Top Tips to Work Dark Tones into a Kids Bedroom

Done well, darker hues can look fun and eye-catching in your little one’s bedroom.

Whether you fancy a striking monochrome effect or splashes of contrasting black, dark tones can create a really unique effect. It’s a great way to refresh your youngster’s room if they’re after a more ‘grown up’ space.

However, it’s not always an easy look to pull off – especially if you want to keep your child’s bedroom looking friendly and fun. But when you follow our top tips below, you can get the look just right…

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It’s all about Contrast

When you add dark tones to a bedroom, balance out the darkness with lighter hues. This opens up the space and helps you avoid a look that’s too claustrophobic or gloomy. Plus, pairing darker colours against light wood gives you a fun effect that’s bang on-trend.

Take a look at these dreamy beds below. With deep grey steps and light wood bed frames, weaving darker tones into a bedroom couldn’t be easier. And whether you have kids who share a room or your child needs a spot to study, these beds help you free up plenty of bedroom space too.

Parisot Tam Tam 5 Kids Bunk Bed

Parisot Grayson High Sleeper with Desk & Wardrobe

Go Monochrome

Following a monochrome palette is a super fun way to work dark tones into a bedroom. Monochrome means you stick to varying shades of one core colour, like grey scale.

So, stick to whites, greys, and black, and you can’t go far wrong. When it comes to black, it’s best to use this in small doses – like one feature wall or a few soft furnishings. Then, you can stick to lighter tones for the other walls and core furniture pieces.

The Vox concept collection in grey and black (below) is ideal for creating a monochrome theme. Whether you choose a wardrobe or dresser, the drawers are finished in varying shades of grey, white, and black – the perfect balance of monochrome colours.

Fun, quirky, yet oh-so-cool, your child will love these even as they grow into a teen or young adult.

Vox Concept 2 Door Wardrobe in Grey & Black

Vox Concept Chest of Drawers in Grey & Black

Add Calming Grey Accents

Black on white can sometimes create a look that’s a little too striking. So if you’d rather create a softer look, add touches of grey around the bedroom to take the edge off the contrast.

With grey furnishings, you can add a little nuance to the bedroom and provide a more calming effect. The super-soft bean bag by Extreme Lounging (below) is finished in a soft light grey, so you can balance out those darker tones. Designed to give kids an oh-so cosy spot to curl up and relax, this bean bag will be easy on the eyes and the skin.

Extreme Lounging Mini B Teddy Indoor Bean Bag

Mix it up with Varying Textures

When it comes to darker furniture, try to avoid matt or one-tone shades. This can create a look that’s a little too dull and one-dimensional.

Instead, try to add a wider variety of different textures and surfaces. Add furniture that’s crafted from a variety of different materials, like wood, metal, and fabric. This means you add heaps of texture to the bedroom, which breathes more life into a darker room.

For example, the locker-style wardrobe and metal bedside table (below) offer a subtle sheen, adding more texture to the bedroom.

Metal Locker Style Wardrobe in Black by BePureHome

Bronxx Metal Bedside Table

Make it Fun with Contrasting Patterns

Ideally, a darker bedroom should be striking and eye-catching. So, adding contrasting patterns means you can give the bedroom that ‘wow’ factor you’re after.

Black on white patterns will grab your attention and give the bedroom a fun twist, especially if they ‘pop’ against dark walls. The fluffy zebra head by Wild & Soft (below) will give any bedroom a touch of flair and add that friendly touch for kids’ bedrooms.

And with the quirky patterns on the Bloomingville storage baskets (below right), you can work dark colours into the bedroom in a super fun way – whilst getting rid of clutter!

Daniel the Zebra Kids Plush Animal Head Wall Decor

Bloomingville Set of 2 Cotton Storage Baskets

Keep it Playful for Little Ones

When it’s time to decorate your little one’s bedroom, you want to create a look that’s both fun and welcoming. But when you’re working with colours like black or grey, it’s easy to create a look that’s a little too mature – even without realising.

So, to keep the bedroom inviting for kids, use playful accessories to add that touch of fun. With fun kids’ accessories, you can easily create an inviting space – and by the time your youngster wants a more mature room, you can simply remove the accessories and embrace the darker tones.

Take a look at the rug by Bloomingville (below left). With an interactive pattern, it creates a more friendly feel and encourages kids to immerse themselves in play. And since it’s finished in subtle monochrome hues, it ties into a darker bedroom perfectly.

Or, with the rocket-shaped basket (below right), you can stash away your child’s clothes or clutter, work touches of black into the room, and give their room a fun space-themed twist. It really does do it all!

Bloomingville Kids Cotton Road Map Rug

Bloomingville Seagrass Rocket Basket with Lid

Or go Minimal for Teen Bedrooms

Alternatively, if you’re refreshing your child’s bedroom as they grow into a teen, stick to a more minimal look. A minimal style bedroom is calming, relaxing, and ideal for kids who are ready for a more mature space.

For a minimal look, stick to white or pale walls and flooring, then add simple pieces of dark furniture for contrast. Using lighter colours throughout the room opens up the space and creates a clutter-free look. Then, with pieces of dark furniture, you create a striking statement too.

Julian Bowen Trianon Desk

Go for Crisp White Bedding

Bright white bedding works well with darker tones. For example, if you have a dark feature wall or black furnishings, clean white bedding provides that sharp contrast.

And white bedding doesn’t need to be boring, either. With a photographic panda print, this bedding by Snurk (below) is a really fun option for kids’ bedrooms and helps you work dark tones into their space in the most eye-catching fashion.

Snurk Single Lazy Panda Duvet Bedding Set

Shop Kids’ Bedroom Furniture and Accessories

Is it time to refresh your youngster’s room? If so, look no further than our range of kids beds, kids’ accessories and bedroom furniture. From darker monochrome hues to pastel tones, we have heaps of options for all colour palettes.

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