Create a Cosy Kids Bedroom this Autumn

In case you haven’t noticed, the nights are drawing in and it’s getting a little chilly outside…

Which means your kids are now going to be spending plenty more time around the home. And to help your youngsters enjoy the colder months, we’ve got plenty of tips to create a cosy kids bedroom.

With a sprinkle of Danish ‘hygge’ and splash of fun, you can create a bedroom that kids won’t want to leave. So while the weather outside might be a little dismal, kids will be more than happy to chill out in the comfort of their bedroom.

Read on for some cosy bedroom inspiration…

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Make rainy days fun with a house bed

When the weather takes a turn, we all want to pull the duvet over our heads and stay in bed that little bit longer… and with a fun novelty bed, your kids can make the most out of those sleepy rainy days.

So when it gets too cold to play out in the garden, a house-style bed means kids can still have fun in their bedroom. Whether they’re hosting a teddy bear’s picnic or playing house, a bed with a roof and window creates endless imaginative possibilities. And since a house bed doubles up as a fun hideout, it’s the perfect spot to curl up with a fluffy friend and wrap up warm.

Take a look at these house inspired beds…

Lifetime The Hideout Mid Sleeper Kids Bed

Casami Kids House Bed

Explorer Treehouse Cabin Bed

Kids House Bed

… And pair it with cosy bedding

Nothing says ‘cosy’ like a chunky knit. Toasty warm, timeless, and traditional, knitted wool is perfect for mastering that hygge vibe. So if you want to give your youngster’s room a cosy makeover this autumn, don’t hold back on those knitted fabrics and soft blankets.

And if you want to embrace the cosy look without making your child too hot to sleep, this knit-patterned bedding by Snurk (below) is ideal. While it looks like a chunky knit, this bedding is actually made with smooth and breathable cotton. So, kids stay cool yet cosy while they sleep at night.

Snurk Single Twirre Knit Duvet Bedding Set

Along with cosy bedding, be sure to renew the rest of the kids covers and sheets. Made from organic materials, naturally hypoallergenic, temperature regulating and breathable; kids (and adults) will be get the best night’s sleep with Panda London! Designed to keep little one’s comfortable and feeling fresh, the Panda bedding is great all year round!

Panda London Bamboo Mattress Protector

Panda London The Cloud Bamboo Duvet

Set up a cosy reading corner

The colder weather means there’s plenty more time to hunker down inside and enjoy a good story. So whether your little one is getting to grips with phonics or tearing through chunky page-turners, autumn is the perfect time to create a cosy reading corner.

With an oh-so-comfy spot to curl up and read, you can encourage your kids to pick up a story before bed. It’s the cosiest way to spend those darker evenings inside.

All you need is a big bookcase to stash away those storybooks, warm lighting, fuzzy blankets, and a soft and comfortable seat. Your kids won’t want to get up and leave the house…

For a cosy ‘hygge’ style, stick to natural wooden bookcases. A wooden bookcase is ideal for creating an authentically traditional and cosy effect – especially if you opt for unfinished and natural wood, like bamboo.

Bloomingville Bamboo Zep Bookcase

Vox Retro Bookcase

Then, once you’ve found the perfect bookcase, make sure your little one can snuggle up on a soft seat. For a lightweight, hassle-free, and fun seat, pop a bean bag next to the bookcase. Pick a velvet or cord bean bag, kids can get extra cosy and warm while they get through their latest read.

Extreme Lounging Mini B Teddy Indoor Bean Bag

Icon Kids Dalton Cord Bean Bag

And to complete the reading corner, make sure you light up your little one’s reading sessions. Since the evenings are getting darker earlier, you’ll need to fill their bedroom with bright yet cosy light.

For soft lighting, look no further than the Cotton Ball Lights String Lights. The handmade cotton balls give off a calming hue when lit, so they’re ideal for helping kids wind down before bed. Plus, they’re just as gorgeous in the daytime! Win, win!

Cotton Ball Lights Pastel LED String Lights

Don’t forget the walls

To create a cosy bedroom for your kids, you can’t go far wrong with fuzzy textures and fluffy friends. Don’t be afraid of overdoing it – there’s no such thing as feeling too soft. Fill every last corner of the room with soft textures and you’ll create a super warm and cosy vibe. And the walls are no exception…

With these fun animal heads by Wild & Soft, you can attach some friendly fluffy friends to the walls. So, there won’t be a single part of your child’s bedroom that isn’t soft, cosy, and fun!

Jungle Box Kids Mini Animal Wall Heads

Cover the floor with a fun playmat

So, it’s pouring down outdoors and you’ve exhausted all of your rainy day plans…

That’s why it’s important to set up your child’s bedroom for indoor play. When there’s plenty of play options in the room, you won’t need to rack your brains for new ideas every time the rain pours. And over the drizzly autumn months, that’s basically every day!

A fun playmat is the cosiest way to provide a fun spot for your child to play. Because not only will it cover up any cold floors and keep little feet warm, it can also open up a world of pretend play possibilities. With the woodland-themed mat by Kids Concept, kids take their toys on a magical trip through the mountains all day long.

Kids Concept Edvin Cotton Woodland Playmat Rug

Get cosy this autumn with Cuckooland

This autumn, make sure your kids have all they need to stay cosy, warm and entertained. And from our fun kids’ beds to comfy bean bags, we’re here to help you do just that.

Head over to our kids’ bedroom decor and furniture to get started, or for help, contact our customer service team on +44 (0) 1305 231231 or send an email.


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