Superb Storage Ideas to De-Clutter the Kids’ Bedroom

From out-of-this-world ideas for themed bedrooms to practical designs that will win top marks for keeping their rooms in ship shape, we’ve picked out a positively brilliant selection of storage solutions for bedrooms big and small. So without further ado, let us introduce some of our favourite kids beds, wardrobes and storage boxes for kids’ bedrooms.

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Crafty Cabin Beds

There’s no getting around the fact that your kid’s bedroom needs a bed. But that doesn’t mean you need to surrender all of your floor space. Cabin beds are a clever solution for bedrooms on the snug side, raised above the ground to give you plenty of space for storage.

Watch your little wonder reign supreme from a stylish high sleeper, with a bed that features a ladder and lots of storage beneath. We love the cool, contemporary design of the kids cabin bed from Asoral, with eight handy drawers that will organise even the messiest of rooms with minimum hassle. Or, if you want a bed with study space for that budding Brainiac, the Kids Sleep Station has drawers, shelves, a desk… you name it!

For flexible storage that leaves room for more exciting uses (such as dens!), a high sleeper with a curtain beneath is a fantastic alternative. Growing girls will adore the Princess Girls Cabin Bed, with handy hooks on the side and a secret area beneath where you can hide toys, games… even princesses. And if your little one is prone to making a mess, at least, it will be out of site! For more information about finding the perfect kids bed, check out our children’s bed guide.

Kids Cabin Bed with Eight Drawers
Cameo Sleep Station Kids Cabin Bed
Princess Cabin Bed

Teach Clutter A Lesson

You may daydream of a Mary Poppins-style bed that magically hides away clutter. But try as you may, even the most cleverly designed beds won’t conceal that mountain of toys, clothes and games. So invest in kids’ furniture that will whip your little hoarder’s room into shape.

Install a sense of order to your superstar’s room, with funky, vintage gym-style lockers that won’t fall out of fashion. We love the Max Metal collection from Woood, with a traditional steel design that will stand up to even the most boisterous of boys and girls. Hang their freshly ironed school uniform in our Max Metal Locker Cabinet, and store those fiddly bits and bobs in our Max Metal Locker 7 Drawer Cabinet, to keep their room in check with minimum effort.

If you’re looking to put a quirky spin on this old school style, Mathy By Bols comes top of the class. Their charming New Worker Design range can be personalised with numbers and names, ideal for parents with two or more kids to keep up with! Tidy away clutter in the chest of drawers and wardrobe, then pick out the desk to match and win full marks for your busy bee’s décor.

Max Metal Three Door Cabinet
Max Metal Locker Seven Door Cabinet
Mathy By Bols Kids Bedroom Desk

Inspiring Storage Solutions

Combat sighs and pleas when the time arrives to tidy up, by picking out furniture that your little wonder will be proud to call their own. We’ve searched for the weirdest, most wonderful and downright unusual storage solutions you could wish for. So if you’re seeking storage for themed bedrooms, these fabulous furniture ideas will do their décor justice!

Feed your child’s bottomless imagination with books that will broaden their horizon and storage that will display their growing library for all to see. Plant the seed for a lifetime of reading with a stunning tree bookcase that will be the crowning glory of your bookworm’s bedroom. Watch their wall come to life with the Kids Tess Tree Bookcase, or choose a Small Tree Bookcase to make even the tiniest bedrooms blossom.

If your munchkin is more of a town mouse, let the sky be the limit of their grand plans with a wardrobe that will inspire sweet dreams of big adventures. Organise their prized possessions in a wardrobe that will instantly look at home in your themed bedroom; our magnificent Amsterdam House Wardrobe will add a pop of colour to your child’s room. Whoever said kids couldn’t be house-proud?

Mathy By Bols Tess Tree Bookcase
Mathy By Bols Childrens Tree Bookcase
Amsterdam Stair Gable Wardrobe

Think Inside The Box

Secretly, we all long for the days when we cared more about the location of our favourite teddy than the Dewey Decimal System and creases in our shirts. When organising your little one’s room, perhaps the most important purchase of all is their toy box. Pick the right box, and who knows – your angel may tidy up of their own accord! You can always dream…

Give their themed bedroom the finishing touch with a colourful storage box that will tuck away those toys and gadgets in style. We love the amazing VW Camper Van Large Toy Chest, perfect for boys with a thirst for travel or anything on wheels! Or, if you’re looking for themed storage that won’t stretch the budget, our toy bags from Win Green are available in fairy, pirate, farmyard designs and more!

For bedrooms on the ‘cosy’ side, choose a multi-purpose box that will offer extra seating as well as storage. Flexa understands the perils of cluttered play areas and has designed a superb 3-in-1 Storage Bench that serves as a box, bench and table… even a handy step-up for growing kids who can’t quite reach the top bunk. But why should your kids have all the fun? These benches also make great shoe boxes for your hallway!

Toy Box - Jungle party 2
Children's Toy Box
VW Camper Van Storage Box
Flexa Play 3 in 1 Storage Bench

Whip your little one’s room into shape and make tidying up a breeze, with brilliant storage ideas that will keep that ballooning pile of belongings organised. Put an end to trodden-on toys, knees with the Lego logo forever imprinted on them and crumpled school uniforms with these cool storage solutions.

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