stash all your must-haves close-by – so you can wave goodbye to your bedside table!

Beyond the shelving, you’ll also find roomy storage concealed behind the headboard, along with space to add storage boxes around the base.

And with optional add-ons, you can really make this bed your own. Why not add the projector screen for the cosiest Nexflix bingeing sessions?

2) Pino White Four Poster Double Bed

Pino White Four Poster Double Bed

Looking for a bed that makes a statement?

This four poster is here to turn heads and make an impact. With its simple yet striking design, you’ll instantly add some character to your bedroom. The clean and angular lines give you a modern take on the classic four poster style bed.

If you’d really like to embrace the extraganant four-poster theme, then add the matching white canopy. You can pull the canopy shut, lie back, and drift off in your own private sanctuary. Bliss!

3) Julian Bowen Hoxton Wooden Bed

Julian Bowen Hoxton Wooden Bed

Country chic lovers won’t be able to resist this traditional wooden bed.

Crafted from solid acacia wood with an oak finish, this bed will help you rustle up some rustic charm. So if you’re after that vintage farmhouse vibe, it’s the perfect bed for you.

Choose from three sizes to suit your space. While the double size is perfect for guests or smaller bedrooms, you can really stretch out and relax in the spacious super king size. It’s what Sundays are designed for…

4) Julian Bowen Camille Bed

Julian Bowen Camille Bed

Elegant, timeless, and ever-so stylish, this bed is sure to add a touch of class to your home.

Whether it’s the curves or scalloped edge, it’s all about the subtle details with this bed. With luxury French-inspired design, you’ll give your bedroom an air of va va voom!

And it’s not just easy on the eye, either. With an upholstered linen headboard, you can sit back, read, and unwind in this luxurious bed all day long.

5) Woood Kingsize Black Metal Four Poster Bed

Woood Kingsize Black Metal Four Poster Bed

If you’re looking for something a little different for your next bed, take a look at this four poster by Woood.

It’s the perfect bed if you’d like all the extravagance of a four-poster, with absolutely none of the old-fashioned tradition. With its black-coated steel frame, you can master the industrial or minimal style theme. To really add some ambience to your room, you can festoon some fairy lights around the frame.

Not enough space for a double? Then you’ll be pleased to learn that this fabulous four poster is also available in single size.

6) Vox 4 You Bed with Raised Mattress Mechanism

Vox 4 You Bed with Raised Mattress Mechanism in White

Up next, this bed is a real winner for efficiency lovers.

With storage both underneath and inside the bed, you can free up plenty of bedroom space. Simply add the matching storage boxes and line them around the base of the bed. Then, with the raised mattress option, you can access the roomy storage in no time by lifting up the mattress.

Display your keepsakes in the boxes below and keep any bulky bedding stashed away inside the bed. All you have to do next is choose what you’re going to do with all that space you’ve saved!

7) Vox Nature Bed with Solid Headboard

Vox Nature Bed with Solid Headboard

Calling all design gurus… this bed by Vox is simply bursting with Scandi flair.

With its solid stripped-back wood and angled oak legs, this bed is here to bring that uncomplicated style you love. And since Scandi style is all about easy living, the headboard is slanted for extra comfort while you lean back and relax.

You don’t need to choose between style or substance, either. Get the most out of this bed by adding the extra underbed storage drawer to organise your knick knacks.

8) Koble Nodd Smart Bed in Charcoal with Wireless Charging

Koble Nodd Smart Bed in Charcoal with Wireless Charging

Wireless charging? Tick. Classy design? Tick. Soft padded headboard? Tick… this smart bed by Koble really does tick every box.

You can get rid of those messy cables cluttering up your bedside table. Instead, simply connect your phone to the wireless charging and snooze while your phone charges.

And with the upholstered headboard, you wake up and browse on your fully-charged device in total comfort. No need to prop a pillow behind your back – this comfy bed has you covered!

9) Beatnik Four Poster Bed

Beatnik Four Poster Bed in Brown

This stunning four poster is a Cuckooland original. And we don’t like to brag, but this bed really is a sight to behold…

With its distinctive design, this bed will be the focal point in any bedroom. You can simply let this bed take centre stage and do all the talking – it’ll be sure to bring the ‘wow’ factor!

You’ll invite a bohemian vibe into your space with this lovingly-crafted bed. Made with 100% mango wood, this bed even has intricate design carvings on the head and footboard. With these ornate finishing touches, you bring even more extravagance to your space.

10) Julian Bowen Deco Scalloped Velvet Bed

Julian Bowen Deco Scalloped Velvet Bed

Who says you need to choose between style and comfort? Certainly not us…

With this gorgeous bed by Julian Bowen, you can have it both ways. The dark grey velvet and beautiful stitching will bring heaps of stylish sophistication to your bedroom. Plus, the brushed gold feet give you that extra touch of extravagance, with a hint of Art Deco design.

And since this bed is more than just a stunning statement piece, you’ll enjoy leaning back on the oh-so comfy headboard in the mornings. Don’t blame us when you’re struggling to get out of bed…

Ready to find your next bed?

From efficient storage beds to stylish velvet doubles, we have heaps of adult beds for you to choose from. And if you’re looking to complete your new bed set-up, look no further than our selection of comfy mattresses.

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