Amazing Gaming Beds on a Budget!

If you’re looking to upgrade your youngster’s sleep setup, you’ll score BIG with a gaming bed!

Sticking to a budget? Challenge accepted! Here to help you keep those costs down and create a gaming setup for less, we’ve shared our top 10 gaming beds priced under £1000*! Not without extra features and space-saving designs, you can still create their new gaming hub/bedroom without breaking the bank!

Whether they’re exclusively a console gamer or prefer the PC (or maybe both?!), our selection of gaming furniture offers everything a serious ethlete needs to reach the top of those leaderboards! But which gaming bed will rank number 1 with your wannabe pro gamer? Proceed to the next level to find out!

*Prices accurate as of 22/02/2023, but subject to change

Urban Grey PC Gaming High Sleeper 5
Trasman Pod Solo 3 Gaming Bed

1. Estella Grey High Sleeper Gaming Bed

Estella Grey High Sleeper Gaming Bed - £459*

The Estella range, from Kids Avenue, was made with gaming in mind! Suiting both PCs and consoles – the full-width desk can accommodate both!

Multiple screens, speakers and accessories can all live on the raised shelf, with cubbies below for everything else. Plus, the raised monitor shelf ensures screens are at the perfect level to help avoid eye strain and problems with posture. Probably not on the top of your kiddie’s priority list, but an important feature to consider when picking out their new furniture!

The Estella gaming desk’s open design does mean cable tidies are a must, but will help keep equipment cool and running smoothly. Is there anything worse than PCs switching off mid-gameplay?! All tucked below the European single bed and slanted ladder, this 2 in 1 sleep and gaming station is a steal at £459*!

2. Estella High Sleeper with Sofa Bed & Desk

Estella High Sleeper with Sofa Bed & Desk - £629*

Another option from the Estella collection – kids can invite their co-op clan to sleepover with the High Sleeper Bed with Sofa & Desk at £629*!

Great for local and online gameplay, the corner desk and pull-out chair bed combo become the perfect spot for completing multiplayer missions. And when it’s time to recharge their batteries and call ‘game over’, the pull-out bed and European single bed will be waiting.

Come Sunday night, when the fun is over and homework awaits, their desk space turns into a study corner, and the remaining area around the bed is ready for them to customise with gaming lights, artwork and memorabilia to keep them motivated! This is a bed they can really put their stamp on!

3. Ava High Sleeper Bed with Desk and Wardrobe

Ava High Sleeper Bed with Desk and Wardrobe - £745*

For the gamer with all the gear, they’ll need plenty of space to store it all. *Joining the game – The Ava High Sleeper Bed with Desk and Wardrobe*.

With shelves, shelves and more shelves, storage is not a problem for this brilliant bed! Discs, headphones and controllers can all be stored in separate compartments and within arm’s reach. So, the next time ‘battery level low’ pops up on screen, it won’t be a mad scramble to get their accessories charged up!

Including a closed cupboard with sliding door, even their collection of gaming hoodies and tees can have a dedicated space. Surrounding their bed with extra book shelving, when kiddies aren’t busy collecting achievements online, they can catch up on their copies of Play and read about the latest game releases tucked up in bed!

4. Parisot Online Gaming High Sleeper Bed

Parisot Online Gaming High Sleeper Bed - £729*

The Parisot Online Gaming High Sleeper Bed is just as impressive as it looks – especially for £729*!

The 184cm long gaming desk is the hero! With plenty of space to get set up and comfortable – keyboards, controllers and speakers will be primed and ready… The raised monitor shelf above can hold multiple screens, with a gap large enough to house a projector instead. And with shelving at the ends, USB sockets and a drawer – their accessories, consoles and desktop won’t get in the way!

Creating a completely immersive gaming experience, the colour-changing LED lighting will set the mood during gameplay. And when it’s time for light’s out, the handy remote control can be used from the comfort of their bed.

5. Thuka HIT 9 High Sleeper Bed with Desk and Sofa Bed

Thuka HIT 9 High Sleeper Bed with Desk and Sofa Bed in Grey - £799*

Including a gaming desk and more, Thuka has managed to squeeze in a sofa bed below the 3 in 1 HIT 9 High Sleeper – all for £799*! That’s right!

A comfy spot to play, read and relax – as soon as Friday evening rolls around, they can invite over their MMORPG gang to talk strategy! Converting into a pull-out bed with cushioned bench, they can all gather around the PC and plan their next move. Also available in black or pink upholstery – girls and boys will love gaming at the HIT 9 High Sleeper Bed!

6. Nordic Kids High Sleeper 2 in White

Nordic Kids High Sleeper 2 in White - £749*

Starting out as a gaming bed, with shelving galore, the Nordic Kids High Sleeper 2 can later be converted into a single bed!

Great for kids with changing interests, if they can’t get enough of gaming now, but later outgrow their setup, simply convert the FSC wooden frame down the line.

There’s also the option to move the ladder and customise the foot and headboard ends – choose from grey or pink ends, tongue & groove panels or slatted sides, to change up the look!

7. Urban Grey Console Gaming High Sleeper 4

Urban Grey Console Gaming High Sleeper 4 - £659*

All well within budget at £659*, the Urban Grey Console Gaming High Sleeper 4 gets the top spot when it comes to accessories! Along with the full-width gaming desk, kids will find the wireless charger and multi-coloured LED lighting already come included.

If it wasn’t already enough – clip-on shelves and adjustable flex lights can be added to completely customise their new gaming bed! Installation options are available too – so there is no need to hit pause, our friendly team will come and assemble the bed for them. It won’t be long before they’re moved in, setting up their consoles and controllers and jumping straight back into unlocking achievements and gaining XP…

8. Urban Grey High Sleeper 1 Bed in White & Grey

Urban Grey High Sleeper 1 Bed in White & Grey - £999*

If changing up their gaming setup is on top of your kiddie’s bedroom wishlist, the Urban Grey High Sleeper 1 Bed will tick every box!

The freestanding sofa bed and desk come included and can easily be moved should they want to. With a support bar built into the bed frame, they can mount their TV or Monitor and point their freestanding furniture to face the action!

Also available with optional clip-on shelves, flex lights and installation – you’ll wish you had this much choice back in the space-invaders days!

9. Trasman Pod Solo 3 Gaming Bed

Trasman Pod Solo 3 Gaming Bed - £989*

At the top end of the gaming bed budget at £989* – the Trasman Pod Solo 3 Gaming Bed is worth every penny!

Creating a gaming hideout, kids can hunker down inside this futuristic bed frame and lose themselves in their favourite online RPGs. Separating their open storage and an area for a gaming chair or bean bags, the space below is dedicated purely to gaming – that’s sure to get two thumbs up from tweens and teens!

The built-in desk is height adjustable to suit their gaming setup and monitor size. Including integrated LED strip lighting with 20 colours and modes, it’ll feel like their games are coming to life! There’s even a hidden upgrade available… add the optional wireless charger to the Pod Solo 3 Gaming Bed and they’ll never be without power!

10. Trasman Pod Solo 1 Gaming Bed

Trasman Pod Solo 1 Gaming Bed - £989*

Also available in dark grey and red for £989*, the Trasman Pod Solo 1 Gaming Bed wouldn’t look out of place in the Halo universe!

Featuring the same amazing storage, adjustable height desk, headphone hook and optional wireless charger as the Pod Solo 3 Gaming bed, but in an alternate colourway – kids have the choice. And of course, the colour changing LED lighting comes included too… that’s the coolest bit, we couldn’t leave that out!

With a gaming bed this cool, they’ll be the envy of all of their offline and online friends. Also available in other combinations, including a European small double size and pull-out sofa bed options, when it comes to gaming furniture, Trasman is the GOAT!

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