Best Gaming Beds by Age Range

Gaming is for everyone. Young, old, newbie, pro – the world of gaming is open to all!

But, like with every platformer game, RPG, FPS (the list goes on) – when it comes to deciding on a gaming bed, there will always be a recommended age range. Think PEGI rating, but for furniture!

Gaming beds are equipped to handle multiple screens, sizable speakers and every accessory you can think of, but which gaming bed is number one for your junior joystick jockey? We’ve split our bestsellers into three age ranges as a guide! Kids, Tweens and Teens – get ready, get set… game!

Harry High Rise Sleeper with Desk, Wardrobe and Storage
Vipack Pino Kids High Sleeper with Desk

Best Gaming Beds for Kids

1. Lifetime High Sleeper Desk Bed with Steps

Lifetime High Sleeper Desk Bed with Steps

Thoughtfully designed and carefully handcrafted from sustainably sourced Scandinavian Pine, the Lifetime High Sleeper Desk Bed suits young gamers! Including a desk that spreads the full length of the European single bed above, there’s plenty of room for their consoles and gaming equipment. With optional open and closed storage available, from shelves to storage cabinets and bookcases, kids can customise their setup to suit their needs. There’s also plenty of space for their gaming chair, or if you don’t already have one – choose to add a Lifetime Desk Chair to their gaming desk!
When they’ve completed their online quests and it’s time to rest their eyes, instead of tackling steep steps and vertical ladders, the trademark Lifetime staircase makes it easy for youngsters to safely head on up to bed! And as an added bonus – there’s hidden storage beneath each soft-close step – perfect for tidying away all of their other games and accessories.

2. Ava High Sleeper Bed with Desk, Wardrobe and Storage

Ava High Sleeper Bed with Desk, Wardrobe and Storage

Perfect for kids that have been introduced to the world of PC gaming – the Ava High Sleeper Bed includes storage, storage and more storage! Designed with 10 separate compartments – along with a full-width desk, a space for a desktop PC (or console) and a wardrobe with a sliding door and hanging rail – there is more than enough room for all of their essentials to live!
All within arms reach – discs, controllers and headphones can be arranged on the open cubbies surrounding the desk and books can be organised on the shelves around the loft bed – ready and waiting for kids to press pause on the PC and enjoy a chapter or two before lights out!
Designed with wide steps and handles for easy climbing, the Ava High Sleeper bed is suited to kids aged 6 and up.

3. Estella High Sleeper with Desk and Corner Sofa Bed

Estella High Sleeper with Desk and Corner Sofa Bed

Giving kids the option to enjoy all gaming platforms – including PCs, consoles and handheld devices – the Kids Avenue Estella High Sleeper Bed is another fantastic option for gamers aged 6 and up!
Along with a gaming chair, the corner desk with bookcase offers just enough space for a single screen and a console or desktop unit. Arrange their gaming library on the 3 shelves behind and they’ll have everything they need in one spot. Along with a lamp – kids can tick off homework first and wind down with a round or two of their favourite racing games as a reward!
The upholstered sofa doubles up as a place to sit and relax or be used as a pull-out bed when their co-op clan comes over to stay. Sleepover primed and ready, multiplayer missions are made possible with the Estella High Sleeper!
Available in a choice of 3 colours to fit with their bedroom colour scheme, each with a slanted ladder for safe and easy climbing, this all-in-one gaming bed could even be suited to tweens and teens too!

Best Gaming Beds for Tweens

1. Trasman Pod Solo 3 Gaming Bed 90x200cm

Trasman Pod Solo 3 Gaming Bed 90x200cm

Packed with modern features, twenty-first-century tweens can’t get enough of the Trasman Pod Solo 3 Gaming Bed! Getting two thumbs up (if they can pry them away from their controller thumbsticks) – the built-in height adjustable desk can fit a 32-inch screen, with a hook for their headphones and outlets to keep pesky cables in check. All that’s missing is a gaming chair or gaming bean bags! With a monitor shelf and separate desk space – the Trasman Pod Bed would suit PC or console gamers.
When they’re plugged in, the integrated colour-changing LED lighting will take their gaming experience to another level. If it wasn’t already enough, add the optional wireless charger and keep devices and tech-powered up and ready to go!

Not short on storage either, it’ll get the seal of approval from you too. Including hanging rails and shelves – there’s no need for extra wardrobes – this bed has it covered. Although they’ll likely be crammed with discs, toys, figurines and gaming merch… so an extra wardrobe couldn’t hurt?

Also available in a 120 x 200cm European Small Double size – if your youngster is due a growth spurt, we’d recommend sizing up!

2. Noah Kids High Sleeper Bed in White

Noah Kids High Sleeper Bed in White

Completely customisable – from the sofa bed fabric to extra shelving and even with the option to add lights – tweens can create their dream gaming setup with the Noah Kids High Sleeper Bed. It’ll be exactly how they imagined!
Starting out with the high sleeper bed, ladder and pull-out sofa bed – first up is selecting the fabric colour and headboard and footboard panels. Next is the fun bit – add shelves, freestanding storage cubes, extendable desks, drawers, bookcases and lighting – to configure the layout however they see fit! With unlimited options, no two Noah Loft Beds look alike.
We’d recommend getting your youngster involved in the planning stages. Sit down together to figure out the perfect gaming bed configuration and if you’re still stuck, contact the Cuckooland team for more info. We offer a professional installation service should you need an extra helping hand!

3. Urban Grey High Sleeper 2 Bed in White & Grey

Urban Grey High Sleeper 2 Bed in White & Grey

For gaming, sleepovers, hanging out, relaxing, reading… and maybe catching a few Z’s (if they can fit it in around their busy schedule), the Urban Grey High Sleeper 2 Bed makes the most of the space a bed takes up.
The bed’s 4 in 1 design has been packed with features that are sure to satisfy any picky tween! Built into the wooden frame, the TV support bar is ready for their gaming monitor. Including a freestanding, pull-out sofa bed and storage cabinet – kids can position their furniture where they need them most – facing the action! At the end of their bed, they’ll find a pull-down desk space with a bookcase – creating a separate area for schoolwork… or set up their spare console, invite a pal over (in person) and ditch the online headsets. Once their studying is finished, of course!

Available in white and grey or white and birch, the Kids Avenue Urban High Sleeper Beds easily slot around existing furniture so you don’t have to totally re-decorate if they grow out of gaming. Although… we can’t see that happening!

Best Gaming Beds for Teens

1. Trasman Podbed Gaming Highsleeper with Chair Bed 120x200cm

Trasman Podbed Gaming Highsleeper with Chair Bed 120x200cm

If your teen is looking for the latest and greatest gaming bed – the Trasman Podbed 120 x 200cm Gaming Highsleeper could rank number one!

First, let’s talk about the gaming setup! The inbuilt desk features LED colour-changing lighting and fits either a 40-inch monitor screen or offers enough space for a projector instead. Already with a cushioned seat inside – your teen can move straight in, get themselves comfortable and hit start! Folding out to create a full-sized sofa bed for sleepovers, their Fortnite teammates have somewhere to stay on the weekends… not that sleeping will be on their agenda! When they’re not gaming, it doubles up as a spot to watch movies or facetime the friends that couldn’t make it.
Next, it’s all about the storage! With a hanging rail and three shelves at the end of the bed, teens will have no excuse when it comes to keeping their gaming bed tidy. Trainers, tees and collectables will all have a home.

And finally, something that features on every bedroom wishlist – the Trasman Podbed fits a European small double mattress. That’s 120 x 200cm of stretching-out space! Ticking all the boxes, Trasman gets 10/10 with teens!

2. Urban Grey PC Gaming High Sleeper 5

Urban Grey PC Gaming High Sleeper 5

Calling all serious gamers – the Kids Avenue Urban Grey PC Gaming High Sleeper 5 Bed is the real deal! On the full-width desk, the monitor shelf can fit a whopping three screens… Yes, THREE! Whether your techy teen is racing or role-playing, they’ll have the space to create a fully immersive experience. Split into three sections below the shelf, the open compartments are great for storing accessories when they’re not plugged in. Lit up with multi-coloured LED lights, they can colour coordinate to their keyboard and mouse, with the remote that comes included. Beneath, they’ll find extra open storage units, designed to keep PC towers cool and running at optimum temperatures. There is nothing worse than systems shutting down mid-gameplay! The Urban Grey PC Gaming High Sleeper Bed is guaranteed to have your teen reaching the top of online leaderboards! You’ll be scoring ‘cool parent’ points too!

3. Parisot Online Gaming High Sleeper Bed with Desk

Parisot Online Gaming High Sleeper Bed with Desk

Setting the mood for gameplay sessions, the all-black Parisot Online Gaming High Sleeper Bed raises the bar for teens! With a 184cm long desk, accommodating multiple screens, the elevated monitor shelf is set at the perfect height to avoid eye strain. There’s room to spare for speakers and other accessories, keeping their desks free of clutter and offering more space to use VR headsets. With additional shelving on either end of the bed, PC towers, consoles, discs and books will be tucked away too. And for spare cables – the closed storage drawers keep things in order. Ramping up the intensity – the LED lighting will set the scene when your teen is trying to beat PBs and when it’s time to wind down, change the settings to create a relaxing atmosphere. When they’re ready to recharge their batteries in the single loft bed above, their devices can do the same on the bedside shelf with USB charging ports. With everything a wannabe ethlete needs (that’s pro-gamer to you and me), they’ll be the envy of their online friends!

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