Are You Sleepover-ready for Half Term?

And just like that, the February half term is already fast approaching.

This means it’s a great time for your youngsters to invite their buddies around to stay during the school break – whether they’re into gaming sessions or glam makeovers, these activities are just more fun with friends!

But before they send the invites out, make sure you have the space to welcome any overnight guests. From trundle drawers to bunk beds, here’s how to get sleepover-ready with Cuckooland…

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1) Fraser Single Storage Bookcase Bed with Trundle Drawer

Fraser Single Storage Bookcase Bed with Trundle Drawer

Whether your kids are inviting friends round to stay or getting stuck into a good book, this bed is ideal for youngsters who are starting to gain a little independence.

This bed has a pull-out trundle drawer as standard, so it couldn’t be easier to welcome overnight guests. Simply add the mattress and you’ll be sleepover-ready.

You can either leave the mattress in the drawer for a permanent sleepover solution or keep it stashed away when it’s not in use – it’s up to you. Top tip: when guests have left, you could make the most out of the drawer’s roomy storage space.

And with a built-in shelf, little readers can keep their current books within reaching distance. It’s also a great spot to keep bedside essentials, like an alarm clock – or sleepover snacks!

2) Hideaway House Bed

Hideaway House Bed

Both your kids and their overnight guests will fall in love with this dreamy house bed.

With its playful house-shaped design, your little one will love to hide away and play inside their own private den. It’s the perfect spot to play during rainy half terms and lazy Sunday afternoons.

And thanks to its pull-out trundle bed, kids can invite their friends to enjoy this wonderful bed too. So after tiring themselves out after a good play session, the fun doesn’t have to end there – kids can sleep side by side and swap secrets until they drift off to sleep.

3) Parisot Bibliobed Kids Bunk Bed

Parisot Bibliobed Kids Bunk Bed

There were three in the bed and the little one said… Well, certainly not ‘roll over’!

Because with this bunk bed, three little ones can sleep comfortably without rolling over or toppling out. The two bunks are ideal for siblings who share a room, or a child who has frequent sleepovers. Then, you can invite a third guest round to stay with the optional trundle drawer.

Ideal for small bedrooms, this efficient bed is crammed with storage to help you free up space. With roomy storage lining both bunks, under the steps, and even inside the steps, kids can keep all their knick-knacks stashed away.

4) Lifetime Adventure Hangout Kids Bed

Lifetime Adventure Hangout Kids Bed

Sleepovers are less about sleep, and more about – well, just good old-fashioned fun!

And with this oh-so-fun bed, kids get the best of both worlds. With its treehouse-style design, kids can hide away and get up to mischief in their exclusive little den. It’s the ideal spot for sleepover hijinks and movie sessions.

Then, once it’s finally time to grab some shut-eye, make sure you add the optional trundle drawer to welcome sleepover guests. You can simply pull out the extra mattress in a flash for a hassle-free sleepover set-up.

5) Aviary Triple Sleeper

Aviary Triple Sleeper

If your kids already share a bedroom, it can be hard to summon up the space for an extra sleepover guest. But not any more… three youngsters can comfortably enjoy a night’s sleep in this bunk bed.

So, siblings can enjoy this space-saving bed all year round. Instead of taking over the floor space with two singles, kids will free up heaps of room by bunking up. And with built-in shelving on both bunks, they can keep their bedtime essentials close by.

Then, when it’s sleepover time, there’s plenty of room for two in the roomy bottom bunk. As the bottom bunk is a small double, it’s the perfect size for sleepover buddies.

6) Trasman Terrassa Day Bed

Trasman Terrassa Day Bed

This half term, upgrade your child’s sleepover set-up with this oh-so efficient daybed.

With a pull-out trundle mattress, you can welcome any overnight guests in a jiffy. Simply pull out the spare bed and you’ll be good to go. For ultimate sleepover prep, you can stash away spare bedding inside the roomy storage drawers underneath the bed.

Whether you add this daybed to the guest room, playroom, or your child’s bedroom, it’ll be the go-to spot for relaxing. Ideal for both lounging in the day and sleeping at night, this bed delivers 24/7 comfort.

7) Vox Evolve Ottoman Day Bed

Vox Evolve Ottoman Day Bed

Both contemporary and efficient, this handy daybed is here to make sleepovers simple. Simply upgrade this bed to add a trundle drawer, and you can pull out a mattress for guests in seconds.

And the best bit? You can lift up the mattress to access roomy storage. So when it comes to stowing away all that spare sleepover bedding, you won’t need to magic up space in your home – this bed has you covered.

Plus, this bed has an extra storage compartment for sleepover essentials. Whether kids have plenty of console games or midnight snacks, they can stash them inside this savvy bed.

8) Mathy by Bols Treehouse Bunk Bed with Slide & Platform

Mathy by Bols Treehouse Bunk Bed with Slide & Platform

This bed should come with a warning attached… sleepover guests may never want to leave!

Kids can enjoy gossiping or playing games inside the private treehouse-style den. Then, they can leave their cosy hideout by whizzing down the slide! It’s how cool kids get out of bed every morning…

With its two bunks, you’ll always have a sleepover set-up on standby. So while your little one can snooze inside their own treehouse den each night, the bottom bunk is always ready for friends or cousins. It’s ideal if your little one has regular sleepovers.

Get Sleepover-Ready with Cuckooland

Whether it’s half term or summer holidays, kids will enjoy year-round sleepover fun with a bunk bed, trundle bed, or small double.

Head over to our entire selection of kids’ beds and browse through hundreds of efficient yet fun beds today. You can take your pick from leading brands to find the ultimate sleepover set-up for your little one. Got a question? I’m here to help on +44 (0) 1305 231231, or you can send us an email today.


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