The Best Kid’s Trundle Beds for Fun-Filled Sleepovers

Whether you’re hosting the cousins for Christmas or throwing the ultimate summer sleepover party, a trundle bed can be a handy addition to your home – and provide your little one with a whole lot of fun!

The great thing about trundle beds is that they require almost zero set-up – once you’ve added a mattress, you can simply pull out the drawer, add bedding, and you’re ready to go. Once everyone’s up the next morning – hopefully not early! – slide the trundle back under the bed and out of sight.

Our trundle beds aren’t just practical; they’re also packed with fun features that will help your child have the best sleepover experience. Check out our best kid’s trundle beds below and get those sleepover invites sent!

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1. Fraser Single Storage Bookcase Bed with Trundle Drawer

Fraser Single Storage Bookcase Bed with Trundle Drawer

Practical Fraser comes with the trundle drawer included and is perfect for sleepovers.

It features built-in shelving in the headboard so little ones can keep their favourite snacks, night lights and books close to hand.

Why not stock the shelves with a collection of ghost stories that they can read to each other by torchlight, in true 90s sleepover style? (Just don’t blame us if they can’t get to sleep!)

2. Hideaway House Bed

Hideaway House Bed

The Hideaway House Bed is a stylish themed kid’s bed made from solid pine and MDF, finished in white. Add the optional trundle drawer to make it into an incredible base for sleepovers.

This cosy cabin bed’s house style is perfect for a spot of den-making or roleplaying games before bedtime and lights out.

It could also be a good way of convincing over-excited sleepover guests to wind down after a busy evening of fun!

3. Lifetime Adventure Hangout Kids Bed

Lifetime Adventure Hangout Kids Bed

The Adventure Hangout Kids Bed by Lifetime is one of our favourites. What makes it so great, you ask? Just look at it! This is the ultimate bed/den hybrid.

Little ones will love hiding out in the upper bunk, playing games and catching up on the latest school gossip.

When it’s time to sleep, there are multiple options – they can descend to the lower bunk or slide out the optional trundle drawer.

4. Nordic Kids House Bed Frame with Drawers & Trundle

Nordic Kids House Bed Frame with Drawers & Trundle

Once they’ve finished doing their makeovers or arts and crafts, the Nordic Kids House Bed Frame with Drawers & Trundle is here to help pack everything away and get them into bed.

It’s made from FSC-certified pine and includes the trundle bed and storage drawers in the price. The drawers are ideal for storing extra bedding for guests, so everything is right where you need it.

5. Vox Evolve Ottoman Day Bed

Vox Evolve Ottoman Day Bed

The Vox Evolve Ottoman Bed is a super stylish trundle bed option for teens; and wouldn’t look out of place in your spare room or home office.

You can add the trundle drawer, or, if your kids are too old to sleep on the floor, there’s the option to add a pop-up bed underneath too.

Once they’ve finished playing video games and making TikToks (or whatever else teens do these days!), they can simply pull out the spare bed and settle in for a night of scrolling through their phones.

6. Cool Kids Single Tipi Bed

Cool Kids Single Tipi Bed

Making forts and indoor camping have to be some of the best sleepover activities.

The Cool Kids Tipi Bed can give your little ones this experience without them having to raid your linen cupboard or camping supplies!

You can build this bed out to suit your needs, with the under-bed drawer and fabric canopy available to add on if required.

7. Lars Low Cabin Bed

Lars Low Cabin Bed

Can’t decide between a kid’s storage bed or a trundle bed? You don’t have to!

Our popular Lars Low Cabin Bed comes with a trundle drawer for easily accommodating overnight guests.

There are also three large storage drawers in the bed, offering an ideal place to store spare blankets or pillows – which might come in handy if a pillow fight breaks out!

8. Vox Stige Kids Single Bed with Trundle Drawer

Vox Stige Kids Single Bed with Trundle Drawer

Add the optional wooden ladder frames, storage boxes and accessories to the Vox Stige Single Bed to give kids super-stylish storage space.

They’ll be able to hang clothes or décor over the frames and fill the cubes with books and smaller treasures.

You can opt to add the standard trundle drawer or the pop-up bed to make it sleepover-ready. This is another excellent option for older children who want to put their own stamp on their bed.

9. Parisot Bibliobed Kids Bunk Bed

Parisot Bibliobed Kids Bunk Bed

The Bibliobed Bunk Bed is the perfect place for friends to snuggle up with popcorn and watch a classic sleepover film together. Mean Girls, anyone?

The bed is ready to sleep two or three excited sleepover attendees, depending on if you add the optional trundle drawer.

Stock the shelves with treats and decorate with bunting and fairy lights to make your little one the envy of their friends!

10. Lifetime The Hideout Corner Bunk Bed with Steps

Lifetime The Hideout Corner Bunk Bed with Steps

When the last adventure is over, kids can climb the steps into the incredible Hideout Corner Bunk Bed by Lifetime and doze off in their very own treehouse!

The lower bunk and optional trundle drawer offer space for up to two more explorers to rest their weary heads on sleepover nights.

With the fun style, hosting opportunities, and ample storage in the steps, this might be the ultimate kid’s bed for sleepovers!

Picked the Perfect Trundle Bed for a Super Sleepover?

These kids’ trundle beds are here to help your little one make fun-filled memories that will last a lifetime. We can’t promise they won’t stay up too late – but at least you might get a lie-in in the morning! If you want to discuss any of our kid’s beds, call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email We’re always happy to help!


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