Why a House Bed is Perfect for Imaginative Play

Kids just love playing house! Raiding the blanket box, re-arranging the furniture and playing grown-up in their makeshift dwellings. It’s adorable at first, but when you find yourself wondering where on earth all your cushions have got to, it’s time for a more permanent solution – invest in a Kid’s House Bed! 

The perfect setting for make-believe playtime, a relaxing retreat for reading and a cosy spot to catch up on sleep – you’ll be hard-pressed for a reason not to treat your tot to a house bed. Your youngsters would be counting down to bedtime if a house bed were awaiting them!

With lots of unique house bed designs available here at Cuckooland, from bunk beds to mid-sleepers, they come in all shapes and sizes. Let us take you on a house bed tour and show you how these novelty kids’ beds can encourage imaginative play the right way!

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1. Hideaway House Bed

Hideaway House Bed

Great for nurturing imaginative playtime, a house bed has other benefits too. With the Hideaway House Bed, invite their friends and classmates over to play and encourage social skills! They’ll love acting out scenarios with their toys, hosting tea parties, playing peekaboo through the panelled roof and windows and when they’re all tuckered out, add the optional trundle drawer and mattress for the perfect sleepover setup… playtime never has to end!

2. Explorer Treehouse Bunk Bed

Explorer Treehouse Bunk Bed

Sharing kiddies can enjoy make-believe play with the Explorer Treehouse Bunk Bed! Featuring two levels, they can take it in turns scrambling up the vertical ladder, peeking out the roof, waving through the window and playing house.

But who will be lucky enough to sleep on the top bunk? The lower level has been inspired by the Montessori principle, so it’s a great design for younger kids. They can get in and out of bed easier, encouraging independence. So, if your kiddies have an age gap, but still need to share a bedroom, the Treehouse Bunk Bed saves the day.

Decorate with bedding they both love, personalise with string lights and create a bedroom for rest and play!

3. Mathy by Bols Treehouse Bunk Bed with Slide & Platform

Mathy by Bols Treehouse Bunk Bed with Slide & Platform

Made for playtime – the Mathy by Bols Treehouse Bunk Bed with Slide & Platform is the welcome home every kid craves!

Part climbing frame, part sleeping setup – the 2 in 1 design encourages imaginative and active play. If you’re limited on outside space and find it difficult to keep your tots active at home, their bedrooms can be transformed into a fun and exciting space to burn off some steam. Watch as they rush up the steps, explore the treehouse and whizz back down the slide to do it all again!

With space for two tuckered out tots to sleep – it’s great if they share a room with a sibling or their buddies are always over to stay!

4. Barnie Mid Sleeper Barn Bed

Barnie Mid Sleeper Barn Bed

Transporting your little lambs to the countryside, the Barnie Mid Sleeper Barn Bed is a house bed with a twist!

Looking just like the real McCoy – the cut-out roof, circular window and barn door details create a quaint country-style den – it’s the perfect setting for snuggles with their favourite farmyard stuffies. Below the barnyard house bed, add cosy throws, cushions and a lamp to create a secret nook for reading and relaxing.

With such an adorable setup awaiting them at bedtime, you’ll find no need to round up your flock, they’ll already be tucked up and dreaming of another day of play.

5. Lifetime Kids Beach House Double Bed

Lifetime Kids Beach House Double Bed

Another themed house bed to set their imaginations whirling – the Lifetime Kids Beach House Double Bed takes inspiration from the seaside!

Featuring a panelled roof with two cut out windows, they were made for gazing out to sea with their pretend toilet roll binoculars! Style with seaside bedding, accessories, lights and décor and they’ll be dreaming of jumping waves, building sandcastles and eating ice-creams by the beach.

A kid’s double bed you say? If you have the floor space for it, a double bed can be a great choice for youngsters. If your child prefers company while they’re nodding off, you love to read bedtime stories together or they suffer from night terrors – having extra space for you to jump in and reassure them is a huge benefit!

6. Cool Kids Hut Day Bed

Cool Kids Hut Day Bed

If you like the idea of a house bed, but you’re unsure if they’ll eventually grow out of it, the Cool Kids Hut Day Bed adapts to suit kids with ever-changing interests.

When they’re dinky, personalise with a colourful canopy, reassuring guard rail and storage drawers and create a house bed for rest and play. Later the house bed roof can be removed to create a storage day bed to continue utilising the FSC wooden frame. Thank goodness you don’t have to assemble another bed once the teen years roll around!

With matching furniture available, the Cool Kids collection is a winner for kids and parents!

7. Lifetime Adventure Hangout Mid Sleeper with Steps

Lifetime Adventure Hangout Mid Sleeper with Steps

Time to get packing – your little one will want to move straight into the Lifetime Adventure Hangout Mid Sleeper with Steps!

At the top of the staircase, a welcoming hideout awaits them. With open windows and a wooden canopy, it would be a cosy home for any kid. Arrange beanbags and fairy lights below the bed to create a chillout zone and personalise their new abode with a nameplate as a really special final touch.

A bed you’ll love just as much as they do – each step features hidden storage and there is even a bookcase at the end of the bed! Add the extra optional shelves and furniture so their toys, clothes and bedding can all be neatly tucked away. No more building bricks and toy cars to trip you up… well you can hope?

With installation available they’ll be moved in no time!

Kids House Beds to Fuel Imaginations!

Bedrooms don’t just have to be for snoozing. Kids’ house beds encourage social and independent play and help with their development – all while they’re having fun! Has your little one picked out their new home? If you need more information, call us on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or email us at customerservice@cuckooland.com


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